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Monday, August 16, 2010

When The Cat's Away

Hey people.  Dan's been out of town for a few days.  For some reason, even though from what I hear my normal life is unusually unrestricted, when he goes out of town it feels kind of like a mini free-for-all to me, like when your parents used to go out of town when you were a teenager.  I just feel all rowdy and want to do all kinds of illicit things "just because."

Really what's mostly gone on, is a whole bunch of welding, and as much mountain biking as I can fit in.  My handlebar callouses are back.  Perversely, I kind of like these.  Same with the bruises on my legs.  Feels like part of the uniform I guess. 

There have been limited hijinx in Dan's absence though.  Remember those eff-me boots I featured a while back?  The ones my sister modeled and I was all hyped about getting?  Dan's reaction was, "I'm sure.  Why do you want those?"  My reaction to that was stunned amazement.  "Why would you NOT want me to get them?  Why would you not insist I wear them at all times??"  Undeterred, I went back and tried them on.  He was right.  Who was I kidding?  ~OW~ is all I can say.  No freaking way!  I got these instead.  ~metal horns~   

They are far more suitable for the kinds of adventures I'd like to have.  Besides, I don't need those high-heeled torture chambers to feel like I've still got it.  ~finger gun~ 

Other illicit thrills?  Well, let's see-- rented a few movies (wild huh?), went out with the girls one night, some peanut m&m's and pizza were consumed (!),  stayed up WAY late several nights (just couldn't sleep really)-- one night was kind of reminiscent of the old wild days though.

For some unknown reason my friend's son, who just turned 18 is not repelled by me.  I think he feels like an odd-ball sometimes, and I'm like, "Fantastic!  Normal = boring.  Let's be odd together!"

I was up late one night and whined on FB about feeling all pent-up and rowdy and playmate-less, and he happened to be online too and was like, "Let's hang out!"  It resulted in a midnight bike ride around town in total darkness (no lights), and a super late movie night.

I have to say, riding around essentially blacked-out, feeling the cool night air on my face, all amped and wild felt awesome.  I used to be practically nocturnal, and my favorite thing was to ride or walk around at night, and just feel secretive and badass and check stuff out.  It was fun to revisit that thrill.  I'm not afraid of stuff like that.  There were some people out, young guys skulking around in the shadows and some drunks down by the bars yelling stuff, but I've found if you are pretty game yourself and look right at people, they just aren't sure about you, and don't mess with you.  It ads to the fun, not that this is part of my regular life anymore.  *Sigh*

Tonight my art pals Gene & Chris stopped by to check out the venue.  They're in the show Sat.  Gene showed up in this.  Looks like a nice vest right?
 Check it out people-- he made it out of STEEL.  This guy can do things with metal that are totally AMAZING, and he's totally off the wall.  He's been busy teaching himself Spanish lately.  Just because.

The vest is actually part of this grill he made.  Unbelievable!

 He gave it steel toed boots too.

Mostly with Dan gone, it's just given me a chance to miss him.  It's fun to play ~cat's away--woo hoo!~ but the reality is, I can pretty much do whatever I want whenever I want anyway.  Not that he'd approve of it all.  I guess he keeps me more normal.  I thought about that, riding around the other night.  If I didn't have Dan, I'd probably do stuff like that more often, and just be this weird midnight riding lady (Yes, *kids* sometimes call  me a lady now.  Hello oldness.  ~Sob~.) with a bunch of cats, the town Boo Radley.

I wouldn't want to be me in a vacuum.  He sort of teathers me, gives me lots of rein, but the reins are there, in the form of me wanting him to be happy and pleased with me. 

He knows me, even if parts of me still mystify him at times.  Here's a piece of driftwood he smuggled out of Canada for me, making his fishing buddies drag it across a HUGE lake for me too.  It's one of my prized possessions.

Here's one of the first things he gave me (the clam shell.  I added all the treasures over the years)-- after I turned up my nose at flowers and this hideous picture of a unicorn backed by gold metallic foil that was his first gift attempt.  I was like, "Don't get me anything else okay?  You don't have to."  Then he brought me the clam shell because it had this cool purple color inside.  He found it canoeing and I was like, "Now you get it."  ~big love eyes~ 

 He let's me be weird *enough*.  He's decided my mountain biking interest is okay, even if the hang factor and race scene are not his thing, and he supports all my other quirks.  For example this branch I dragged in from the yard has been hanging on the kitchen wall for like, two months because I want to study its lines.  I never mentioned it, just stuck it up there, and he's never said a word about it.  He probably thinks it's part of the decor now, and who knows?

Anyway, I was really tempted to go for another midnight spin tonight, just because I can, and he'll be home tomorrow.  That's something he wouldn't *forbid*  (ha!)-- We just aren't like that-- but he'd question it and give me major, probably justified, rays of disapproval, which would suck all the fun out of it.

So far I think I'll just stay in, and go to bed at a reasonable hour, and sort of pick up so he can come home to a bit less chaos than he left.  But only a little less.  ;)  I'm still here after all.


Jill said...

Love the boots (and the socks)! That grill is fan-effing-tastic.

Linda G. said...

May I just say, Most Awesome Grill EVER!

Oh, and you and Dan are obviously perfect for each other. :)

irishk said...

The boots are cool and I think much more "you" than the other pair. I couldn't pull it off but I have no doubt you will do them proud. I really like what you say about Dan and how he tethers you; that is how I would describe my husband as well. He lets me be me, and gives me more freedom to do so than I give myself. That is a pretty remarkable trait. Your branch on the wall made my breath catch for just a second. I have a real thing for dead trees (maybe barren is a better way to put that.) I hung a branch very similar to that one on my bathroom wall and I have about 30 necklaces hanging from it and it actually looks like a work of art. At one time I had about 10 "dead" birch trees nailed to the wall in a spare bedroom that I called my nest. The trees formed a canopy over the ceiling; I put a hammock in there and hung all my favorite things from the trees so that when I would lie in the hammock I could see all my "pieces" floating above me. It was a wonderful thinking place. Charlie never once said I was strange to nail those trees to the wall, he just helped me haul them into the house and nail them up:-) Your driftwood is indeed beautiful as are your treasures in your bowl. I'm anxious to see your talent in person on Saturday. Thanks for sharing your world. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

I'm pretty psyched about the boots. They make me feel rowdy! (and that grill is completely amazing).

I don;t know how I lucked-out, but we are pretty perfect for each other, yes. :)

Seriously-- you are like a lost tribe member or something-- i once went on this expedition with Dan where the sole purpose was collecting birch trunks. He dutifully slammed on the brakes whenever I spotted one toppled in the woods, and hauled to to the truck and heaved it in. I was going to fill a room with them so it would be like my own all white forest. Your "nest" sounds SO COOL!