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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeping it together for one more week

Hey people.  Whoa.  One week until I deliver everything for the show.  I have a sinking feeling for all my working, I'll get there to drop everything off, and weirdly have about the same amount I had last time, even though I've been working towards having at least double.  I'm trying to refrain from going around and counting because I have as much time as I have and can only work as fast as I can.  So I just keep my head down and plow forward.

Here's something I worked on today.  It goes with my #46 piece which I decided to just go ahead and make about me, where I feel like I am right now in my life.

The flashlight idea was germinated last week when I embarked on another new adventure-- mountain biking in the dark.  Yep.  You heard me.  But it's not just me.  I remember running at night a few times and seeing people ride by with a lamp on their head thinking, "These people really ARE all insane."  At the time I couldn't even fathom riding the trail in broad daylight.  But last Fri, I was out there with them, riding in a "moonlight race."

I always feel like sort of an impostor talking about stuff like this, because I know most of you are thinking, "Wow!!!  That Sue is so nuts!"  But really, to the crew of rider/racers I edge around, (trying to fit in while hero-worshiping them a bit), this is very normal behavior.  I'm sort of this daring big chicken I guess.  I like to get thrills and try out new adventures, but it takes all my courage.  Anyway.  Bla bla bla.

Here's how the little horse came out.  My previous horses have been kind of naughty, or else really passive, unaware even.  This one I wanted to be different. 

I kept thinking of this young draft horse I saw that was pulling a cart last spring.  He was huge, and so powerful, and you could tell kind of keyed-up at suddenly having a small crowd of people around him.  Yet he stood there and seemed to like being petted a bit.  He was curious, and in a weird way-- kind, because he could have just ignored all of us and used his muscle to bust all his gear off and do whatever he pleased, but he chose to cooperate.

I have a ton of pieces partially finished right now, while i wait for welds to rust etc, so the next few are just snippets.  The nest is going in a big wall piece.  Still deciding if any of the keys will be part of it.

This is a background for some trees, but I really like how the paint came out.

This is one I've been working on for what seems like forever, trying to get the rust right.  It's just a background too.

I deliver the pieces for the show in exactly a week.  After that I'll have two days to make some little groupings of trees that I can bring opening night.  Then it's the evening opening party, then I'll most likely flake-out for a few days.  Kate's coming up and we're going hiking for a couple days, then, I have another show to get ready for that is Nov 6th, so, back at it.

Today I decided after my last show's wardrobe choice that left me feeling uncomfortable and costumed as a grown-up lady, I will stick to my guns and wear jeans this time.  I'll fancy them up with a cool sequined t-shirt, and some kind of cool scarf or jacket, and some boots (comfortable ones), but think I'll definitely be dressed more as *me* this time.  Score one more for learning a few things in your forties.  ;)


Maery Rose said...

Ooh, did I hear mention of wearing a, gasp, scarf?! I had to smile over your lady standing on the horse with a flashlight. Make me think of me trying to see where the heck I'm going, with Luke as my grounding point. Love the other horse too. One day I'll own one of your horse creations.

Can relate to what you wrote about the draft horse. To hook up the draft team I drove for hay rides, I had to put their harnesses on, then walk behind them out to the rack. I never got over the indescribable feeling of walking behind those immense muscular butts (I'm talking horses here ladies) and having them listen to every voice command and slight pressure to the reins. Somehow, I always felt blessed by their willingness to listen to me when, like you said, they totally didn't have to.

irishk said...

Warrior woman Sue! I think that should be your signature piece. It says so much. Someday I will commission you to make my warrior woman. That other horse is pretty amazing ~ love the strength in the jaw/head. I agree that the paint jobs really look great for your background pieces. It will be fun to see what you end up doing with the nest. Keys would be such a surprise! Your mind must be an interesting place to visit:-) I say that with the utmost respect. Imagine what you would do if you didn't have the outlet of your art. You would surely explode; the world would be greatly diminished by the absence of your creations. One more week. I'm pulling for you quietly and from afar, but nonetheless, "there." Kathleen

Linda Thiltgen said...

Love all!! Wishing you a push of creative energy to get you through. The signature piece is "YOU"...and it's awesome.

Linda G. said...

Horses! *sighs* I love horses. What a show this will be! :)

pseudosu said...

Yes, I may actually attempt the *scarf look*. We'll see. ;) Yes, that grounding stuff-- that's me and the bike, and what no one knows (maybe) (well, they probably suspect) is that I sometimes pretend Penny's a horse, and even talk to her like that. "C'mon girl. You can do it!"

I love the idea of warrior women, and of women sort of stepping into being their own warrior. I think we all secretly have our own personal tiny warrior in our hearts, sticking up for those we care about, and hopefully cheering us on.

Thank you both Linda's. :) Wow, if this comments thread was a poker hand I'd be all set!

Lynn Fisher said...

You always surprise me Sue...what a great show this will be. I'm cosmic sending you that little extra umphhhh for the finish line!

Kari Lynn Dell said...

Add to my list of things I get when I'm rolling in dough: a horse from Sue.