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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hey people.  How's your summer going so far?  I love these sunglasses, so retro, so obnoxious, so in your face summer vacation.

Me?  I've been getting back to normal life after Kate's visit.  I got really out of shape over the last month or so, thrown out of my usual work-out routine by other obligations.  The first couple times getting back to riding the trail were BRUTAL.  Today Dan discovered I was riding on only 10 lbs of air per tire (practically flat tires), so, that makes it a bit harder.

(I'm still a resident of suckville though-- lots of work to do to get back in form.  It seems in the last couple years I lose condition faster, and it takes longer to get back.  Hello oldness.)

I've picked up some riding tips lately that are helping.  I like learning more about riding, and having things to work on.  It makes it more encouraging than just thinking of it as needing to get in better shape.  There are skills to learn too.  A two-pronged approach.  It makes it seem attainable-- that someday maybe I'll actually not suck.  This possibility that I haven't yet reached my apex helps me enjoy the now.  I can see myself as still on an upswing, even as I contemplate what it will feel like to have to be satisfied with declining abilities as I get older.  I'm not there yet though. 

This shot is pretty bad, lifted from video, but I'm trying to ride the one jump I now attempt every time, usually with modest success.

When Dan & I ride we take video sometimes.  It's fun, sure, but it's good for learning too.  There was a guy that rode through right before I went, and Dan accidentally video'd him.  The guy got lots bigger air than me, and now I can compare what we did.  I think I figured it out.  Tomorrow I'll try changing my approach a little and see if I'm right.

Anyway, in the meantime-- "WEE!"

Here's some of what sis and I got up to before she left town.  This was the gold bikini top incident in Target.  That's her, "Would you hurry up and take this?" face because some girls were looking at us.  I no longer really give a crap, and know most people who look are just jealous they aren't having as much fun.  Or, are possibly annoyed for no good reason, so-- I still do not care.  We are not hurting anyone, so piss-off cranky people.

Some guy I started calling "blingy dad" looked at us weird when we rode on this kiddie ride at MOA, having way too much fun, laughing like spazzes, but he wound up laughing and probably having more fun than he planned going on some lame ride with his little kid, so did the people in line laughing at us.  Joy spread.  You're welcome, America.

Back to our dork-out shopping trip.  Katie won the contest of finding the world's biggest, and most annoying earrings.  These were not only huge, but as she pointed out, super LOUD-- for the win!

But I won for biggest and most ridiculous hat.

These were the most hideous shoes we could find.  They were RUBBER people, with little portholes in the arch to presumably let your foot-sweat pour out of.

These though, are my shoe porn until my boots-jones is sated, sometime this fall.  I WANT THEM.  Now my fitness goals are as follows-- #1--get good enough at riding and in good enough shape to maybe enter some for-fun races at the trail this fall and A) not die, & B) not make a total fool of myself and #2-- to become thin and fit enough to wear these and effing ROCK them.

I have to say Katie looked pretty effing hot in them.  You should totally get a pair Kate!  We'd have to coordinate not wearing them on the same day so the Earth wouldn't get thrown off kilter or anything, but we could work it out.

We also took a little nature break, just a small one.  (Hey-- those kidless hours are few and far between.)

This is really what we like doing, and where we like to be.  We can have fun anywhere, and make our own fun, just like we always have-- through all the moving around etc, playing in big cardboard boxes, not knowing any kids etc, but nature is where our hearts really live.  Check out this cool huge tree we found.
We're already planning another escape from crappy Texas (okay, my words, not hers) where we'll go up to the north shore-- no kids, to just hike all day long, for a few days anyway.  I hope it works out.

Sheesh, another longy.  Sorry guys.  I just have so much to say right now.  Grandma is still recouping and looking actually better than she has in months, and I have tons of art stuff going on too.

I can't believe summer is going to fast!!


Kim Smith said...

You will always be my "Lance Armstrong" and considered amazing. Hey, can I borrow the boots sometime :) Can't wait to see your new art stuff!

pseudosu said...

Awe, thanks Kim!
Those boots... I can't stop thinking about them, and I confess I've looked at that pick like, 4 times today, even though I'm super busy!

irishk said...

The busier you are, the more vital it is that you make time for your biking. It is such a great equalizer for your mental state, don't you agree? You and your sister have the greatest smiles ever:-) Love the boots. I'm thinking of those over-the-knee type boots, as I am not a fan of my knees. The skin is doing that drape-over thing on my kneecap and the boots could keep it my dirty little secret. Of course, what do I wear with them? Support hose? Now there's a vision ~ be still my heart. Oh the decisions of women of a certain age:-( Kathleen

Lynn Fisher said...

i think it is actually the earrings that would throw the earths axis WAY off...Katie puts them on and we all go rushing to the other side!!!
Hope grandma recovers soon.

strugglingwriter said...

Sounds like a great time. Love the boots, by the way. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

pseudosu said...

YES-- i totally agree! Riding has been a huge sanity saver the last couple of years! Also-- the boots? Rethingking. I really am not much of a high-heel girl in real life, and uh, yeah, boot muffin-top is SO not cute. I'm afraid of looking like and artificial limb recipient.

There are some seriously scary huge earrings out there.

Thanks. I know. You were probably hoping for another gold pants extravaganza. Tell the truth. ;)

Maery Rose said...

Your comments about signing up for some bike competitions is kind of making me think. The owner of the place I board is trying to get me to do some schooling shows (dressage). I figured I was so done with that but maybe with a friend it would be fun. Maybe I can do more than I think I can.