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Sunday, October 31, 2010

"It's Halloween you guys!" ~BLAM~ (Sue's head explodes)

Hey people.  ~Jumping around excitedly~  ~Maybe from the sugar high from the caramel apples I just had-- but probably-- just still excited over Halloween!!!!~

That's right people-- Halloween-- the best holiday of the year.  Yes-- The.  Best.  You get to wear costumes, and eat candy, and be all wacky and ride your bike around in the woods-- wait-- what???

Well, that's what you do if you're me, Dan, or Trusty Pam, or any of the other affable nutballs that populate my local mountain bike trail-- Hillside Park in Elk River.  The big Halloween Race & pumpkin massacre was Saturday at noon and I'm still coming down from it on Sunday night.

I was "Hit Girl"-- a comic book/movie character who is a little girl/deadly crime-fightin' assassin.  Dan was an evil clown.  But look-- you can tell underneath he's still really nice-guy Dan.  He didn't stand a chance against my ninja powers.

Halloween is the *best*-- because all the regular folk get to mix with people letting their zany sides out.  I like the playful spirit it releases, even if it is just for a day.  This race, as one guy pointed out, was my *anniversary*.  It was exactly a year ago I entered my very first race, and really started socializing and getting to know the other racers.

Now I know most of the Hillside regulars, either from races or trailwork sessions.  "Hi Virgil. Hi Pat."  ~waves~

This is *celebrity* awesome girl racer Sam and hubs Jeff.  They are a cord and socket.  And I don't think I really need to say anything more about that.  :)

Lovely Lisa was Pink Lady Sandy.  Va-va-zoom.  (From the small world department-- I now live in the former home of her childhood best friend's mother.  Who knew?)

It took us a while to guess this one-- Eddie here is that little martian guy from Bugs Bunny-- Marvin-- Remember?  Little Roman helmet?  Skirty deal?  He said those redbulls on his amo belt were fuel cells for his laser gun.  I'm guessing he was slightly caffeinated though---

When this was taken!  If you see this coming down the trail at you, your first impulse it probably to RUN!-- But knowing Eddie, he is probably just zooming over to say hi and see what's up.  :)  (Apparently the skirt didn't work so well to ride in.  Hmm.  I had no such problem.  Maybe next time he should opt for micro mini?)

Here's Dan again.  The world's nicest evil clown.

I was excited to see what Tony would come up with this year.  Last year he and his wife Angie were KISS (black wigs, white faces w/black make-up, and jammin' KISS tunes blasting from a speaker mounted on the back of the tandem.  This year he was on his own as Buzz Lightyear.  Woody rode on the back, but let's face it, wasn't much help.  He still managed to pass me and Pam a few times though.  It's mighty humbling to get your ass kicked by a cardboard cut-out.

He kept us entertained by singing along to his cowboy tunes and yelling "yee-hawww!" every once in a while. 

This race was even more fun than last year, because I knew more people, some friends who don't ride (yet-- now their wheels are turning a bit) came to watch, and I talked Trusty Pam into riding too.  Here we are formulating our race strategy.  Pam doesn't like racing, and while I WANT to be really awesome, and therefore like it-- I basically suck, but put tons of pressure on myself and wind-up not having much fun.  So our strategy for this race was basically to pretend it wasn't a race, and just enjoy the beautiful day and the chance to zoom around and act nutty in our costumes.  (Pam was an Indian BTW)  (a cute one)

Our plan to first and foremost have fun and keep *team Sue & Pam* intact (rubber side down, & no blood, & a cohesive unit) in motion, we were race ready!

Here are the expert racers at the starting line.  I want to give extra points to all the guys who wore costumes.  I still think the non-costumed guys should have had to give everyone else foot/back/leg/whatever rubs after the race, and brought us treats and beverages.  I'm looking into a rule change for next year.

None of the girls who showed-up were taking the race real seriously.  We all just wanted to have fun, so stayed in a little pack near the back to begin with.  After a brief-- "Should we go?  Are we going yet?  Oh what?  Now???" hesitation--- we were off!  (The other girls quickly left me and Pam in the dust but we were just fine with it.)  (I'm all for girls being as awesome as possible!!)

So what if I was bringing up the rear?  I was having FUN dammit, and wearing a COSTUME!  And slow to racers still feels zoomy to me!  WOO!  (Oh hey-- you can see Penny's costume pretty good in this shot-- her handlebar A-K and streamers.  What's a crime fightin' super hero without her crime fightin' ride?)

Pam had a few wardrobe malfunctions with the boots, but she was zooming around having fun too.

Dan was way ahead of us somewhere, apparently being attacked by Monkey boy.  I feel a little left out.  ~Sniff~  But I guess he wasn't feeling top notch that day, so probably ran out of attacking energy by the time my driving-miss-daisy self came along.

"All clear back here everyone.  The rear is secure.  I've got your six.  Just so you know."

  In the most spectacular finish of my ~cough~ *career*-- Pam and I crossed the line at exactly the same time for a tie.  Right as we rode across the line someone yelled, "Wheelie!" so we attempted to bust out very meager (but still pretty WOO! for us) wheelies, and crashed right into each other.  But we rode it out people!  As someone i know likes to say,  "Winners find a way."

Winners??? you ask?  Yeah, I'm calling it a solid win.  So what if we were last?--- We tied for second in our class (because hardly any women race), and both won pumpkin pies!  And most importantly-- had fun, and no blood, or puking, or quitting, or getting lapped, and the rubber side remained down the entire race!  WOO!

After the race the hijinx began.  We needed to show these pumpkins who was boss.  They weren't going to get away with their dumb orange inert fatness anymore people.  We were bringing out the big guns-- well, sticks anyway.  (This is *Cool Trail Boss Rich watching his wife-- *Mrs. Zilla* working out some aggression.)

"Cool it honey.  Save some massacring for the children."

And a new addition this year-- pumpkin jousting!  (Note the kids in the background.  They COULD NOT stop pumpkin smashing you guys.  They were smashing MACHINES.)  (I should point out there were a bunch of people monitoring this activity and clearing the line/watching for kids etc etc)  (So what I'm saying is this was safe, good-clean-fun mayhem.  Or something.  Yeah.)

Even Buzz took a crack at it.

As far as I could tell, a good time was had by all.  I'm already planning out my costume for next year!


Linda G. said...

That looks like so much FUN! Okay, in my next life, I wanna be you.

Jill said...

Looks like a great time! Marvin the martian is one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Always trying to blow up the earth with his space capacitor. Loved your costume!

strugglingwriter said...

Your costume is great! Perfect Hit Girl, in fact.

pseudosu said...

Linda G-
I do have it pretty good. :) Me too!

I always got that guy mixed up with Kazoo from the Flintstones. I'm glad Eddie didn't blow up the world. :)

Thanks man-- although I couldn't really use the proper amount of profanity that Hit Girl did, because of it being a family event and all. ;)

Maery Rose said...

I'm so glad I was able to make it to this event. I'm inspired. How much would I have to work out to climb a hill? I did see a few people running alongside their bikes sooooo. Of course, I have all winter to rethink my exuberance. Oh, I like the new banner photo.

pseudosu said...

YES!!! ~fist pump~ You do what I did-- take the trail a little at a time, ride what you can/what you're comfortable with, and your skills/stamina increase in relation to how much time you have in the saddle. Just like the other riding you do. I think there are a lot of aspects you'd enjoy about this, and as i clearly demonstrated-- you don't have to be a total all-star to be able to have a lot of fun with it.

Lots of people hop on and off the bike. Most people can't ride everything. At the race you're watching some of the top riders in the state (mixed in with the rest of *us*) and they make it all look easy, but there are plenty of us *regular folk* just out there doing it for fun.

courtney said...

Aaah! I love your costumes! Hit Girl and EVIL CLOWN! And I am sure Dan is totally nice despite the costume ;) but omg. I am so afraid of clowns I could only glance at the picture of you both. And Happy Anniversary on your race! That is wonderful. And you ARE winners. Congrats on that too! (Yum, pumpkin pie!) You def. had an awesome Halloween.