Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sue's care and feeding

Hey people.  Been eating some good chow around here in Suelandia lately.  I've known I wanted to get back on the healthy wagon for a while, but went into red alert mode last week when my upper thighs began to get reacquainted.  (There may have been another incident involving that damned delicious "*light*" chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Target.  Shhh.)

This is one of my inventions-- deviled egg salad (like normal egg salad, but way less mayo, and lots of spicy mustard) with raw asparagus on it.  Also there's been lots of fresh fruit and raw veggies, and chicken breasts, and fat free re fried beans, and fake hamburgers.  So, yeah.  Like that.

Happy to report the thighs are no longer encroaching on one another.  But there is always plenty of work to do in that department if you have "anchorwoman butt" tendencies like I do.

I spent a couple of days (not straight) on this sweet birdfeeder, a gift ordered by my aunt for my cousin's birthday.  It came out really nice I think.  Funny story about the basin-- it's an old wok. 

We went camping one year in the BWCA with some friends, and they were washing their wok out in the river (a no-no) and lost hold of it and it tumbled all the way down the little rapids into the lake.  The next year, we all went again and camped in the same spot.  I love finding lost stuff.  I go by the theory that it exists still, it's there, you just have to find it.

I scoped around at the spot where the river fed into the lake, and eventually found the wok.  We set up this elaborate prank where we hooked it on the guy who lost its fishing line (he'd left a pole set up on the bank and gone to take a nap).  He was this really negative guy who always complained about the deck being stacked against him etc.

We got it set up and someone ran to get him.  "Fish on! Fish on!"  He groggily stumbled over and reeled in the wok.  We were laughing our butts off anticipating his reaction, but he was unfazed.  "I'm sure-- it's totally ruined!  Look.  It's all rusty.  Grumble grumble."

That was the last time we did anything with those people.  There were lots of reasons, but it was just all in all kind of a toxic group.

Glad the wok, who never did anything wrong, got some good karma by getting turned into something beautiful that someone will appreciate.  I love unexpected second chances.

There have been some cool bug sightings in the land this week.  Did you know butterflies have knobs on the ends of their antennae, but moths have sort of feathery ones?

This was just a fly, but on my artwork in the sun looked kind of cool, metallic.  Good close-up of the rust & paint too.  I really like working with the steel because of this effect.

Here's another one in progress.  It's the one I was putting grass on as an experiment.  I like how you can see the little slash marks from the individual blades.  The rust is really coming out cool on this one.

I've been working harder at biking lately.  I don't know what's going on.  I suddenly feel like I have less power, even though I'm working at it more-- doubling up on rides etc.  I've gotten slower, and it seems like I'm expending more effort & getting less results.

With mountain biking I'm getting better at balancing etc, but have lost ground on speed, and even gearing.  I'd gotten so I could ride certain things in harder gears, and now have had to scale back.  Road riding I feel like I'm pushing as hard as ever, but the speedometer just doesn't creep up like it had been.  This is frustrating, but I keep telling myself it's not like I'm an actual athlete-- I'm still being active, and it is supposed to be for fun.  I do enjoy myself when I'm out, and appreciate being able to do it, but still...

The other morning before I was fully awake I kind of stretched and felt my muscles, sore from riding twice pretty hard the day before .  I had this weird moment of feeling all tender and affectionate and sympathetic towards my body, like how I often feel about our cats.  It was so strange, like, "you poor old thing" ~pat pat~.

It was like I had this complete awareness, for a few seconds, that my body wasn't really me, just something I kind of have custody of for a while, and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world, until the rest of my brain woke up.  ~weird~


Heidi the Hick said...


(that was my brain)

I am such a big fan. You rock!

pseudosu said...

Back atchoo hon. :)

Kyia said...

LUV the work...things are looking soo awesome!

Maery Rose said...

That is an awesome bird bath! I hope the birdies appreciate it! As for the camping peeps, some people just have no sense of humor...

It is frustrating when hard work doesn't bring the expected results. Even my fit to the max sister is learning that you can only push so far before you injure and cause permanent damage and then you can't even do the light stuff anymore. So good idea to aim for the fun factor and pay attention to what your body is telling you.