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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey people.  Sis hits town tonight, so I'm sure what with developing our careers as back-up singers and all, I'll be way too busy to blog.  I may be able to document the hijinx as it happens, but most likely will save it all up for a big post apocalyptic visit extravaganza.

I'm sure there will be the usual pretending to be Charlie's Angels type activities.

Possibly requiring some kind of matching crime fighting uniforms.  (Gee, can you tell who the good cop and who the bad cop is?)

And as is usually the case it will all devolve into some kind of bad dancing, maybe while pretending to be robots, probably accompanied by the usual high risk of pants wetting.

As Megan gets older, the potential to embarrass her with our dorky behavior keeps increasing.  This, of course, makes it exponentially more fun for us to think of ways to capitalize on this.  After all, what's the fun of having kids around if you can't train them to give you foot massages and fetch you tasty beverages, and have a good laugh at their expense now and then?

Big PS here-- Tina is all done!  Checker her out on the "art stuff" page!


strugglingwriter said...

Those are some epic golden pants :)

I hope you have a good visit with your family and I await tales of the shenanigans.

irishk said...

Now that puts a smile on my face:) Never doubt the impact you are having on Megan. What a lucky girl to have such cool role models ~ woman that continue to play into adulthood and create joy for all those around. That's some pretty good stuff. Those pants! What can one say? I wrapped myself in saran wrap one time to surprise my husband ~ the dilemma being whether to wrap my legs separate (looking like Michelin Man) or together (hopping really kills the mood.) Then, the ultimate dilemma ~ how to recycle the saran wrap so you don't waste it, but still be hygienically correct considering its use. Now that's a poser! It was a ridiculous vision, but a real keeper for the memory books. Have fun and share the good stuff with all of us. Until then...Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Yes, they never get old do they? Thanks. :)

OMG. Classic! I once wore kind of a dominatrixy get up all day while preparing Christmas dinner, trying to convince hubs this was "fashion", and I would be wearing it when my family showed up. He never really bought it. But later, after dinner, me and sis DID bust out the gold pants and nearly made grandma's eyes pop out.

I think I need to get you on a mountain bike to complete the package here. You sound like a lost tribe member.

irishk said...

Ah yes, nothing like Christmas to bring out the dominatrix in all of us!?? What the heck? Ho' Ho' Ho' Dang, I just cracked me up:-)

Lynn Fisher said...

Have a great time with sis...
Tina is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

pseudosu said...

Yes well, my fav cookie is a little invention of mine I call "Diablos". What can I say? Fa-lalala pbblllt. ;)

Thanks! So far the good times are rollin'! And thanks for all the nice Tina feedback various places. :D

Maery Rose said...

This makes me wish my sister would come visit me! It appears family is distancing themselves until after I move. Hmmm.... Can't wait to see new photos of sister time.

irishk said...

Sue, I just went to the story about Tina and I am absolutely in awe of you and the whole process. She is simply beautiful and "all that!" I will make a special trip out to the trail to meet her in person. My bike is a road bike and not a mountain bike, but I will hike the trail to find her. It was so interesting to see the process of her creation. Never doubt your raw talent/gift. I am humbled. Know that it is truly "seen" and valued. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

: / Sorry it's such a tough time. Think how relaxing it'll be when it's over!

Thanks!!! I'll be sure to let people know where they can see her. It's a huge trail.

Rich said...

Tina truly is a work of art. I cannot wait to see her in person! The trail is not worthy of such total rad-ness! Maybe she can watch over the grounds from where she arose?

pseudosu said...

Of course it is worthy-- it's what she sprung from, literally. :)
Will be fun scoping possible locations.

courtney said...

Those pants are more dazzling than Edward Cullen! EDWARD CULLEN!

Also I had a look at the art page, with Tina and it is AMAZING, Sue. Just wanted to say. I showed it to my mom and we were in front of my laptop, just in awe. You're incredible!

pseudosu said...

Imagine the butt kicking that could have taken place had the Cullen's shown-up to their Volturi battle in these pants. It would have been epic.
Thanks! I love that people can check her out online and are enjoying her. :)

Kyia said...

Hot Pants!!! LOG (lot's of giggles)

Linda G. said...

Tina rocks! And so do you, your sis, and her kiddos. Love the gold pants!