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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pied Piper Of Dareyness

Hey people.  Okay, so remember I told you about the Halloween race and how a couple friends came to watch?  These are the gals-- Maery and Kathleen.  (See?  Don't I have cool friends?  This is them at my art show opening last month.)  Now after watching me and Pam ride and seeing how much fun we had even though we aren't big superstars, they both want to try it!

I took Kathleen on her inaugural ride Sunday, and she had a great time.  She brought her touring bike to see if that would work on the trails.  I knew it wouldn't, but I tried that same thing at first and I knew she'd have to feel for herself.  Pam lent her her bike so she could ride her own, and a mountain bike, and compare.

Girls approach the whole experience of trail riding from a different country than guys.  Sure, some are super athletes and maybe it's different for them, but for your average woman, there's a whole host of insecurities and fears to overcome that guys just plain don't have.

The lot was packed because it was such a nice day and right away Kathleen asked if I was sure it was okay for us to be on the trail, knowing she'd be taking it slow.  I reassured her, but totally remember that feeling.  When i started out if I pulled in and there was more than a few cars in the lot I'd leave-- afraid of making people mad by being too slow etc.

It's funny, I've always loved being over there in the woods, and have no fear of men-- like, weirdo's attacking me or anything.  I'm pretty sure they'd be completely unprepared for the unladylike can of whoop-ass I'd unload on them were such a thing to happen, but the thought of one of the other male riders barking at me, or even just acting irritated, really intimidated me, because I knew I was on "their turf", and didn't want to feel unwelcome in a place I'd come to love.

Anyway, Kathleen had all the fears I did first time out like going down little steep hills and over rocks and roots etc. (except I was all by myself with no one to explain anything), but she gamely challenged herself to ride some scary stuff out.  She walked a few things, knowing she just wasn't ready, but that is perfectly fine.  All in all, she said she really had fun, and wants to keep trying it.  That is huge.  That right there shows she has a mountain biker in her-- it was scary, but fun.  And she too loved being in the woods.  When we finished a big group of guys asked how our ride was and were all friendly and supportive-- nice job men!  We're going over for another session today.  Next it'll be Maery's turn to saddle-up-- if the weather holds.

A while back I told you about a secret commission I was working on-- here it is-- a pair of trophies for the local official mountain bike association.   The one on the left is the team championship trophy, and the one on the right is the race director of the year award.  

Peace Coffee won the team championship this year.  A bummer for my *hometown team* -- LCR, but,  can't win 'em all.  Good job Peace Coffee racers.

Race director of the year is where all the racers state-wide vote for what they think was the best run state championship series race all season long.  I think maybe part of their decision is affected by how much they enjoy that particular trail too, but it's really a vote for the race director-- who organizes everything about that event from the courses, to the parking, vendors, volunteer force and porto-potties-- every aspect.  This year *Cool Trailboss Rich* won!  ~Woo Hillside!~ 

This is him and Stephanie who is the local parks & rec program director, and helps with all the races too.  Way to go guys!

Today is maybe the last hurrah-- the last 60+ degree day in the forecast, and this time of year, maybe the last of the year.  I'm spending as much of it on 2 wheels as possible.  First a fun leisurely ride with my dad, who turns 80 in Feb.  Then I'm meeting up with Kathleen for another newbie session before getting in a quick lap or two myself before dark.  Today will feel like being locked in the candy store, trying to get in as much riding as I can, but knowing I'll run out of gas and daylight eventually.



strugglingwriter said...

That team trophy is sweet. Nice work on both.

Yay for new and brave riders.

irishk said...

Well I have arrived!! I made it into your blog ~ as a mountain bike rider no less :-) Go figure. I suppose the press will be hounding me now demanding interviews and appearances ~ sigh ~ it is such a burden to be in demand! I do somehow bear a slight resemblance to a frightened bird in that photo though. That worries me a bit. Seriously now, thanks for sharing our experience and for being kind in the process :-) I know I was pretty cautious, but I really didn't want to wipe out. It is so easy to see what pulls you to the whole scene. I get it...really I do and I appreciate your time and effort to share the joy ;-) Those trophies are awesome! I would imagine all the riders out there are thankful for the day you decided to join the ranks, bringing your art and spirit to the trails ~ a wonderful blend. Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

Hey, love that first photo. Oh and the trophies too. Really, the trophies are so great! Beats the whole mounted cup thing by a trip to the moon. Kathleen, you do not look like a frightened bird, but you might after I knock you down for beating me to the hills. I knew you were Sue's favorite... Cold temps or not, I hope to get at least one ride before it snows. Going to a skijoring practice Sat and Sun but would have time in the afternoon?

irishk said...

Now Maery, let's not get violent...you know how that scares me :-) I am a very delicate flower and must be treated as such! After all, she invited us both at the same time, but you chose hooves over wheels. I'm just sayin'! Seriously, I think you will like it. It's just the right amount of scary ;-)

pseudosu said...

Thanks. If only you lived here- you'd so be up for it!

Kathleen-- You did great! Pam jokes about my 30 or so people deep level of *fame* and says she's *famous adjacent*. It is tiresome, wondering if you gals are just hanging out with me for my *celebrity* status.

Maery- Now now, don't fight ladies-- there is enough of me to go around! I will be around this weekend for sure, but Dan wants to watch the vikings and I am the ever faithful football buddy wife for him (he likes the cheering crowd effect i provide) so need to figure out when that is. Sat afternoon for sure i'm around, and Kathllen's right. I think you'll dig it. :)

pseudosu said...

Uh... Just in case anyone doesn't get I'm being sarcastic about the *celebrity* thing-- it's a JOKE people. ;)

Rich said...

Good to see you're luring others into mountain bike riding! Just keep setting the traps and see if they come back. If they do, they're in. ;) That's what it takes to make varsity. Ha ha ha! Seriously though, I think it's great that they have you to help them get into it. Entering a new hobby alone is a very difficult thing to do. Many unknowns can make it scary, especially when you're trying to be "Minnesota Nice" the whole time.

Thanks for the UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME trophy! I'll proudly display it until I have to give it to the winner next year, unless it's me again! The racers all voted on four different categories. Our race dominated two of them, just edged out a win on the third one, and got second in the last one.

The Team trophy is mondo cool too. Our team (LCR) has won that title the last two years in a row, but decided to back it off this year. Several of us went into hiding. We picked the wrong year for that! All we got was the standard plastic cup trophy before. Now they have the uber-sweet Sue Trophy.

By the way, have you named them Sue? Or are they just called what the label says?

Maery Rose said...

Hey Sue, you are a celebrity to us. And it is totally awesome of you to help the old gals not fall down where they can't get up.

Lynn Fisher said...

(Long time no comment, sorry) Wow, the trophy is AMAZING...what a great job! And those two babes in the beginning, aint they way too fancy for bik'n?

pseudosu said...

Kathleen was in for round two tonight. Her eyes bugged out but she rode down the little rocky hill in the newb. Previous attempts were walked. She said, "I just made up my mind this time i was going to do it."
Thanks for the props. No, no names. Didn't feel it was my place. :)

Fuck that *old* crap. Clint didn't get old, just more gnarly and badass. That'll be us. :)

Apparently they can rock many looks, and when I get all these chick on the trail at one time it will be one HOT lap baby.