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Monday, June 14, 2010

Working My Fingers To The Bone

Okay, not really, but kind of.

Hey people.  Friday my buddy Linda came over for a little jewelry making workshop.  (She didn't oog-out on my house due to my grudging domesticity the day before.)  As you can see, I have a few supplies.  (I have even more.  After cleaning out my art closet this weekend I found tons more I'd forgotten about over the years.)

Check out the awesome necklace she made of her own design.  She wanted to be shown how to attach things like clasps, and make connections.  It's super easy once you know the tricks.  After a while she concluded-- "You just basically improvise solutions don't you?"  Yep, that's my mode.  If it works you did it right.

This was so much fun I now want to have some bigger workshops and invite more friends to hang out and make cool stuff.  I'm thinking there could be a kitty system where people can either toss a little cash in the jar to help cover costs, or donate some supplies to the pot to share, or a combination.  That way someone who's never done it and has no supplies/beads/etc at all can show up and not feel dumb.  I think it would be really fun.

Speaking of improvising-- Worked a bunch more on the commish Sat.  I got this splattery effect just right and nearly dry before it started raining.  At first I was bummed, but see how there are rings of paint where the inside of the blob washed away?  I kind of like that, and wouldn't have come up with it on my own.  Thanks for the new technique nature.  (Also note the teeny lines scratched into the blue paint with an exacto knife.  Can you say tedious, hand-cramping work?)

After I got done splattering I looked over at the all whites piece I'm working on and I'd inadvertently covered it with splooches of red too.  Nooooo!  I tried to rinse it off, but that had dried by the time I saw it.  I attacked it with my thumbnails, frantically scratching off every bit of red before it could totally harden.

I got it all off, but only when I was done did I notice that I'd actually worn the corners of my nails completely off!  Ow!  Dan took this picture.  He goes, "It doesn't even look like anything.  People will just think you bit your nails, so what?"  Me- ~pouty look~.  Him, "Oh fine.  Tell your big story about it."  Look, just take my word for it.  It hurts okay?

Sunday we went out for brunch with my parents and grandma.  I decided to wear this cool wrap skirt/dress thing my sister bought me a couple years ago.  We call them "skirts-du-soleil" because they're kind of a magic act the way they transform to different looks (if you can figure them out.)  I came up with a one shoulder deal that I thought looked pretty good.  (Nice bruise on my leg huh?  Typical.  Mountain biking = bonged-up legs.)

It came out pretty cool, but necessitated me also coming up with an IBCD (Improvised boob containment device) because the whole National Geographic bra-less look just isn't my comfort zone.  Dan helped with a safety pin I couldn't reach.  He goes, "Won't this itch you?"  Guys just have no idea.  Once you have goo all over your face, have wasted half an hour trying to get your hair to look like something other than brown cotton candy, and stuffed your feet into high-heels, something like a tiny safety pin is not going to get in your way.

Mom and grandma were duly impressed with my wardrobe bravado.

Sometime over the weekend Dan flipped over a board by my shop and found this cool mold.  Yes-- It's mold, and he could have been bummed it was somehow damaging his lumber, but instead he saved it to show to me.  "It would be cool if you could figure out how to replicate that in your artwork huh?"  Cool.

In my big cleaning purge currently underway I uncovered a few old sketchbooks.  (I like keeping them to look through.)  Inside one I found a poem I'd copied down when I was younger.  Come to think of it, they're probably lyrics.  Should be at any rate.

"Some people say you shouldn't tempt fate, and with them I would not disagree.
But I never learned nothing from playing it safe.  I say fate should not tempt me."

It's a little cornbread, but I remember this being my total mantra for years.  It went with that "Two Roads" one by Robert Frost-- my other words to live by.  Words are so important.  Most people don't realize the power they carry.

Recently a friend and I discussed this a little-- how you can frame an experience very differently by either saying, "I'm a victim of ___." or "I'm a survivor of ___."  Actually, by making ___ part of your story at all you are tethering it to you, making it an appendage.

Over and over in my head the last few days I've been saying "I have way too much stuff!" as I sort and purge.  Yesterday in the mail was an assessment from the city for $2500.  This won't sink us or anything, but I'm going back to my old mantra immediately.

"I have more than enough of everything I need."

What words are you putting out there for the universe to reflect back to you?


Linda Thiltgen said...

I love my necklace! Thanks so much for the lesson!! I look forward to another class and I love the idea of doing it on a regular basis with others! I have loads of stuff for the kitty! Soon??
Fun post. You are SO right about the safety pin issue! (still laughing) Would not be half as funny without "your" writing about it...you've got the right-writing skills ma dear!

I love words, too, but then you know that. I love those you uncovered! So you, even then! More proof that all through life we are who we are. I'm taking a class from Kelly Rae Roberts right now and the words I have on my desk are from her "Opportunity is there only when you look for it. Go find it!"

sorry to hear about the assessment. boring money, but I guess if it's for indoor plumbing I wouldn't want to be without it!
Have a great day my friend.

Linda G. said...

As usual, your post is a great big potpourri of fun! I was really excited to learn Linda had visited you & made jewelry, until I realized it wasn't ME. *sigh* Ah, well. I suppose I don't own the name. (YET. Bwah-ha-haaah!)

pseudosu said...

Linda T-
Yes, damned streets. Oh well. I had a lot of fun too. Great opportunity quote!

Linda G-
Oh Mrs. Beiber-- you slay me!

Maery Rose said...

Jewelry making get together is super idea! I have some agates that I've been whining about for years because no one will explain to me how to wire wrap them into a necklace. Whimper, whimper.

I am a big collector of corny quotes. Always hoping those words will work their magic.

Heidi the Hick said...

Man, wavelength!!!! The least year has been a big PURGE for me.

I keep sketchbooks. Journals. And I do look through them. I have a lot of stuff, I have gotten rid of sooo much, but those journals and sketchbooks stay.

I'd make jewelry if I had company. The old ADOS makes it hard to stick with it on my own.

I keep throwing bits of charred wood and scrap steel away and thinking how much you'd like them.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! I can come with friends who can throw jewels in for the kitty!
MBing soon!
Words... Motivational!
Theresa Rose

pseudosu said...

You're on my list!

Once again-- HOW IS IT WE LIVE SO FAR APART?? ~same tribe forevah!~

MTBing for sure-- once it actually dries out!! and yes- you are on the list for the jewelry thing too!

JKB said...

I wish I could be there. :is sad:

We'd rock the jewelry-makin', I know it!!!

strugglingwriter said...

I thought I posted a comment, but I guess not. Love that picture of your table filled with all those beads and stuff. Very cool.

pseudosu said...

I know. That darn old ocean between us...

Yeah. I have the luxury of all kind of creative toys. It's pretty sweet.

Lynn Fisher said...

Any time...bring on the beads and magnifyers!!!!

irishk said...

I know this is soooo late to comment on your blog, but I guess I needed a bit of help in navigating these blog waters. I thought I had checked periodically to see if you had posted new thoughts, but I obviously had not done my search correctly as I have missed a great deal in these last two weeks. At this point, I imagine you are rather concerned about my techie skills or lack thereof ~ as well you should be. Oh well. At any rate, I am catching up today. As many of your other admirers, I do enjoy your narrative; the ordinary becomes rather extraordinary and that is something to strive for in all areas of mundaneness. (I love semicolons.) Linda had posted her necklace creation on Facebook, so I had already admired it with great envy. She mentioned the jewelry get-together and I think it sounds like a fine idea, albeit a tad intimidating. A mere human among the "artistes" could make me resort to defense mechanisms that might not be pretty. But please let me come. Please. Ok that sounds like begging. I will proceed to your other blogs at this point.

irishk said...

Oh I forgot, I love the "brown cotton candy" hair. I am going to use that. I always say that my hair looks a bit like pubic hair, a veritable crotch on my head. Now there's a visual. But your description is so much more politically correct. And I'm all about that ~ well maybe not. And words ~ such power, I couldn't agree more. I always told my sons that words have more ability to hurt than any weapon within their being. For years I kept a journal of passages that I would write down from books I was reading, ones that really just stopped you and made you put down the book and just give pause. I dated the entries and it is so interesting to go back and read what touched me at one point in my life and then how that changes as years and life passes.