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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hey people.  Painting an old all-wood building is a lot of work.  There are no aluminum eaves, or any parts you don't have to paint really.  All the trim etc all needs to get painted, and before that can happen-- prep'd.  It's taking a LOT longer than I thought it would, but it's coming along.  And look how pretty all the flowers will look!

There have been baby animals galore visiting Suelandia lately.  You can see some over on the "Take a break" page.  I'll try to add more this week-- I got some footage of the raccoon family and a bunch of turkeys-- moms and chicks.  They left this behind.  Turkey feathers are so pretty-- all browns but sort of iridescent.  (It is sitting on top of the box my friend's gift to me came in.  She MADE the box, and the book inside!  That will be a whole post another time.  Cool huh?)

I'm still wrestling with my over-commitments around here.  Last night I sort of hit the wall.  I fell asleep almost immediately when I finally sat down on the sofa, and will have to watch it this week because I'm borderline physically-- my hands are super sore (joints etc) and blistered, I have a number of gnarly bruises, and everything is pretty creaky.

The weekend was pretty tough work-wise.  Dan wanted to get as much done on the shop as possible, which was really nice actually since it's basically a cosmetic improvement that was my idea, but it meant working pretty hard in the hot sun from early in the morning until practically sunset every day, and it was HOT.  Did I mention that?

This isn't that bad, except I'd promised to help prep the mountain bike trail for the biggest race of the year a while back, and that was going on all weekend too.  I ducked in for less than an hour one day to help, while some paint was drying, and put in a pretty healthy half day yesterday, but it kind of sucked.  It wasn't nearly the level of help I'd promised the organizer.

I felt like wherever I was, I needed to work extra hard and fast to help make up for my absence, and like I was disappointing everyone-- Dan doesn't really get my dedication to the trail, which is maintained exclusively by volunteers.  He usually tries not to show it, but gets impatient with my involvement. But the place is very important to me, and the other volunteers have become friends I don't want to let down, and I had promised to help.  Then because of the way the painting project developed, any time I spent over there was stolen time.  Result?-- Feeling like I was letting all parties down while pushing myself beyond my physical limit work-wise.

Oh, and sis is still coming to town this week and my house is basically a pit.  I do also have a job by the way, and that is all still going on-- shows to get ready for and commissions to complete.  Plus, there's Tina, another love letter to the trail that takes up a lot of my time, but is my favorite project.  She's almost done, but presents another of those walking the line of irritating Dan "working for free" situations.

I could really use a clone of myself about now.


irishk said...

Well the world would indeed be a better place with two of you in it, so perhaps you should probe (hmmm, strange word selection) the possibilities of cloning. The ramifications of that would be pretty dicey stuff though, especially for Dan:-) Are you talking about the bike trail past Walmart ~ Hillside or something like that? After reading your post, I feel a bit guilty for not having so many irons in the fire. I'm being a bit of a bum this summer and I might add, enjoying it. Thanks for sharing. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Good for you Irish!
I always say if you're not having fun-- you're doing it WRONG. Right now I just have to get through the next week or so of over booking and I'll be back to my usual "Baloo the Bear" lifestyle. ;)