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Friday, October 15, 2010

Free Fallin'

Hey people.  It's fall and I feel like I'm missing most of it!  I know, I know-- I just took a whole week off.  Boy do I know.  This morning I had *the dream* again, where it's the morning of the show and besides having a cool outfit to wear (a new twist), I have hardly anything prepared-- no work, nothing packed, my workbench full of unfinished little trees.  I was so stressed-out I got up and cleaned the kitchen-- yes-- it was THAT traumatic people!

Anyway, the trail has been lovely the times I've gotten over there to ride.  I have a hard time explaining to people who don't do this how important riding has become to me.  Being in the woods-- the different smells different times of year, the clattery noise my bike makes jittering over rocks and roots, feeling the weight of my body free-falling as I hover over the bike on steep downhills, even feeling the machine of my body pushed to it's limits on climbs-- it's all become a lifeline for me-- the one place I can count on being fully present, thinking of very little else other than what is going on at that very second.

 My riding goals began rather lofty this year-- to be able to ride even the expert features, and get really fast (for me).  Depending on which day you ask me I either failed or reassessed.  Something major clicked in my head early on and I made a firm decision that to love riding as I do and enjoy it, I needn't risk my health/life.  The penalty for not making some of the features, steep embankments of rocks etc, could easily be a broken bone or worse.  Just not a risk I'm prepared to take right now.

I have, however, improved.  My balance has gotten way better.  I picked up a tip or two from better riders, little techniques that help.  By forcing myself to ride things that scare me but are still doable, or even if not scary, seem like impossible climbs etc, I've learned to trust my abilities (such as they are) more.  Now I can ride a lot more of the trail, better than I could last year, even if I'm not exactly greased lightning.  I no longer chase the perfect ride.  I string little successes together in chains, and when I inevitably fail on something, I get over it and ride on, still enjoying myself.  I'm calling it a successful season.  And I'm planning on tackling winter riding this year.  I hope the snow cooperates and allows this!
 Meanwhile, it's been gorgeous out, and all week I've been working my butt off.  I even put in a double one day.  Everything complains and cracks when I do this now.  Hello oldness.

I've spent most of the week working on a deadlined commission I sort of don't have time for right now, but it's something I wanted to do, and I committed even if I thought it wouldn't take so long (as usual.)  It's wicked cool, but i can't show you yet because I guess it's a surprise.  Let me just say, most artists find the hardest human feature to draw or paint are hands-- and I'll weigh in and say they're pretty dang hard to sculpt too.  (But I pretty much killed it.  Heh heh.)


Linda G. said...

Can't wait to see a pic of your commissioned piece. Er, you WILL post a photo, right?

Lynn Fisher said...

Gorgeous photos Sue!!! I love it when the leaves turn and sweaters come out...love it. Then there's biking (don't need to tell you how AWESOME)
Can't wait to see your latest creations!

irishk said...

Oh man ~ hands?! You're killin' me. The tree of life and now hands, you are sculpting my soul:-) I can't wait to see it. Love the pic of the trail ahead of your handle bars ~ so cool. I know exactly what you mean about "needing" the fix of your biking. It is so centering. How about sculpting/welding a tree of life using a woman as the trunk? Maybe a peace symbol where her heart is, like a knot in the tree? If I had talent, this is what I would do. How about using peace symbols for a bicycle wheel? I just live vicariously through you. Thanks for taking time to share Sue. Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

I can't believe I'm 3 posts behind! Anyway, I completely understand what you are saying about biking and how the concentration makes everything else disappear. Riding horses is like that for me. It's the closes I get to being completely in the moment with my crazy ping pong brain. I'd like to find something I could do that is a challenge with Luke, but not crazy dangerous, but would give me something to work on.