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Friday, August 13, 2010

I RACED you guys!

Hey people.  Amid all the craziness of preparing for all my shows,  I've still felt the need to get out on the trail and blow off some steam and have some FUN, even though it's been hot as balls lately.  When some races fired-up over there that are supposed to be "just for fun", and open to anyone and everyone feeling feisty enough to try, me and Pam decided to go for it!

Here's Penny in her race number.  Doesn't she look bad ass?

It's actually pretty funny-- to some of you guys I'm rather bad-ass and dare-y, but to this crowd-- the actual racers-- I'm miss cream puff USA.  Even the fact that Penny has a kick stand is kind of charmingly dorky to them.  They wouldn't want anything on their bikes to add weight and slow them down.  Most of them have kind of a-la-carte bikes they've spent a lot of $ tricking out, or just bought very nice rides to begin with.  I don't know sick-um about bikes really.  I just bought Penny because she was the only "girl bike" the store had.  It went something like this:

Me-- "So, um...  This is a mountain bike huh?"
Bike store owner Al-- "Yep.  It's the model designed for women."
Me -- "And it's just the one?  This one here?"
Al-- "There is also this one for $350 more."
Me-- "Okay then!  This red one it is!  How do you shift it?"  ~fiddled cluelessly with levers~

I've been very intimidated by this racing deal.  The people who do it are so fit, and fearless!  They're WAY better than me.  Before the race me and Pam gave each other pep talks about how we were just doing it for fun etc etc, but even she looked way more legit than me in her new shoes that clip to her pedals and spandex.  There I sat in my Van's (sneakers) and these long, black plaid shorts I consider to be kind of smart-ass looking, which is for some reason still appealing to me all these many years after my 16th birthday.  Go figure.

Pam says they're so ugly they're almost cute.  Here's my helmet- customized Sue style.  Hopefully "like a girl" will someday mean "awesomely" in my case.

It went pretty much how I thought it would-- I hung way back because I was afraid to be in front of a bunch of eager, fast people who would soon mow me down, and most of the pack did leave me in the dust fairly quickly.  As I went on though, I did pass a person here and there.  I may start out slow, but, --- okay, that's pretty much my pace the entire way, but it's a steady pace at least.

Really, it was very challenging for me-- a little over 10 miles of hilly single track, but it is my home trail and I know it well.  I know I run out of gas in the hardest section, but also know where I can try to make up for that and by the end had closed the gap between me and some of the back of the herd, managing to pass one or two.

I didn't quit, puke, crash, or get lapped by the advanced racers who ride 2 laps ( I can't even imagine! ), so I'm calling it a meager success.  And I wasn't last.  (!)  And I passed a couple of guys (at least).  (!)

I had fun.  I'm feeling more and more like part of the little tribe over there.  It's mostly guys, but they're all really nice and supportive, cheering me on, asking me how I did after, etc.  There's no weird flirting or anything.  Most are younger, most are married.  Everyone knows I am.  It's just a bunch of people who like being in the woods, and like getting their adrenaline rush on, and don't want to just sit idly by and rust.

I'll probably do a few more of these, just racing against my previous time, for fun.  :)


courtney said...

I've been very intimidated by this racing deal. The people who do it are so fit, and fearless! They're WAY better than me.

And THOSE guys had to start somewhere too.

You rock, Sue. :)

Linda G. said...

WOO-HOO! You are awesome! You know, for a girl. ;)

(Love the helmet!)

Lynn Fisher said...

You are my hero Sue!

Rich said...

I am sure that Sue left out a few details on purpose, but I can't let it slide. It's way too awesome...

Sue placed 3rd out of 6 ladies entered! She's legit for sure now! PODIUM!!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!

pseudosu said...

Thanks guys! ~blush~ I'm already scheming about how I'll start riding the longer race route now for *practice*, and start running mornings to be in better shape, etc etc. ~cue rocky music~

pseudosu said...

Also- Rich- I just don't feel podium worthy when my next closest competitor finished, like, 20 MIN ahead of me!
~need to close that gap more!~

Maery Rose said...

I think it's great you did this. It's not easy putting yourself out there. That in itself is huge.