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Monday, August 23, 2010

Full moon, full heart.

Hey people.  One deadline freshly behind me, and the next one six weeks out leaves me feeling pretty relaxed today.  Whew.  I actually slept a whole almost-8-hours last night.  First time in a while that's happened!

Sat the show went great.  There were a couple wrinkles, as one would expect with a first time event, but they were pretty minor.  I was happy with the results, and will make it an annual thing, with the expectation that it will just get more awesome every year.

The best part started at the after party though.  I'd invited all the artists to stay, hang out, drink some beer and break some bread.  We grilled and hung out on my deck.  Some other cool people i know came by too.  It was so relaxing and such a cool mix of people, such a wonderful feeling of acceptance and camaraderie.  It was like the big sigh I've been waiting weeks for.  Thanks so much, to all my cool friends.

After we'd had our little mellow-out fellowship, a bigger party hosted by my next door neighbor's kids fired up in the woods.  They had about 4 or 5 live bands playing on the stage that is usually Dan's favorite after work beer drinking deck.  It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

Note- Dan's eyes don't actually look off in two directions.  This was the way the dumb red-eye fixer made them look. 

The only bummer is that I was so exhausted I kind of gave in to it and hung it up way early.  I went home before the last and most fun band started, but, because I live in Suelandia (aka paradise) I could still enjoy them from the comfort of my cushy bed.  I just laid there and listened as the concert floated through the trees and in through my open windows. 

I am a little disappointed in myself for not sucking it up and powering through and closing out the party, but, I really have no regrets.  I was pretty dead.

Yesterday Dan and I did blissful not much all day long.  We devoted several long hours to just sitting around our gorgeous shady yard and drinking massive quantities of water trying to make our hangovers go away.  (not the usual kind really, the "hello oldness" variety you get just from staying up late and not eating right for a few days).  We sat around on the deck, and when the sun moved so did we and the cats, to the adirondacks scattered in the grass under my "midnight garden" canopy.

After a while, when it got hot, we motivated to go out for a sandwich, then to a matinee.  After that we even hit Dairy Queen's drive through.  We capped off the night with a little pre-season Vikings, but only a bit, and going to bed while it was still light out. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh is all I can say.  :)


JKB said...



*curls in fetal position*

*cries bucketloads of tears*

I miss Dairy Queen like I miss my big toe. If I'd lost my big toe.

I mean, I really REALLY MISS IT.

I hope you had some for me.


Linda Thiltgen said...

Blissful post. I could almost hear the music floating in through your windows. Sorry I bailed and missed the party, but glad I got a chance to see you and the other amazing artists work earlier in the day. You do live in a magical spot. :)

irishk said...

"Full moon, full heart" That just says it all. I know those moments when you think, "I am the luckiest person in the world." I'm so happy for you. We were going to go to Briggs Fest but we totally ran out of gas doing yard work:-( Once again, it was a privilege to meet you and a compliment to be compared ~ sista'! Kathleen

b_elliott said...

Thank you so much for creating such a great space and day for us all to show our work. I felt really supported in this new phase of my work. Definitely looking forward to next years show! Thanks again!

pseudosu said...

I don't know how you survive overt there. Really. I don't. ~pat pat~

You should have stayed!! Next time maybe. Yes-- I'm so lucky!

Having that person think we were sisters was a huge compliment to me! You're just as cool in person as I hoped you'd be!

Everything you do is so amazing. You are so talented and I was honored to have you in the show. So glad you enjoyed it!!

Maery Rose said...

Dang! I missed meeting Kathleen. I love her comments. I think I does see myself in that there photo. I wish I could have stayed longer but I was so beat and sore from my earlier horsey ride. Had a great time while I was there. What a cool, relaxing place to hang out.

Don't tell anyone, but I had a Heath bar Blizzard at DQ after my ride. Guilty pleasure...

pseudosu said...

Yup-- that's you bb. So glad you came for a while at least. You missed some good stuff though! Yes- Kathleen is every bit as good in person. :)

irishk said...

Ah shucks, I feel so darn loved:-) Thanks Maery! Let's all get together and do group hugs or something ~ sing kumbaya or better yet...GO TO DQ. What is really funny, is that we went to DQ later that afternoon as well. Sue they should give you part of their take that day since it is so conveniently located to your place. Kathleen