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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ready for a break

Hey people.  I have a show Sat, and there's a bunch of info about that over on my ART BLOG if you have any interest in that kind of stuff.  At this point i have been working non-stop for months, and my trigger thumb seriously feels like it's going to fall off.  I'm doing some PT on it, but I'm fried and worn-out.

The only good thing I can say about where I'm at right now art-wise, is that I still have ideas for unmade pieces in my head, and 3 commissions in the hopper.  So, people are still paying me to do this, and I'm not out of ideas.  But-- looking forward to a more relaxed schedule for a few months.

Pam's daughter Brenda went to the race last Saturday and took TONS of pictures and videos, so yes-- I'm subjecting you to more Halloween race stuff, and another love letter to Penny & the trail.  I think I've made it pretty clear I'm no rock star when it comes to this.  I've improved TONS this year and am happy about that, but I'm still not as fast as I'd like to be, and will always have things to work on, but-- look at my face---  It is so damned fun people! 

In a lot of the pics I'm making a weird face because I have this dorky habit of yelling "WEE!" all the time.  I've tried to explain it a zillion times to you guys, the spark of energy and *joy* I get from this, but it's funny for me even, to see these pictures and the evidence right on my face of how happy I am while riding.   "WEE!"

 I only wish I could find some more playmates.  Seriously-- if any gals out there want to give this a try-- get a hold of me!  Look how fun!!

Here's me and Trusty Pam right after our nearly-disastrous finish line crash.  I love how Pam's fist is in the air.  ~We rock!~  "Woo-HOO!"

Here's right after that.  Brenda & Dan were waiting for us.  We're probably still both talking about how *awesome* we are.  We don't let a little something like coming in almost last get us down.

And here's our podium shot-- *pies*!  The gal in the center is this actual racer who is really awesome-- Beth.  Is this sport tailor made for me or what?  Even I-- who basically suck can podium from sheer lack of competitors.  ~Winnah!~  Oh-- HERE is a video I made of the race too from Brenda's footage.  (Thanks B!)

Pammy is going to be out of commission soon due to a medical thing.  We are so codependent at this point I don't know what I'll do.  We joke about having to rent 3 rooms at the old folks home we wind-up in, one for each of us, and one for all our bikes and kayaks and stuff.

Last night on our ride we were once again bantering over who can ride what (we're both competitive, which is hilarious because of how much we suck, but it's all in good fun) and she was trying to tell me she rides the teeter-totter now, reasoning a broken arm would take about as much time to heal-up as her thing, so we'd be ~even~ then.  Seriously.  I'll be bumming w/o my Pammy!!

I'll still keep you company T-Pam.  Movies & food etc.  We can do that too.  :)

Speaking of food--- OMG you guys.  Check out the lobster sandwich I had recently from this concession truck at 1st Ave & 4th St in Minneapolis.  It's called "Smack Shack Lobster" and was TO DIE FOR.  Seriously.  I'm drooling just remembering it.

I went with mom and dad and we took our lunches to this park along the river (just across the Hennepin Ave bridge, by Riverplace).  The two specks at the picnic table are them, but I wanted to show the setting.  Trust me they both were adorable that day.  It was one of my few *screw it I'm taking a long lunch* days this fall, and, as I suspected I do not regret it one tiny bit.  ~skipping is awesome~

Lastly, I just have to say I am totally mortified Michell Bachmann got reelected by the moronic backwater hicks in my district.  I, in case you can't guess, lean more towards the Dem side of the spectrum.  They usually have their heads up their asses too, but at least aren't bible waving homophobes who want big corporations to run everything.  Ish.  At least the political ads will abate for a while. 

Yeah-- I'd pronounce it "Bay-ner" too if i was him.


Maery Rose said...

"Bible waving homophobes", ain't it the truth. I literally had Senator Jungbauer pull out bible and wave it at me when I went to talk to him. Kind of impressive that he thought that was warranted.

I don't think I'm fit enough to do the hill climbs that are a part of mountain biking but I'm game to try some low grade climbs and even some obstacles. After all, I've had my collar bone, wrist, tail bone, toe, and finger broken by horses and am still riding so I must have some level of daredevil in me. Or riding horses is just the sport I love so much that it makes me overlook what can go wrong.

pseudosu said...

Maery-- You can't imagine how psyched I am you even WANT to try this! Believe me, most of the climbs over there I considered *impossible* when I started, and now I can ride every single one--- maybe not successfully every time, but it is possible now.

We need to meet up over there. You'll love it. Penny's a way easier keeper than my horse ever was too. ;)

strugglingwriter said...

I was very distraught on Wednesday regarding the elections.

What worries me most is that Pres. Obama didn't get the message about how his base isn't happy. I fear he's going to compromise liberal ideals even more and move even more to the center (which is to the right in every other country). If he compromises on Social Security at all, I'm done with him. Man I wish there was a viable Green party in this country.

I hear you on the bible thumping thing. I'm Christian, but not like those people. Also, it shouldn't be in our politics anyhow.

I love the pics of you. That's not a weird face. It's a smile on your face!

irishk said...

Well you know, peer pressure is a powerful thing :-) The setting is so spectacular that I am really drawn to it. I plan to hike it even if I fail to become a 'worthy' biker. (I use that term ever so loosely.) ((But I am not a loose woman ~ well not really unless you count my bottom, as that is rather loose feeling, much to my disdain!)) But I do digress... back to the trail and biking. I do fear broken body parts, but as you know, I have survived a dreaded broken wrist and have since overcome my fear of bathtubs, so I think I can handle a bike trail :-) I'll just take extra doses of calcium! Man, I sound like a geriatrics patient or something!! It makes me smile to see your smile as you ride, that is really what it is all about. So sorry to hear Pam will be out of commission for awhile. Ride on Sue! Kathleen

Lynn Fisher said...

I'm game for a bike ride...maybe...just one.
Your photos are awesome and yes, what a political disapointment...I couldn't stand it. And that on top of a crappy week (snicker)
anyway...hey, I may have to think of a ceremony for putting the bike away...sobbing...it's dark when I go to work and dark when I get home now...bring on the snow shoes!!!