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Monday, November 15, 2010

The take-away

Hey people.  I did it-- spent 3 entire days cleaning my house.  3.  Days.  And my kitchen is about 95% clean now!  Seriously-- I didn't even get to expand into other rooms yet, but to be fair-- I relocated our *home office* in the process, and that also involved a major reorganization of the master bathroom-- long story.  And no-- our new office isn't in the bathroom.  :)

I'm still considering this to be an open project.  Can't stop now.  *Git 'er dun.*  But have to make a bunch of little groupings of trees this week, and do have 4 commissions waiting for me, so the cleaning frenzy will have to take place in "chunks" now.

Much as I dislike cleaning, here are some things I concluded:

1)  While I still do feel that there are things in my life that take much greater priority than housework (friends, time outside, sometimes youtube etc, heh heh) a lot of my aversion to it is probably related to not liking to think of myself as a *housewife*.  This is kind of immature, and I should try to get over it.

BTW-- That phone etc cord octopus?  I did find a good solution-- I cut a little hole in the back of this baskety thing.  Now they're all hidden away inside.  The jack is right behind it so they HAVE to be in this location, but not a bad work-around right?

2) As much as I grew to absolutely hate housework and resented all the over-emphasis on cleaning while I still lived with my folks, I did learn how to really clean the living crap out of stuff.  When I clean something, it KNOWS it's been cleaned by God.  If anyone wants to, you can come over and eat off my stove now, and other things I cleaned over the last 3 days.

Here is one area I decided I like and is *me*.  Everything here is something I like, that has meaning for me.  There is nothing superfluous or anything put here just because to the world it resembles *decor*.  This is how I want my whole place to feel eventually. 

3) Someone with this many vases, should maybe think about bringing flowers to other people sometimes.  (?)

Okay, this last one I'm not so sure about.  If I took a before pic of this area and then showed you this *after* there'd be very little difference.  (Note I still refuse to remove the produce stickers on the front of the shelves.  I can't abandon all signs of rebellion it seems.)  Someone I know tells co-workers, "It's easier to keep it clean than it is to get it clean," and on the whole I'm sure that's good advice.  But it really doesn't apply to dusting etc, because it's exactly the same amount of work while engaged in it.  The difference is, if you let it go for a while, you're actually getting out of some of the work you'd have to do to *keep it clean*.  Plus, when you get around to finally performing the task, the results are more dramatic.

It took hours to take all this stuff down, basically sterilize it, because that's how I roll thanks to Joanne's training, sanitize the shelves, walls, etc with infrared germ killing radiation (okay not really, but, you know, lots of scrubbing etc) and put it all back.  Dan came in later and checked it out.  "What a difference huh?"  He dutifully replied, "Wow-- sparkly!"  Then our eyes met and I was like, "Yeah.  I know.  Big friggin' deal right?"

I guess my take-away is that this kind of thing isn't real fun or even rewarding, but welcome to adulthood and home ownership I guess.  As I work my way through it I'll think more about how I want my home to look and feel, and with everything freshly spiffy and non-embarrassing, it would be a great time to plan some gatherings I haven't had time to put together for a long time.

I don't expect my dislike of housework to really change, but I am going to try for more perspective.  Getting and keeping the place a little more presentable means breaking my vow to *never* waste my time doing crap like this *when I grow up*, and that seems to trigger something in me.

A better, more mature promise I guess would be, "I promise housework will never eclipse the things in life I really value, or prevent me from spending my time in all the truly important ways.  It will remain appropriately minimal, like any other chore, and not define me."


Linda G. said...

I am an irregular housekeeper at best. (Wait...that sounds like I'm constipated. I mean, I attack household chores only sporadically.) Which seems to work for me. I like to wait long enough between bouts of vacuuming and dusting that you can really notice the difference when you finally get around to it. It's more satisfying that way.

irishk said...

I agree, you should have many gatherings now in your clean house! Just think, you could serve people off any surface they desire, no plates required :-) Seriously, I really do like getting up in the middle of the night when my house is super clean and just sitting in the semi-darkness as the moonlight illuminates the utter orderliness of my surroundings and it somehow transcends into my life as well. Things just feel right with the world. Weird, I know, but true. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Linda G--
I totally agree with that method. Lets not overdo it right? ;)

I didn't think it was possible, but you've weirded-me-out. ;) Oh, and expect an invite soon. I may serve snacks or giant margaritas from my collection of sterilized vases.

Lynn Fisher said...

Oh...the AWESOME-ness!!!!! (sheilds eyes with hand)

Maery Rose said...

I'm not so much into the deep cleaning. I'm very proud of myself if I can just keep the clutter from taking over. Clean kitchen counters and bed made is good enough for me. Can't avoid knocking down the dog hair once a week though.