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Friday, June 4, 2010


Hey people.  So, I turned 46 this week.  Yep, officially in the mid to LATE forties now, but so far it's feeling pretty good.  I'm healthy, happy, and Dan assures me my hotness has not diminished.  (Sure it's his job to say stuff like this but I'm going with it.)  (Despite this picture.)

Birthdays are not really a big deal for me, but I took this one off.  What the heck right?  I started it off by meeting up with my mom and dad for an early lunch.  Aren't they cute?  They are kind of looking at me with those parental goo-goo eyes of love in this pic.  They were super into having kids, so me coming along was a big deal to them.  Sometimes they still see me that way I guess.

After they wanted to do "anything YOU want to do-- it's YOUR day."  I just wanted to hang out, and be outside, and not for any of us to spend much money.  So we headed over to Como Park.  This place is amazing.  I think it was a WPA project, from post WWII, but it's a gorgeous huge park, with a zoo, conservatory, tons of gardens, a kiddie amusement park, and a restored carousel, and most of it is free.

Mom wanted us to ride the carousel.  At first I wasn't really into the idea, but then I thought-- how many people's parents are still together, both around and healthy, actually want to hang out with them, and want to do goofy things like this??  I had to do it then.  These caught my eye in line.  Some things never change.  (Horsies!  Woo!)

The carousel is way cool.  Every horse is hand carved and hand painted.

I have the most adorable 40 seconds of video of them riding this thing.  You can hear me going "Wee!" and my dad goes, "Yee haa!" and mom says, "We're going really fast!" and everyone looks like it's the funnest thing ever.  My parents = cool.

After all this I met up with a couple of my oldest friends.  These guys knew me back when I wasn't even saying "artist" out loud.  No one had seen any of my work, I was still trying to figure out who and what I was.  Lot's has changed in the last 12 -15 years.

We went to Bead Monkey and wandered around in a bead induced stupor.  Seriously, this place is like the crack store.  Look at all these colors!

The stupid picture won't load properly so it is insisting on being sideways, but you can see how it's like a candy store for your eyes.  ~paw~  ~paw~

Then we went to Café Latté for some cake.  
Now, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Bowmp chick-a mow mow.  ~choco-porn~  (Sorry.)

Then we went and looked at a bunch more stuff.  Yes, it's a whole chandelier, made of dolls.  It's like they knew it was my birthday or something...

This store had tons of cool jewelry.  The girls went nuts over the ring trays.  Sue (other Sue, not me) found a really cool turquoise one. 

There was one I really liked (the blue moonstone one), but I didn't get it.  I actually have a few cool rings already I never wear.  In summer I wind-up not even wearing my wedding rings.  They just rattle down my fingers & threaten to get lost when I ride penny.

Besides, weird as it sounds, it's bizarrely comforting to me, to be able to really like something, yet not need to own it.  It's like, its enough to just know something that cool exists in the world, and the world isn't going to run out of cool stuff.  If I ever do feel the need to acquire something like that, and have the $, it will be out there waiting.  It feels good not to need every little thing that comes along.
Pretty though huh?

That evening, some artist and a writer who profiles artists were giving a talk at a well known high end art supply store.  My friends were familiar with both of these gals.  I, as usual, was not.  I'm terrible at knowing people.  I don't travel in the capital "A" art world.

The talk was okay.  The speaker reeled me in talking about how artists/ creative types tend to look kind of out there as a means of identifying themselves to each other.  That kind of resonated.  I guess that's why I like the blue hair.  But she lost me when she kind of bragged about graduating from college.  I know it's a big accomplishment etc, but really-- who cares?  If you're an artist, your art is either good or it isn't.  No one cares how educated (or not) you are.

Truth be told, I was reminded here, of how uncomfortable I feel in art stores.  I have no idea what I'm looking at, how to use it all, and everything costs a lot of money.  It's intimidating-- and I'm supposedly (okay, I am, for reals) a professional artist.

I like junk yards and steel yards a lot better.  For paints and brushes etc, I'm more comfortable going to a hardware or hobby store.  I looked at a brush here, but it was $20.  $20!  Pass.

Same with fancy books for sketching and writing in.  I'd never use it-- too nice!  Give me an old cheapy sketch pad any day that I don't think about wasting pages in.

Someone had jokingly put this toy horse behind the checkout in the employee only area though.  I liked that.  (Horsies!  Woo!)

After the talk, there was a bunch more looking at cool stuff.  I got my weird fix.  Imagine these guys all showing up to the same dinner party.

And it makes me really happy to know that somewhere in the world, someone actually made $ coming up with the concept of squirrel underpants.  Hope for humanity actually.

We went and ate again too.  (Hey, food is important!) and there were these amazing steel grates in their windows.  Look how intricate! 

They looked like about 1/4" steel, maybe a little thinner, but what cool designs, and the cutting was really awesome.  It made me really excited to get back to work, even though I'm doing more painting on the steel than cutting lately.

After all this fun, I got to come home and show Dan all the pics and tell him all about my day.  When I went to bed I knew for sure I'm living a pretty damned charmed life at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Sue, I just discovered your new web site and reading these entries really brightened my day! I am working tonight (yes, working) on broken computer stuff because I screwed it up earlier and was feeling generally disgruntled about things until this! I laughed so hard...at your expense a little bit...but hey, that's what happens when ya put yourself out there. :-)

Anyway, loved your observations about stuff and life and am glad you had a Happy Birthday!

Best wishes,
Mrs. Zilla

Maery Rose said...

I was so bummed I couldn't join you guys! More house madness. I so wanted a piece of that cake!

Maery Rose said...

Oh, yeah, and happy birthday! I am such a ditz lately. I think it's just lately...

pseudosu said...

Mrs. Zilla,
It's about time you got your butt over here! (Just kidding) Thanks for checking it out and, as always, I'm glad my misadventures have doubled as a public service by providing you with a laugh or two. ;)
Maybe you can teach me how to ride a motorcycle someday. heh heh

Thanks, and you missed a heck of a party. But the Aug one will be even MORE awesome, so just make sure you're around for that! Teh cake was seriously a choc-o-gasm.

Kim Smith said...

Due to a bad "senior moment" I missed the gathering at Wet Paint. Glad you had a fun birthday.

Linda Thiltgen said...

Happy to be on board with the new blog spot. Loved all the photos. Thanks for addressing fears that I too share. So glad to have you for a friend and look forward to all the adventures this year! Cheers. Happy Birthday. (I told you you'd like the 40's!!)

Linda Thiltgen said...

I forgot to say how "PERFECT" you finding that doll chandelier was. I totally expect to see that hanging in your home next time I come! haha!

Linda Thiltgen said...

oh, and I want to play with your other friends and you some day and go find that chocolate cake!

pseudosu said...

Hmm... Sounds like another field trip may be in order soon... ;D
Thanks guys.

Tinkerbell said...

Happy Belated Queenie. Sorry I missed the field trip. Someday I will re-enter the land of the creative and no longer be overwhelmed by schmozzel! (In about 31 days to be precise!) In the meantime, I'm glad the day was wonderful. Thanks for sharing hon!

b_elliott said...

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY late. Sorry. I didn't know. Your day looked wonderful.

Linda G. said...

So. Much. Eye-fun. I love your blog posts!

Happy Birthday, a little late. You REALLY know how to do up a birthday. :)