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Friday, October 1, 2010

Opening Night

Hey people.  Wow- the big night is here.  (And the party starts at 5:00 people, not 6 like I said before.) 

It's so weird.  It sounds so *made up*, me saying, "Tonight my solo show opens at the gallery," like-- *she said, taking another heaping mound of caviar and stroking her ocelot.*  Then again, lots of things about my life seem unreal at times.

I am a welder, an artist, a mountain biker (now I feel I can say that because it's become pretty central to maintaining my equilibrium)... there are a bunch of labels that describe me, but sometimes there's a disconnect.  When I'm making the art, all by myself, and welding etc working very hard, I don't think about it.  I'm just *working*.  When I show up to these things where other people are checking stuff out and it's like-- "Her, over there, that's *the artist*" it feels kind of weird, like I want to say, "Oh, no, not me, not really."

It feels wonderful, of course, having people admiring what I've done and validating me.  There's just this tiny part of me that's worried someone will catch on and out me. 

"You guys!  I spied on her one day and saw how she does all this--- all she REALLY does is listen to books on tape all day or jam-out with her iPod splotching paint randomly on stuff and welding stuff together.  She just makes up whatever she wants.  It's all just imaginary!"

So as of now all my work is done.  (Until a week from now when I madly start getting ready for the next show.)  Today my big job is to moisturize and exfoliate, get dressed-up, and go to the opening prepared to greet and visit with all the guests.  (There might have to be a quick ride in there though to keep me sane.) 

I'm sticking to my guns on the jeans.  I gave Dan a preview of my outfit last night and he was less than enthusiastic.  He thought my jacket, that has a few ruffles on it looked "colonial", and my sequined t-shirt looked "attention-getting", and my scarf? -- "weird."  Well, what does he know?  He wears Dickies every day and his dead grandpa's button front shirts from the 70's to work. 

Hopefully I won't look back on this outfit as another ~fail~.  Time will tell.  I'm super pumped about the friends who've said they're coming.  That always helps me to feel more normal.  ~Nervous~


b_elliott said...

I saw a sneak peak yesterday when I dropped stuff off and your work looked wonderful. They hadn't hung everything yet but it looked like you had lots of work. LOVE the horse. So glad you took time to make her! See you tonight!

Oh, and btw, guys know NOTHING about fashion. "Colonial"? WTF, Dan?! LOL

Jill said...

I am sure that your show will be a hit! Good luck. Your work is beautiful.

Kim Smith said...

Hey Sue, I know your show will be wonderful because your work is always creative and says "take me home". We all feel that slight sick feeling in our stomach when we say we are "artists". It is time to let that go. Easier said than done, but you have proven yourself to all of us. Now, it's time to prove it to yourself. Have a wonderful evening, you have earned it!

irishk said...

You are so 'real' and it's what I love about you. It's what let's us all believe we are a part of your work. When we can relate to you on such an everyday level, your work speaks to that common thread of earthiness and grit that we as humans hold in our souls. Dan cracks me up with his comments! I can only imagine what he would like you to wear. A leather bustier and a whip are simply not practical for an art show in Minnesota in October:-) See you tonight. Can't wait! Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

There's a horse?! I hope it's not like last year and everything is sold by the time I get there. Then again, I hope it is because that is way good for you!

I too hate that fear of people pulling back the curtain and seeing the silly, fake behind it. Just remember the outfit doesn't matter. The personality will shine through if you just forget to be self conscious. I am so wise with everyone but myself...

Maery Rose said...

Dang it! Kathleen has out done my wisdom once again! I second what she said.

pseudosu said...

Oh you guys, I have the biggest smile and am laughing to myself, already feeling more relaxed about *the big event*. Thanks!

Beth-- I am so psyched you have pieces there too again. Your work is always amazing!

Jill- Thanks so much!

Kim- I know, I know! I guess it's just always weird how our labels don't usually define us-- how we feel inside.

Oh Kathleen-- you ARE super wise! I'm so glad you stop by and comment because I always get so much out of it-- including laughs! Dan would probably actually want me to save that outfit for home. I think he feels my get-up for tonight it too out there, but hey-- if you're not going to dress kind of wild for your art show when will you???

Maery-- There IS a horse, a small one that took FOREVER! I told the gallery owner to just price it and not tell me how much because I didn't want to calculate my Bangladesh wages for it. See you tonight!

strugglingwriter said...

I hope it went well!