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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If you DON'T move, you WON'T move

Hey people.  Today's post is inspired by some conversations I've had with a number of people lately about aging, aches and pains, and challenging one's self.  You guys have probably seen the first video because it was all over FB about a week ago, but I love it.  I love the look on the woman's face.  I can tell she is still feeling the thrill of her body moving through space.  I want that to be me someday.

This next one was posted on the mountain bike forum I frequent.  The younger rider who put it up commented how much respect he had for this guy.  I relate VERY much to him.  The sport I've come to love is regarded by those who don't do it as crazily risky and dangerous.  To me the bigger risk, or what I fear more-- is relegating yourself to the sidelines of your life because of being afraid to get out there and have fun.  I don't want to get injured, but I'm unwilling to give up the joy and thrill I feel when I ride.

I guess how I feel about aging right now, is that I have some apprehension about losing some agility etc over time, but I figure I'm definitely going to get old.  The choice I have is to get old continuing to challenge myself and trying to have as much fun as possible, or to become increasingly more cautious and fearful.  I pick "A".  How about you guys?  Thoughts???


irishk said...

Well, you sort of know how I feel about this topic. My quote is "Do not go gentle into that goodnight." I have no intention of wearing embroidered sweatshirts with 'Grandma' stitched among birds nests, etc. But ~ I HAVE begun to weigh the risks of doing something that might put me at a high risk of injury and trying to walk that fine line of fun vs caution. If I injure myself, I am relegated to inactivity for a period of time that would seem endless and defeated. It is difficult to see the evidence of the aging process in every mirror I pass, but I tell myself that it is a privilege to have a chance to navigate the process. My hope is to do it gracefully, as defined by myself alone. I don't want any magazine telling me what I can and can not do at 'my age.' People grow old because they make their worlds smaller and smaller. If you continue to surround yourself with people who energize you, it is easier to keep setting that bar a little higher and fighting off complacency as long as physically possible. My biggest fear is becoming invisible and dismissed because of physical aging alone. But that is a good life lesson for all of us ~ to look beyond the gray and the wrinkles to see if there is still a vibrant spirit fighting for recognition. I am old to a 20/30s person, but I am young to a 70/80s person. It's all relative. I fully intend to go out wildly, still unpredictable and defying whatever it is that people say is 'normal.' Sorry so wordy :-) Kathleen

pseudosu said...

"==look beyond the gray and the wrinkles to see if there is still a vibrant spirit fighting for recognition."
I love it Kathleen. You certainly will never become invisible with your bright spark of energy. It is all relative, and I understand your good point about an injury causing depression inducing immobility. I still think people can ease into any activity that interests them if they are realistic about their abilities, and take it a step at a time.

~Die trying~ and ~It's your life-- don't chicken out~ have been my motto's for some time, and I guess I'm standing by them.

Linda G. said...

Thanks for sharing the inspirational videos. I love to see oldsters kicking life's butt. Heck, I couldn't do half as well as those guys even back when I was a youngster. But I do keep moving, and will as long as I'm able. "Use it or lose it" is my motto when it comes to physical--and mental--activities.

JKB said...

Challenge yourself. Always.

My Gran was 90 years old and could boogie like a 20 year old. :-D I loved her so much.

Keep challenging! I'm right there with you!


strugglingwriter said...

My thought about aging is this: never stop!

It has been said enough that it is a cliche' but we are as old as we allow ourselves to feel. I believe that.

"I'm too old to do/try that" is something that we should never say, especially before giving whatever it is a try.

Jill said...

I love to try new and fun things! The older I get the more I want to try new activities. I figure that I can try new things and I do not have to be the best one out there. I just like to try. I am into self preservation at the same time though. I figure that as long as I do not break a leg or arm then all is well.

pseudosu said...

Linda G-
You should see that movie "Red" if you like watching ~old~ (harumph) people kicking butt! Thumbs-up!

I know bb-- you are right THERE!

Words to live by. Don't be afraid to at least try it if it sounds like fun. :)

We are on the same page for sure! Also, I kept meaning to get back to your previous comment but no-- not too deep at all. Cool, in fact. :) I always enjoy your comments.