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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kicking Ass

Hey people.  It's been grossly hot, and humid, and every day is like some contest my hair is having to see how dumb it can look, but I have been whipping it into a ponytail and forging ahead.  When it's in the 90's and super humid, and you have to wear long pants and a leather apron all day and have no AC, it just is what it is.

Really though, life's been pretty darn good in Suelandia.  I'm getting used to the heat, and kind of marvel at how our bodies adapt.  I've been cranking out a lot of pretty decent art too.  Here's a fun shot I took of my reflection in this shiny chrome bumper before I started cutting it up. 

I'm still playing around with Race car parts.  I like abstracts, and all these bright colors are a new thing for me so it feels very "out of the box."  You know I like out of the box.  Not sure about this one yet.  it's just a lay-out, not welded.

Also, I got a bunch of thick table tops cut, and have started working with the finishes on those.  So far they're coming out really cool.  I could use some more flat stones to embed in them, so I might sneak up north for a day sometime before my Oct. show.

My life has been basically weld, ride, paint the shop, read, sleep, weld, ride... well... You get the pattern.  Some days I manage to get in 2 rides, one in the morning and one at night with Trusty Pam.  I've shaved about 5 minutes off my lap time, but am still 5 minutes away from my goal time, which feels pretty far off right now.  But my skills are improving.  I feel more in control, less afraid of certain parts, and am having a lot of fun.

It's hard to explain to people who don't do it, but it really plugs me in.  The swoopiness of it, wind in your face, feeling yourself clattering over bumps, your muscles working hard to push up a hill, your breath and blood pumping hard, even those "oh crap!-- whew!! That was a close one!" times make me feel really alive and grateful.

This week I'm going to ride in my first race that doesn't involve a costume.  Last year, you may remember, I entered the Halloween race, but anything where there's a costume just doesn't seem that "real."  This series of night races are all at my home trail, and are supposedly laid back-- they don't really "count" to the actual racers as far as their seasonal points system.  They're just for fun.

I am, however, beginning to obsess about Halloween already though.  I sort of start thinking about my costume for the coming year starting the day after Halloween.  I love it!  Now that there is a race that day it's extra fun because you get to wear a costume and DO something, not just hang out while everyone except me gets loaded.  I was going to be a version of this-- but even more movie starrish-- the smoking, martini swilling variety.  I was thinking of the name Fabulosa Renard...

Then I saw THESE online and super wanted them.  I could see any number of possibilities-- a super hero?  A mod?  Maybe somehow I could work them into Fabulosa's get-up?  I even started convincing myself I could wear these in everyday life, say, with jeans.  Sure.  Why not?  I think I could pull it off...  Right?
But then we rented this movie "Kick Ass", about people who decide to just go for it, come up with costumes, and be crime fightin' super heroes.  Obviously this was a theme I could get behind.  Now there can only be one possibility for my costume this year-- that's right-- I'm going to be Hit Girl.  I even have a purple kilt lined up already.  It's going to be awesome!

I can always be Fabulosa next year, and I'm sure I can find those boots again if I really want them.  Now I need to develop my ninja-like assassin skills, and find a purple wig!


Kim Smith said...

Best of luck, Sue, in the race! I know you can do it. You are already a super hero to a lot of us. Love your costume ideas but somehow those gold pants are always on my mind....

strugglingwriter said...

Both costumes would be great in their own ways :)

I haven't yet adapted to sleeping in the heat and don't think I ever will.

Linda G. said...

Well, I really love Fabulosa, but I can understand the allure of the purple kilt. ;)

irishk said...

Oh there is just so much stuff here to talk about. Your reflection in the chrome bumper is a work of art in itself ~ really cool the way it transforms your "being." I think Fabulosa is quite aptly named and is soooo smokin' hot. She should make an appearance at a Thursday night in the park in Elk River. She would steal the show. I mean really ~ THAT is a look to remember. The table tops look so interesting. I am anxious to see those in person. This whole trail bike racing thing is a real mystery to me. Is there someone keeping track of points? What in the world is this about? I just get on my little yellow bike and go to my "happy place." You are a whole different breed of biker. Ride on though biker woman, ride on for all of us "weinie bikers." Love your words as usual:-) Kathleen

pseudosu said...

The gold pants certainly have made an, ~cough~ impression. no doubt. ;)

The last couple nights have been rough. One night our power went out so no fan even. THAT was a real bummer.

Linda G-
I'm already planning on wearing the kilt in normal life. Eff you, mid forties. ~metal horns!~

I think perhaps a whole post about the MTB race "scene" could be in order. I've been learning more about it-- there are teams, points... It's quite a deal. In any case, I love how you love your bike. I've fallen in love with riding mine through the woods, but two wheels man... it really is the *happy place* isn't it?

Maery Rose said...

I admire your ability to do ANYTHING in this weather. I'm hoping to get out to horseback ride tomorrow and hoping the rain and lightening are done for awhile.

I love the purple hair. It's just the right intensity.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Superhero Supply Company & Kitty Wigs. Between the two of them, you should have your costume sewn up - so to speak.

Fi ;)

b_elliott said...

I just happen to have a purple wig you can borrow!