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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Normal! - The new RAD!

Hey people.  Lot's of evaluating, reevaluating, making art, and just plain livin' going on around Suelandia this week.   This is a piece I showed you once before, in another state at the time-- it has a little racy #46 where that blue square of tape is now.  It's become a bit autobiographical for me.  I'm using colors I love on it, whether they seem to "go" or not.  I'm trusting that if I like them it will look awesome when I'm done.  I love how this blue paint looks running over the greenish/coppery color, and the brick red.  

Heck, I love how it looks splooched on the ground where I spilled a little.

I'm thinking a tree will make it into this piece somehow.  Trees have been cropping up pretty regularly in my work, and people seem to like that as much as I do.  I don't know, feels like some kind of connective tissue for the soul or something.

I've also gotten onto this image today of people walking-- specifically, kind of strolling.  I like the idea of a female figure striding across whatever good old #46 turns out to be, kind of like me walking through my life, not totally understanding everything, but that being okay because whatever it is, it's beautiful.  "Or something," as my buddy Pam would say.  :)

Speaking of Trusty Pam (yes, be warned friends-- hang out with me long enough and you'll become a topic) she's had a bit of a change of heart or maybe just a realization about her own riding lately, concerning mountain biking.  She'd gotten these fancy pedals the racers all have where your feet are basically stapled to the bike.  It gives you extra power because you can pull up AND push down on the pedals.

We'd both decided to give racing a little try this year.  We're always kind of jokingly competitive with ourselves anyway, and have improved so much we were feeling pretty "froggy" as another friend says.  Well, these new pedals of hers have led to numerous nasty spills lately, and Pam didn't find racing to be much fun at all, just stressful.  Now I'm examining my own riding goals.  I didn't have tons of fun last time out (racing), but feel like I need to give it a couple more tries at least.  I've definitely decided though, that fun is my main goal, the only goal really, that matters.  Not getting faster and faster (although that's kind of fun too), not becoming some hot-shot racer (as IF)(this is seriously hilarious).  So, the next couple races might be my last, but we'll see.  If they are, I at least tried something out of my comfort zone.

I like how Pam gets me thinking about things though, and she's the bestest playmate I got after all!

Off topic-- Here's that one commission I've been working on forever.  Finally done!!  I like them.  Hopefully the client will.  :) 

 Here's another piece that isn't done, but I like how the paint /rust is setting up.

And lastly-- this relates to this post's title-- my hair.  When you've had blue hair for over a year and get kind of sick of it, you really have only one option-- have normal old hair colored hair for a while.  That's right folks-- normal brown is the new ~weird~.  I still don't know.  I might do highlights, I might get it cut.  I guess I wouldn't mind if it just kind of looked *pretty* for a while now.

And what does that mean??  Lately I've been noticing people, how they look.  Sure flawless is always nice, if that's an option for you.  It's sure not for me!  I'm definitely aging.  Some things about that are a drag-- I never thought I'd mind wrinkles really, as long as they were the happy kind, but some of this sagging stuff is total BS!  Oh well.  There's no fighting it.  At least not in my case.

I think I'm just going to focus on having my own style, wearing things I like, and being the kind of person I want-- the best version of me I can be-- which covers a hell of a lot of ground let me tell you!  Basically, when people see me, I'd like them to see someone positive, who makes them feel good about themselves, no matter if that person has funny hair or a few wrinkles or whatever.  (Sometimes *fierce*, but lots of times surprisingly vulnerable, as another friend recently pointed out.  Which is fine.)  :)

Man this is long!  Okay-- this is the last thing.  Lately I've been so in love with my life and Dan and OUR life.  I guess having all my friends (almost-- you guys who missed it really missed out!) around me last weekend just brought home how super lucky I am.  I have a bunch of friends right now, some single, some not, who have either recently moved, or are in the process of finding a place or whatever, and I just wanted to put this song up for you guys--- "Home."  Here's to all of you finding the spot/person/life where you can just be completely yourself, and relax.  "MWAAH!"


irishk said...

You're sounding pretty grounded ~ peaceful. What a good place to be. Love the commissioned pieces. Do you know where the client plans to put them? Such trust they have in you; it's really great. It's an honor to have such trust. Ah aging...what can we do? I have 10 years on you and I am still surprised some days when I catch my reflection unexpectedly and I am taken aback by the image. I don't think I really understood the expression, "youth is wasted on the young" until recently. But slowly and surely, something else does settle in ~ maybe it's appreciation. Thankfulness for what you do have and above all else, your health. My 96 year old mother always says that your health is the great equalizer of life. Money and status can not buy health and at a certain point, your health becomes your youthfulness. Erect posture, squared back shoulders, head held high and great eye contact ~ add a smile and really you become fearless. Make our light shine so fiercely, no one really notices the sags. One can hope. What else can we do? By the way, you look great. Charlie thought you were younger than 47, so there you have it:-) Just wait til you get your AARP card ~ now that's a little party in your pants! Kathleen

pseudosu said...

"Make our light shine so fiercely, no one really notices the sags."
That is my total goal! As always-- wisely stated, o irish one. And tell Charlie thanks! :)

pseudosu said...
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Maery Rose said...

I have to comment on Kathleen's comment. Anything that shows up from AARP I immediately toss in the garbage. Certainly they have mailed it to the wrong person. This is the advantage of changing your name frequently. They never quite get it right.

So much in this post Sue. I love how you love your life. Maybe I'll be there someday. Right now, I'm simply trying to find a way out of misery. I know I'm fairly lucky and should appreciate what I have. But knowing you should feel a certain way and actually feeling it is something else. I'm just so disappointed. This is not the life I was planning on in my 50s.

pseudosu said...

I know Maery, I know. ~pat pat~ Just keep trying to find the good stuff. If my mom wrote an autobiography I think it would be titled, "It's all been so disappointing..." and that is way more a reflection on her and her outlook than her actual life. You're just still in the adjustment period. Look how far you've come in the last year! Give it a few months. :)

Maery Rose said...

Exactly. That's not the kind of person I want to be. I'm glad you think I've come far. I feel so stuck but maybe it's just my perception. I am a tad bit impatient.

irishk said...

I feel compelled to comment again ~ it feels like a conversation:-) Maery hang in there. Really. I went through a terrible 10 year period where I honestly felt like I was in the wrong life and wanted to escape. I loved so many of the players in my life, but I just couldn't "feel" what I wanted to feel. You nailed it when you said you knew how you 'wanted' to feel. You will get to where you are supposed to get. I believe that with all my ancient heart. You are right where you are supposed to be right now, learning what you need to learn for your really great future. Sounds like mumbo jumbo I know, but walk through this stuff, not around it, and you will be strong. We are all walking with you:-) Kathleen

pseudosu said...

OMG-- all you guys are just so awesome, and brave, and just plain cool. Can I just say I love that this comments area is sort of a kitchen table today? ~please, discuss all you want you wonderful women you~

strugglingwriter said...

You rock and your art rocks. I hope someday when my kids are a bit older I'll be able to have as much fun as you do.

At least I have ice hockey, I guess, which will be starting up soon. That's as much extreme sports as I get these days.

LynnFisher said...

WOW, the art is AWESOME...love the color...I love that it's a trytic as well...will look so great anywhere!
Just have to add my two cents...Sue, you knew me when I was still "recovering" from my divorce..well after it happened but I was in a bad place. Remember? Anyway, what an awful feeling a would not wish on anyone...not my worst enemy. It was imposible to move forward...until...I actually did. Sadly, there is no handbook for grief, no rules, and no timeline. you'll shake it free when you shake it free, and not until then. I think this is why chocolate was invented.

courtney said...

What a wonderful blog this was to read. EVERY time I come to your blog Sue, though I may be quiet in the comments, I walk away with a smile on my face. The commissioned pieces are beautiful. Can't wait to see what the new art in progress becomes.

Anonymous said...

I play this song for my cooldown in class!
Pam.. the clip ins! You are nutz! In a good way!
I hope we find a home!
Theresa Rose

Nezzy said...

This Ozark farm chick just loves the 'New Rad!' They make me smile just sittin' here starin' at my computer screen! You are a talent lady.

You have a beautiful face and your spirit shines through. I'm so not a nip and tuck kinda gal. I figure we 'earn' our faces and why mess with that.

Ya'll have a beautifully blessed day from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!

pseudosu said...

Yes, definitely keep some interests that are specifically *yours*.

Lynn- You are so right! ~munch munch~

T-Rose-- You are one of the aforementioned ~movers~. Good luck!

Nezzy-- "We earn our faces". So true! Yours is gorgeous and beaming so I'm guessing you do a few things right. :) Thanks for stopping by.