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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weird goings on...

Hey people.  So, this is what happens when you leave your bikes home alone-- they call a bunch of their wild friends and before you know it...

That's what it looks like when you pack 7 bikes and 4 Honda's into your garage.  Yep, you heard right.  We brought home lucky #4 a couple weeks ago.  Here she is.  This is probably the one I'll de-wuss on and try riding again, since it shifts properly and presumably works how it is supposed to.  Cute huh?

The guy we got her from was kind of off the beam, so I pretty much took to him right away.  He's a motorcycle guy, who does something called "enduro racing".  This is basically the motorized version of mountain biking.  They ride dirt bikes on steroids (super fast, very heavy-duty suspensions) cross country on little deer trails etc as fast as they possibly can for about 100 miles at a time.

Here are a couple of the stickers he had on his main race ride.

We met this guy through Craig's.  He wanted to do a trade with someone-- a kayak for a trail 90.  Dan was on it like brass on a doorknob.  He was thinking of selling his kayak anyway.  He wants a smaller, lighter one.  We gave him Dan's kayak to try out, to see if he really wanted to do the trade, and he put a hole in it taking it over a dam.  Said everything would have been fine if he would have been going faster.  (This guy is pretty hard core.)  So, the swap was a done deal at that point.

Still, we went over there a couple more times because he offered to take a look at one of Dan's other Honda's, and, he's just a cool guy.  Here's one of his other motorcycles-- it's front AND rear wheel drive, and you can fill the wheels with water or extra gas.  It's called a "Rokon" I guess.

I know what you're thinking-- "mildly interesting maybe, but not that weird."  Yeah okay, but one thing that came up is that he is coincidentally friends with the founder of the mountain bike team most of the racers I know are on, so, that was kind of weird.  A little.

Okay okay!  Here.  HERE.  This is the thing that prompted a distubia post-- this doll called, no lie-- "Scary Baby."  A buddy sent it to me.  He and his wife do dog agility training and were at a class and someone was using this as the toy (reward) to motivate their dog to kick butt through the course.  "Get Scary Baby-- GET HIM!" shaking it all over etc.

He said the head was kind of gnawed on too.

Okay, that's more like it right?  But wait, even that, was just the excuse I've been waiting for to post THIS--- Dan's weird, random, super long hair growing right out of the middle of his body.

It's, like, 3 inches long, and growing out of his side.  When he discovered it I grabbed the camera, and, after a brief chase during which I almost pee'd my pants I was laughing so hard because he was shouting "I am not a freak!" -- I got this photo.  Thank god we didn't reproduce.  Who knows what kind of furry bigfoot babies we would have spawned.

And last but not least-- I've had this pic hanging around a while too.  It was snapped at local-weird-ladie's house, the one who has tons of nekkid dolls at every garage sale, usually in some weird display like tumbled in a barrel, or stacked like firewood in a log carrier.

We didn't stay long this year because she insisted on reading aloud to us, from Carl Rove's book.  "My life as the Evil Overlord", I think it was called.  Something like that.

Big art goings on right now-- I have 3 shows between now and Nov 6th, plus a couple commissions.  Those who don't know about my artblog-- I do have one.  It's kind of my "work" website.  You can check there for details about the upcoming shows.  The first one is at my place near the end of Aug.

I'll be putting pics on the "artstuff" page (see tab at top) more regularly.  Today there's a piece I just finished out of more old race car parts.


Anonymous said...

OMG finally back to the dolls! That ugly doll needs some pierced ears and a nose ring. It could be a real hoot making it even uglier. Now if he is in your house I suspect that is where the long hair on Dan's body came from. We tend to look like and have habits of the others in our family! Can't wait for your art show!!

pseudosu said...

That doll is NOT a resident of Suelandia, as for the mutant hair... the research continues...

linda thiltgen said...

Ah....you're BAAAACCCKKKKK!!!! Thanks for the bit of disturbia! That may be the creepiest doll I have EVER seen!!
thanks for the laugh.

irishk said...

Indeed this is all disturbing. That doll will surely appear in my nightmares...at least it is clothed unlike the box of dolly porn. What exactly does one do when someone reads to them from Karl Rove? That would be more awkward than being sung to. Do you do routine body checks of one another to find odd anomalies to post? Now that's a fine hobby. Once in a while a hair about that long appears on my chin overnight ~ I just look in the mirror and there it is waving in the wind. It's a real humbler to say the least. You crack me up:-) Kathleen