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Monday, August 2, 2010

You know it's HOT when...

Hey people.  Yeesh.  Once I was doing trail work, and some guy was talking about ever since his Lasic surgery, it hurts more when sweat rolls down into his eyes.  I was like, "holy crap-- sweat?  running down into your eyes??-- I've never been that sweaty."

Ahh the good old days.  Now I'm just like, "Glad I haven't had that pesky Lasic surgery!"

It's been in the low 90's, and the humidity has been super high too.  My hair has become a mass of knots.  My jeans are knee-sprung, & I used to wind-up changing my t-shirt AND bra half-way through the day because they were so sweaty and gross.  Now I've resorted to just wearing a halter top and letting it be all sweaty and gross, running a cold washrag up and down my arms at lunch.
(Don't just, like, drop in anyone-- because it's rank over here.)

The art, though, is going awesomely.  I'm on kind of a theme, it seems.  I kind of got a handle on it today and started calling it, "The world we've got."  It's the further development of some work I was doing in the spring using old car parts etc.  

I like working with these materials.  To me the idea of something getting an unexpected second life is romantic.  I also like to present these scraps in a way that lets people find the beauty in something that was ready to be thrown away as trash.

Sometimes people get in a habit of seeing the world negatively.  There's so much wrong-- people being jerks, less than ideal jobs or living situations, everyone being so asleep at the wheel, wanting every little thing-- convinced they NEED the latest whatever, (materialism/consumerism), all the gross crap we eat.  I could go on and on.  It's easy to look around and see everything that's ugly or messed-up.  But some of that is just habit.  It's more challenging to find the good stuff, to see it-- recognize it. 

These pics are like sketches-- who knows if anything will come of them, but it's part of how i work-- moving things around, looking at various possible compositions.

Whens something works it's very obvious to me.  It's like fitting in the last piece of a puzzle.  I can't explain exactly what it is-- there's no formula, but I just know.  Like this one-- this is a finished piece.  So far anyway.  Sometimes I wind-up adding to things, but this feels done right now.

The pic doesn't really do the sweet little nest I made justice.  This is what brought home the "world we got" theme to me-- this and thinking about how I find materials like this-- usually overgrown, nature starting to reclaim them.   

When I find stuff like this, it's like a treasure hunt for me.  To some people, finding this stuff out in the woods would be ugly-- junked trash.  Weirdly, because I love nature, it doesn't bum me out that much.  It feels, archeological somehow.  I also like seeing how easily nature is ready to cover up all traces of it-- of us.

It's kind of a snake-eating-its-tail thread of logic (but maybe not "logic" because it's not very linear)  about how we make our homes and our lives here, and that leaves an imprint on the world, sometimes not a great impact, but nature can recover from that, and animals and birds make their homes in our old stuff in return.  Somewhere in the mix is the idea of looking around wherever you are, and seeing beauty in the chaotic mixture.

You really can't beat steel for this type of idea.  I love the rust and ruin of it.  The process of it decaying, makes it even more beautiful, maybe like us?  Maybe we get more interesting as we, ahem-- change?

In the end, seeing the good or bad, deciding to be happy or not, really is a choice.  Because things will never be perfect, and usually WILL be a challenge, and no matter how we decide to be about it, the trees and grass will keep on growing, and us and all our stuff are still a part of this big old messed-up wonderful world.

I don't expect people who look at my art to make any of these connections.  They are just thoughts that roll around in my head while I work.  When people see it I just hope they think, "Cool!" or "I'm not sure why, but I like it..."  That's good enough for me, because I've shown them something in a new way maybe, and help spread some good vibes.


Linda G. said...

Beauty in the decay. In the rust and the ruin. I love that. It feels so...complete.

The pics are gorgeous. As usual. Or maybe I should say, as you-sual. :)

strugglingwriter said...

"seeing the good or bad, deciding to be happy or not, really is a choice."

That is exactly true. To be honest, I kinda like our World. I think people for the most part are good, and for the most part good things happen. My only real beef with the real world right now is more with this country and how the middle class is being destroyed.

I love that steel. It's gonna look great.

pseudosu said...

Thanks! Yes, funny how that idea holds more and more appeal as the years rolls by...

I like it too, kind of love it in fact. I guess I'm always hopeful, even when things look really bleak. I figure it's more what I want my life to be about-- positivity.

irishk said...

That is some really good stuff! I am particularly drawn to the "bluish" piece with the trees, it has called me back to view it 'one more time' several times now. I have a thing about trees and how they change through all the seasons, yet recreate its own beauty over and over. What you are saying really resonates with me and it is so true, as we each seem to recognize, age brings a unique perspective if we allow it to find a home within us. I love what you do and I agree with what you said earlier about creating things that make the world a more beautiful place to live and thus making the people in that world more joy-filled. You are doing your part so well and there are many that appreciate all your efforts. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Thank you! I also like the "tree" piece. Actually it may already be sold. Someone else is exploring the shipping possibilities since I posted it. I'm making so much new stuff right now, and there are so many "looks" to it, it's really fun and exciting. I think these shows coming up are going to be pretty good. (Not to sound like I'm bragging, i guess i'm HOPING they're good.)

courtney said...

I love your art, Sue. I just love it. I love calling my family over to look at it too, whenever I pull your blog up onscreen. :)

Jill said...

Beautiful! I really like that second, vertical piece! I also want to add that Tina is fabulous!

Lynn Fisher said...

I can tell this is going to be an awesome show Sue. I just hope you don't tip over from the heat in "the cutest welding shop ever!"

Oh hey...I disappeared : O
See you soon!