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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the summertime...doo dee dee daht daht

Hey people.  Sis hit town a couple weeks ago.  She was pretty psyched about being in MN again.

It wasn't just her, she brought the brood too-- (the kids she had for me basically, my protege niece-- mini me & my future rock star/heart & rule-breaker nephew.)

Kate's almost 5 years younger, so when we were kids, she was the little pain in the butt I always had to keep track of, but now, we both agree, we have a major connection.  We can totally be ourselves around each other, and dork-out.  Like, all the way out.

I'll say one thing for her, and I suppose I have to credit the hubs in this case too, at least in his role as sperm donor if nothing else-- they sure do make 'em cute.  (There was a bit of ice cream eating during their visit.)

Megan and I have had a connection ever since I first laid eyes on her, even though I AM NOT a baby/toddler person.  To me they are like gelatinous aliens, what with all the excretions and lack of head supporting ability and inability to communicate with other humans.  To this day we can read each other pretty well, and she's very creative and artistic.  She always has some kind of narrative playing out in her head, and she's an adventuress.

The boy & I, on the other hand, got off to a rockier start.  He had the whole baby/toddler thing going on, PLUS this whole other "making monster truck and automatic weapons noises in utero" *boy* thing.  He would just look at me with pure defiance and scream or cry or yell, whatever he needed to do to get the message across he was def UP for the battle of wills that was to play out between us for the first few years.

Now though, he just turned six, and we are finally clicking.  We like each other now, kind of a lot.  He hasn't figured out much beyond "I love Aunt Sue, & she seems pretty crazy about me too", but this kid is going to be happy to have me in his corner as things unroll.

The pic above makes him look kind of "actiony", but really, he squeals like a little girl every time he gets dirt on him.  Because of where they live (you know, TX-- the raging hottness, fire ants, bald-eagle-sized mosquito's, huge bugs and snakes, and, HOTTNESS) the kids exist kind of like potted plants and hardly ever play outside unless forced, like being signed up for soccer or T-ball.  Here he is modeling his T-ball uniform.  Jr. GQ.

But really what turns this kid's crank-- is this-- the boy likes to ROCK.  Check it out.  This is what sis got him for his birthday last month.  They are exactly like the set I wanted, except mine were, you know, adult sized.

When there's music playing anywhere, he's tuned completely in.  Seriously, he's possessed by boogie fever.  Check it out.  (He developed this thing where he walks up to us and says, "Hey Ladies, I got a little song for ya" and busts out some jam.  That's what he's saying at the beginning.)

This can, at times, be embarrassing, like when he was singing, "I got my red dress on and I'm looking for action" at the top of his lungs in the grocery store, or like here-- in Target's swim suit section.  Sis and I had just (of course) tried on these awesome GOLD bikini tops over our clothes and hammed-it-up for each other, when Jaden insisted on doing the same.  The second he got it on he started dancing around singing, "La cuceracha".  Passersby did not think it was as funny as we did.

I kind of love it (of course).  Already his dad is warning him music is not a career path.  The kid's six.  The kid's got music in his soul.  Dad may just have to suck it.  I'll of course support any out of the box thing these kids decide they want to do.  One day I hope to have some pretty hot backstage passes from this little dude.

Here's a pic he took of us and it's kind of funny, and telling.  Here we are as we appear to him-- beams of adoration emanating from his mom, amused, affectionate curiosity from me, and we're giant, having to actually bend down to fit within the frame. 

They love coming up here.  In summer you can actually GO OUTSIDE AND DO THINGS, in winter the snow's a novelty, and they all kind of like being out of their usual kind of hectic routines, and away from the critical glare of hubs/dad.  Sad but true.  I'm just glad they dig coming up.  Meg seems to let a little of her stress go up here. 

It was pretty nice weather, hot to us, mild to them.  We got to fool around in the river a bit.

We set up a little camp on the bank by crushing the tall grasses down with our towels.  We brought tunes, snacks & drinks.  The only rules were-- "no whining, fighting, loud voices, or going over your head."  It was awesome.  Our secret retreat.  Megan took care of little bro, reassured him and pulled him around in his inner tube.

There was a parade one night too, that went right past my driveway.  Unbelievably, half the town turns out to see this.  A friend who recently moved to town, upon finding out about a free concert in the little town park one night, and this parade the next, commented, "Where the hell is this place?  Mayberry?"
Yeah, kind of.

Sure the parade is corny, but it's kind of fun.  Where else can you see this?

Or this?

One of the funniest entries, was this pick-up truck with no door magnets or signage of any kind, except this piece of cardboard torn off a box hanging over the side of the bed from regular old string.  Written in barely legible magic marker, (just kind of scribbled on really) it said something like, "The Big Lake Go Getters" and a phone number.  There were a couple of lazy-looking teens moping in the back.  By the time sis pointed it out I missed the shot.  Bummer.

I got Tina done in time for the big mountain bike race, in case you didn't go over to the "Art Stuff" tab and see the whole story on her over there.  She's not installed quite yet, but we're scoping out spots and a tamper proof-way to secure her.  

Of course the night before there was a monster storm.  Here's Dan and Kate, out on the deck as the winds came up and it was thundering and lightening like crazy, and it was starting to pour, and they're both OUTSIDE.  (They get along really well.  I like it that two of my favorite people like each other.)

Here's the cats-- where any sensible creature should be when there's a tornado warning in your area.  (I put the macs down there too-- "Save the macs!")

The trail had been, due to copious amounts of sweat and many MANY hours of grooming by the trail crew, TrailBossRich in particular, immaculate before the storm.  Of course over twenty trees went down overnight and the whole crew, including me got called to help clear the debris at 5 a.m. the morning of the race.  It wasn't as perfect as it had been, but it was ride-able, and really pretty darn good considering.  About a dozen people showed up before dawn to work their butts off, then some of them even RACED later.  See?  They are hard core.

Man, a whole bunch of other stuff happened I can't even fit in this post.  Kate & me dorked-out shopping one day, my G'ma had a major health scare, like, major.  She is still, amazingly, recovering from.  (It's amazing because she's still alive!)  But I just can't fit anymore in one post. 


JKB said...

I'm so glad you're back! I missed you TONS!

And it looks like your sis (and her sprogs!) are WONDERFUL! I am SO glad you had such a great time~!!!


irishk said...

What a wonderful tribute to "family." Your heart and soul are laid bare and they have found a safe haven. How lucky can a couple kids be ~ to have great parents AND an aunt that totally adores them! It truly touches my heart as I read the post. As the mom of three grown sons, there is little that compares with the joy of watching them together as adults and seeing them actually like being together. Tribesmen. Thanks for sharing your world with all of us. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Thanks! I feel like I've been gone so long none of my online peeps will remember me. We have to catch up! (I'll shoot you an email)

Thanks. That is so cool- the little tribe thing. That's what I'm always after.

b_elliott said...

OMG Sue, Tina is sooooooooo AMAZING!!! I can't wait to see her in person. Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family.

Linda G. said...

You guys are totally adorkable. :)

And, OMG, that pink convertible is amazing! The girls riding in it look like the dolls my aunt used to put on top of the cakes she made for us (weird, and kind of creepy, but fun).

I still LOVE Tina. So if she, yannoh, ever goes missing or anything, don't, like, look in my basement. Because I'm not *cough* the kind of person who steals stuff. Just sayin'.

Maery Rose said...

Aagh! I'm playing catchup! I love the relationship you and your sister and her kids have. The video of you nephew was oh, so entertaining. And the protect the Mac thing, I totally get. My computer and camera were promptly carried to the basement during the storm. But I was also upstairs with my hands against the windows "feeling" the wind. The wind's power was unbelievable.