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Monday, June 28, 2010

My prozac

Hey people.  Me, Hula, and Dan went biking around Minneapolis yesterday.  Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am.  My bike (either one) plus outside (where I live is AMAZING you guys) plus Dan makes me one happy gal.

First stop-- Italian ice!  There is this cool place called Midtown Global Market in the old Sears building on Lake St where it is one of many treats available.  I was trying to decide between a single and a double (I likes mah ice) and the girl at the counter just gave me an extra big single for no extra $.  (People here can be really nice, if you give them good vibes.)  Of course after all that I couldn't eat it all, but watermelon/lemon = YUM.  (Isn't Dan cute?)  We ate it out on the patio overlooking the greenway (a sunken bike highway) at the Sheraton.  They serve lunch there and give bikers 10% off all the time.  Nice!

We went on just one of many possible routes around the Twin Cities.  This particular ride was about 20 miles.  This town supposedly has more bike trails that any other U.S. city.  Big trees, lakes, rivers & streams are integrated within the city.  The planners did a good job of preserving some cool natural areas anyone can enjoy totally for free.

This is just one of the lakes we rode by. 

One place we stopped for a scenery break (that is one thing nice and different about doing things with Dan-- When on my own or with Pam I have a tendency to just zoom along, trying to go as fast as I can.  Dan makes me slow down, look around, and enjoy stuff) this lady's dog was flirting with Dan.  People out enjoying all these parks and the trails that link them are usually kind of in their happy place and pretty friendly.

This is one of my favorite parts of this ride-- a lot of it skirts along Minnehaha Creek.  You can get in and wade around in spots if you want, but the water was kind of high from recent storms.  Beautiful though.

There are tons of little bridges along the way too, pedestrian and roadway.  This is inner city people-- this little oasis that runs for miles. 

It all ends spectacularly at Minnehaha Falls, where there is a huge park including stairs leading down to the bottom of the falls and walking trails following the creek to where it spills into the Mississippi.  When it's less turbo-flowy people climb around under the falls and cool off, wade around in the pool etc.  (See the people at the top?  Gives you an idea of the scale.)

At the falls we got kind of hungry, so checked out the restaurant in the Refectory, built in 1905.  They have all kinds of seafood, and ice cream.

Talapia tacos were yum!

This cool old bike was waiting for it's owner inside.  You see every kind of bike along these urban trails, and every kind of rider-- spandex-y racer types, no helmet jeans types, girls in little skirts, old, young-- just everyone with a set of wheels out there enjoying the feeling of wind on their face.

I'll be doing this the rest of my life.  That's one thing I know for sure.  It just makes me really happy.  If any of you haven't ridden since you were a kid, you really need to get a bike and check it out.  If any of you are already into riding and live somewhere else in the country-- think about checking out the Twin Cities, you could easily plan a trip around biking and ride your butt off and never cover the same section of trail twice.   


linda thiltgen said...

Did you see the 91 year old bike riding lady on Kare 11 last night? Amazing! Yes, you WILL be doing this the rest of your life. I agree...the Cities are amazing. So much green space. We are lucky for sure.

irishk said...

I saw that piece on the 91 year old too. She was amazing. I am a mad obsessive biker and have explored some of those same trails in the city. Love love love Global Market and all the people. We biked around the Target Field. There is so much to see and so little time. Happy trails to you and perhaps we'll meet on one of them.

pseudosu said...

Thanks for sending me that link! Amazing!

Biking is like getting in a time machine-- awesome! I hope I do see you out there. :)

irishk said...

Hey Sue, I'm not exactly sure how the blog world works, so if this is a strange question, then chalk it up to ignorance. Do you get notified when we leave comments on your older blogs or do you let them drift off into cyberspace after a few days? I posted several long protracted comments on a few of your earlier blogs from the past couple weeks and I don't really know if there is a shelf life in this world. I think I started with "Work my fingers to the bone" and now am caught up. Scary isn't it, how low I am on the learning curve:-(

pseudosu said...

Ha! No-- Not a dumb question at all. As a matter of fact, I am SUPPOSED to be notified of comments, but there is a glitch w/ this program where blogger does not notify me, and admittedly, if it's a couple posts back I probably haven't checked back. Another glitch is that I'm supposed to be able to leave comments on blogger's prototype blog (because this blog uses that formatting), but their stupid comment section just eats my comments so I have no way to make them aware of this notification glitch. ~Shakes fist and dumb internet!~ I'll go back and look though-- also, I was going to email you about the beading thing, but your profile had no contact info, email me, if you want, so i can yours. :)

pseudosu said...

Oh IrishK-
I just went back and read your comments and my hubs was giving me weird looks because i began this kind of honking laughter about the crotch on your head etc. We def need to meet in real life. Something tells me Elk River should be afraid, very very afraid. Mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.

Maery Rose said...

Oh, I wish we would have gone with you! I was picturing usual Sue turbo speed and me panting and clutching my chest. Already in 91 year old shape...

Curious about you not seeing old comments in e-mail notifications. Cuz I got e-mailed with irishK's comments on old posts since I'd asked for notification. And you're right - hilarious! If reading this IrishK, I love your comments. Gave me a much needed laugh.

pseudosu said...

Yes Maery-
I've found my body will only take so much bullying before it just goes, "Oh yeah? Take THIS super woman" and something goes wrong.

BTW-- comment notification is fixed now everyone. Boring work-around I won't explain here, but if anyone else has this problem I can tell you how to fix now.