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Thursday, September 2, 2010

State Fair

Hey people.  In case you don't make it out this year-- this is what you're missing...

Every year me and my pal Linda hit the fair.  Our joint mission--- eat, check out any weirdness we can find, eat, oh, and EAT.  This year I had to look a bit harder to find anything new.  Outside the grandstand I spotted this grate.  I'm sure it's been there for decades, but it was new to me.  How cool!

One of our favorite stops every year is the crop art exhibit.  There's a *fine* art exhibit down in the art building.  This one's in the ag/horticultural building.  It's art people have made out of seeds.

It's so folksy, so primitive.  I picture the Walton's doing this by oil lamp, huddled around their kitchen table.  I mean, seriously-- seeds???  And yet tons of people are apparently drawn to this art form.  The ones I like best are the ones where you can just tell the person totally gets how dorky it is, and maybe even that is the aspect about it they enjoy most.  You tell me.

  Someone's cat apparently.  I dig the simplicity. 

They had a few 3-d entries.  At first I was really wowed by this one, but upon further examination, I'm pretty sure they just shellacked actual mini doughnuts and covered with seeds.

Linda demonstrating their realistic quality.  I know it's wrong, but this makes me want another mini doughnut.  I actually said, at one point yesterday, that I was never going to eat again in my entire life.   This turned out to be a false promise.

Pretty sure this person began with an ordinary Barbie, but I have to give them crops props for their attempt at shading.

The folks at Vita.MN always manage to shake the exhibit up.  Love their unfailingly off-kilter subject matter.

Some people were more serious about it.  This person executed their design really well, and kudos for being topical too.   It really is a great design-- the tools becoming utensils, the gradient shading, all tops.

There are usually a few political statements.  This one was particularly well done.

Sort of an animated attempt at tradition?  As always, ma & pa "American Gothic" look less than pleased with their lot in life.

This one was really artfully done.  She even has a twinkle in her eye.  And it's all done in SEEDS.

Every year this gal has a similar piece but I always find their inherent naughtiness appealing for some reason.  ~Bad seed~  Gotta love it.

This is a local legend from ye olden days (my youth).  "Barron 'The Claw' Von Ratzenburg" I think was his name, and his act on the pro-wrestling show my bro-in-law insisted for years was all completely ~real~ (i know)-- was portraying this sort of psycho/demented WWII Nazi war criminal.  He'd hold his "claw" (as portrayed in seeds below) out front as if it was bound to attack at any moment.  ~scary!~

There is also a scarecrow competition.  They're usually all pretty lame, but these two were pretty cute.

One of my favorite stops is also the Excel Energy booth at the grandstand featuring this guy, who I think of as some well-meaning but overly-zealous, retired, former employee.  Note the flames on his cap. 

Their idea, I'm sure, is to promote safety-- "don't play around power lines kids" etc.  Which is good, if they're going to have a booth, although really-- why???  It's not like people have much choice where to buy their electricity from.

The funny part though, is this guy.  I have a feeling he designed this whole display, and this is his *big show* every summer.  He has these two little singed dolls-- one I'm pretty sure is He-Man, and the other looks suspiciously like a made-over GI Joe.  He has them bumble around his little diorama carrying ladders into the live wires etc, at one point even making them (for some reason) ~walk~ on top of the wires carrying on some unheard conversation.

This picture sucks because my camera was spazzing-out, but you can kind of make out the guy's gleeful expression as he fries his pretend hapless victims over and over.

No one can hear a word he says, because he's hard of hearing, and, although miked, seems afraid to speak-up, fearing being overly loud.  When an audience member gestured he couldn't hear, the guy just nodded sympathetically and said, "Yeah, I have that same problem."

I don't know why I get such a kick out of this.  He's kind of a strange combination of macabre, dorky, and adorable I guess.


courtney said...

Art made of SEEDS?! That is something I have never seen, heard or thought of. Your blog always introduces me to something new, unique and awesome. :)

irishk said...

I actually walked through that display and didn't take the time to read what it was, so I didn't fully appreciate the process. Now I do, oh wonderful fair guide that you are:-) I've seen that older eccentric guy before. He is 'unusual,' I'll grant you that. Spectators are standing around with raised eyebrows and quizzical looks, not sure whether to clap or get help to escort him out of the building. I personally am waiting for the category "art using body parts" to make its way to the fair. Then I'll enter my breast flowers. It's going to be messy and I could get chapped, but I'm willing to do this for my art. That's just how I roll:-) Georgie O'Keefe watch out!

Jill said...

Bummer, no giant Pumpkins. Love the look on the electric guys face in that last picture. Pure evil. You should tell him to bury the lines.

b_elliott said...

We were there on Wednesday. What a great day at the fair!!! Oh and my favorite was definitely "Bad Seed with Iffy Friends"!!

pseudosu said...

Thanks for stopping by. :) I expect you and your sister to get right on this bb.

I wonder what building that display would appear in? The kidway is probably out, not the food building either. Maybe the international BAZAAR??? Hee Hee.

Buried lines-- now there's an idea. But then again, it would wreck the guys display. Guess they'll just have to leave everything how it is...

You were there too?? That would have been super funny to run into you in a line. PS-- I can never enter the food building and see that cheese curd stand w/o remembering your hilarious "cheese curds dangling from sweaty man's armpit hair" story. ~ewe!~

Maery Rose said...

Ah, just the right level of bizarreness caught at the fair. Does the Vitamn shop use vitamins instead of seeds? Perhaps one could be done using major brands of pain relief meds. Legal ones of course.

pseudosu said...

Haha! Vita.MN is actually a mag about the mn music scene, but I like your idea-- im kind of surprised no on has come up with this for a regular piece of art. Could be kind of a *statement*.

Lynn Fisher said...
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Lynn Fisher said...

Missed the fair this year...so glad you filled me in on the seed art..it's my personal fave!!!!