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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thanks, Sundance. Plus the hottest lap ever, and your one free life.

Hey people.  I have to admit, I kind of pride myself on my self-restraint when it comes to shopping.  Dan is now laughing hysterically because he thinks I'm a total clothes horse, but I keep trying to tell him having several colors of target t-shirts does not a clothes horse make.  Seriously, everything I own is from Kohl's or Target.  He doesn't know.  He   just   doesn't    know   people.

Then along comes the Sundance catalog, totally yanking the moral high-ground of turning my nose up at gross consumerism right out from under me.  Nice one Sundance.  Nice.

Look at her on the cover there.  "Come on Sue-- you could pull-off this frilly shirt/blazer/scarfy look."  (In real life I'd never wear a blazer with a shirt like that because it wouldn't occur to me, the sleeves would bug me all shoved up like that, and the scarf?-- I'd not be able to stop fiddling with it.)  ~Fashion fail~

But I can't help myself.  I love this catalog dammit.  "Damn you Sundance!  Ah caint quit yew!"

Almost right away I spotted these scarves.  LOOK at the colors.  ~drool~  I really like those earrings too.  Scarf-- $42.  Earrings-- $300 (!!!)  I steel myself and turn the page.  That is too much.

But Sundance isn't going to let me off that easily.  A few pages later these two show up to taunt me.  At this point, I casually point out the scarves to Dan, whose only response is, "Don't you already have, like, a million scarves you never wear already?"

 Me, (outraged, indignant)-- "NO.  I'm sure.  Well, not like those."  ~Oh just be quiet Dan.  You    just   don't    know.~

I know he is right.  I know even if I got one of the scarves I'd never wind-up wearing it, because I'm really just not a scarf person.  Not much of a fashion person at all really.  I see the picture of this girl in the frilly skirt and boots and go,  "OOO-- me like!"  but wind-up wearing jeans every day, with some kind of t-shirt.  It's just what works in my life.  Besides, that skirt is $138.  I'm sure!

But man, look at those necklaces...  I mean, LOOK at them.  ~drool drool~  I could TOTALLY see myself wearing those.  Oh.  Wait.  They are $388 & $328.  Never mind.  Damn you Sundance!

But by now I am already following Dan's lead.  I DO already have, like, a million necklaces I never wear.

I have tons ot super cool ones I've made that I never even wear.  Here are some of my fav's.

Seriously, look at the coolness.  They are COOL.

It's not that I don't like them, that's for sure.  It's just that I'm busy wearing these other cool ones I've made, and I just don't change that often.  Oh-- the bottom one is from Target I guess.  But I made the top one.

~sigh~  So once again I restrained myself.  I say that like it's an option for me to spend over $300 on a necklace, but still.  And I can't honestly say I always have such an easy time saying no.  Some of you know I did have another *boot incident* last week.  Oh well.

Other goings-on in Suelandia--

I went riding with Dan yesterday and am pretty sure I had my first official hot flash.  We were riding along, not hitting it super hard, just having fun, when all of a sudden blammo-- I was ON FIRE.  Seriously, I've ridden when it's been in the nineties and really humid, so I know what normal hot and sweaty feels like, and this was at least ten times worse.  My eyeballs were sweating.  I think my hair was too.  I know there are no pores in your eyes and hair, but I'm pretty sure it was happening.

Dan was in front and stopped for a water break.  I started taking my shirt off, then thought better of it.  No sports bra.  If I'd have worn it though-- that shirt would have been off!  Frustrated and burning up I just said, "Go GO!  I need to create some wind!"

The rest of the ride was so bizarre.  Everything had a surreal dream-like quality.  I kept thinking, "If any talking animals show up, or the scene shifts, this is for sure just a dream."  I've never felt this hot and delirious and not been weak and shaky.  It seemed with the primary thought in my head being, "Holy fuck I'm HOT!" it took my mind completely off the climbs and scary downhill parts and I just rode without thinking much, and it didn't feel that hard really.  Anyway, it was very weird.

Okay, last item.
I went to a funeral last week, of an elderly aunt.  She was a nice lady and I went to show her family support.  In her eulogy, they actually mentioned her housekeeping.  I'm not kidding!  I always joke about this, about how trivial stuff like that is in the end.  "What's it going to say on your gravestone?  'Well, she certainly kept a tidy house!'-- big WHO CARES?!"

I still say it's a big who cares, but as usual, this got me thinking about how I spend my time, as I suppose this kind of thing does for everyone who is paying attention.  On the way to the funeral, this song was playing and I couldn't think of a more appropriate song for the occasion.  Whatever you decide to do with the time you've got, think about it, appreciate it, do it on purpose.  Enjoy local Dan Wilson's "Free Life.".


irishk said...

Did I hear just a bit of "Brokeback Mountain" in there? "Why can't I quit yew?" Man that Sundance thing really has a hold on you. It did look pretty cool, albeit expensive. It is just crazy how the models personalized your shopping like that! I mean, it was verging on bullying. There is just no call for that, and you should probably register a complaint with the marketing department:-) I AM a clothes horse ~ can't help it ~ I just am. BUT I do almost all my damage at TJMaxx and Marshall's, so I excuse myself all the time. After all, the prices are so good. You know, that kind of self-talk. Scarves can make you feel rather conspicuous, like "Look at the woman with that scarf ~ really ~ who does she think she is fooling? We know she is not really a scarf person." I say, just do it, and do it until it feels normal. Hot flashes. What can I say? Charlie loves the fact that at any given moment he might look over to see that I have spontaneously taken off my top. It is kind of sexy until I press myself up against the refrigerator and then it gets just strange. But there is a very fine line between sexy and strange, so I straddle it. No pun intended. Oh baby, oh baby. Get used to it, this phase goes on a long long time, so I hear. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Oh Kathleen, leave it to you to make me laugh when all i feel like doing today is committing mass murder because I have super bad cramps. You're the best! Everyone else might want to run the other way if they see me today! Man, this being a woman things really SUCKS at times!

irishk said...

Do not let Shania hear you say that:-0 I'm sorry you have bad cramps though:(

Brianne said...

Target and Kohl's, eh? This place has a cute catalog and is in a similar price range!

Brianne said...

Bah, it ate the URL a little bit. Just go to http://www.downeastbasics.com/ and click the request catalog link at the bottom of the page.

Anonymous said...

You do have a zillion cool necklaces! I guess we have similar fashion styles and circumstances. I see something neat and think "oh, what day am I going to wear that to the grocery store?". Like if I wear anything but jeans it would be as odd as wearing a costume.

Anonymous said...

ps I'm only anonymous because my user name is "katie is too stupid to remember her own user name" :)

pseudosu said...

Ms. Pitt-
Hi! and thanks for the tip, will def check out. :)

Katie-- you are so funny! At least you didn't creep me out this time w/ your *giant iguana*. :)

Maery Rose said...

For me it's the catalogue from Anthropologie. There's the "Cavorting Flora Blouse" for a mere $98 or the "Alice in Autumn" sweater coat for a mere $168. How can one stand to resist? But resist we must! By the way, I bought a pair of your greenish metal earrings and now want the matching necklace. Damn you Sue! Just kidding... Aren't those hot flashes something else? Not like being hot but like a furnace burning from the inside out. Nothing else quite like it. If only that energy could be harnessed and used to power a city or something.

Maery Rose said...

Oh, yeah, and love the song. It asks a very good question.

pedro said...

love your scary brain posts