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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summertime settles on the land

Hey people.  I've been looking at pictures online of brightly colored houses.  If you ever feel you need visual stimulation, just google "colorful" once and look at the images it brings up.  Pretty cool!

This is the year I'm going to paint my shop, because, Dan assures me, this is the year it will finally be DONE.  And I've decided it's going to be very colorful, and vibrant, and cool, and BOLD.

 So I've been checking out what some other people have done around the world to this effect.

I'm really liking shades of blue & green, and marigold, and deep berry, like sangria.   Can't wait!  I want to make sure it's all done and coolified, and I have flowers planted around it and everything in time for the open studio show in Aug.  I'm sure there will be updates about this.

I'm sure you've been wondering-- YES-- Mike and Tootie are still an item.  Mike's life has become eating, wandering outside to spray on whatever shrub he deems necessary, asserting his authority over Ray (who good- naturedly allows him to cling to the belief that he is "dah man"), roaming around the house meowing loudly in a semi-befuddled state (he's deaf, and probably senile), and cuddling with Tootie.  In other words, he's become Mew Heffner.

In Suelandia it's officially summer, and things down here in the land are carpeted with moss, and the green curtain has descended.   Suelandia is draped in foliage and hidden completely from Main St above on the bluff.  Occasionally I can hear kids riding their bikes down the sidewalk chatting, totally unaware of the land below.  ~very cool~

Remember my early spring weirdness of being sort of afraid of mountain biking after missing it all winter long?  Yes, well, fortunately that's over.  Penny has been feeling really good under me again.  It's hard to explain if you don't ride, but I love when the bike just feels very natural, and balancing etc is second nature.  To get to that point you just have to spend a lot of time on it.

Last season, besides learning how to ride in the first place, I was all about speeding up.  By the end of the season I was obsessed with my lap time, and wanting to whittle away at it.  This year I'm focusing more on technique, and feeling comfortable.  I figure once I get better at skills, I can work on speeding up.  

I got a weird injury though, I think caused by a strange habit I got into.  See how far down my heel is in this shot?  (Sorry these pics are blurry, they're lifted from video)  You want your weight in your heels, especially if you don't clip in (like me)  (feet not attached to pedals), but this is pretty exaggerated.  Now one of my heels/ankles is kind of messed-up.  It actually feels really good to wear heels, believe it or not-- better than wearing flat shoes.  I could probably run great in my daisy duke sandals right now.  I'm trying to rest/strengthen it.

Work-wise, I've been working on that commish, something for a family member, and Tina-- remember her?  All I have left are her boots, which are going to be "chrome", and her hands.  She is the coolest thing I've ever made I think.  I really love her and am glad I'll be able to see her whenever I go to the trail.

Today it was really hot out there (87 & super humid), but I kind of like it-- just having different seasons.  In winter I miss being able to work with all the doors open and the fan blowing.

Another fun thing that happened lately is that me and Pam took a skip day and went biking all over Minneapolis.  It was awesome!  If anyone hasn't been down there and checked out the extensive trail system you are really missing out.  It's one of the best biking cities in the entire country!

Hula, my dork bike, really is an awesome comfortable bike to ride.  She may not look like much, but is super tall (29" wheels) and can easily (okay, some effort required) cruise at 18mph.  Late in our ride, when we were on our way down the green way to get some Italian ice at the midtown global market (*recommended*), a guy passed me. (!)  He had no helmet, and not only that, once he passed me he proceeded to sit up and pedal along with his hands on his hips!

I could not abide it-- and neither could Hula.  We were already in horse to the barn mode what with the promise of Italian ice so close etc.  Me and Hula sprang into chase mode and rode his tail all the way to the Sheraton access stairs.  Let that be a lesson to you, 20-something, no-helmet, hipster-dude!

Hey-- Italian ice colors!  Hmm...


Linda G. said...

Mew Heffner? Ha! Love it.

Also, the moss. Our backyard (many pine trees, lots of shade) is finally growing a respectable amount of moss, and I am happy to see it. Lovely stuff, so soft. It's like having a motionless green pet.

And Tina is looking mighty fine! I hope you'll dedicate a post to her when you're done.

Bike on, dudette! :)

Linda Thiltgen said...

Love the moss in Sulandia! Beautiful. I love the shots of you on the bike, too. Can't wait to see Tina finished. AND...let the interior colors of your fabulous studio be a springboard to the outside and it will be amazing! Love that shot in this post—the contrast of the beams with the blue looks great and really compliments your metal work. Have a FAB weekend! We're off to Stone Arch on Sunday and Dusty's biking down to see us. I do LOVE the City!

Anonymous said...

First of all Tina is the best thing ever. Such a cool sculpture. I wish I had your skills to create something so beautiful.

I love the idea of you chasing down the hipster dude. :) I bet he was quaking in his leather flip flops.

pseudosu said...

Linda G-
"Motionless green pet"- perfect! Actually, I'd love to have all my floors covered with it. No vacuuming, no shoes.

Linda T-
I AM lucky to have such a cool workspace. Have fun @ Stone arch! I forgot it was this weekend.

Thanks. :) I feel lucky to be able to do it. The hipster dude probably thought I was some insane cougar after him. He kept glancing back like, "dang!"-- plaid shirt flapping in the breeze. Eventually he resumed actually trying to accelerate.

Maery Rose said...

Tina looks wonderful. Such attitude! If I get the new house I'm stalking, I will be major league thinking about colors too. It's bad decor throughout that needs to go! I think this seller is more motivated to sell than the Anoka witch lady.

irishk said...

I love Tina ~ she is so enticing. It feels like there is an entire world of beings such as this living within my soul. I am so impressed with your ability to bring them to life.