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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day-- It's here at last!

Hey people.  Did you know the day after Christmas is called boxing day and is actually a holiday in some countries?  Sis and I were kidding around this morning about how maybe I should say THAT is my favorite holiday from now on.  Already looking forward to next year's and today isn't even over yet-- maybe it IS!

Since I haven't been around for a while here's a super short recap of recent events.  This super cute little guy is my nephew Jaden, and while they were visiting us the week before Christmas he had a bit of a medical complication that was quickly resolved, but was still mighty stressful for his poor mom (sis), and the whole family, and not very pleasant for him either.  He had to get a shunt in his brain replaced, and serious as that sounds, he is already home and completely fine.

Pretty cute little fart isn't he?  The other cute, but older fart is my dad.  Jaden is SUPER into him in case you can't tell.  Anyway, this is the kind of thing that puts all the usual bitching about random inconveniences into perspective.  ~Whew~ on him being A-okay again.  :)

Meanwhile, back in Suelandia...  This pic could be captioned, "I luv mom's butt."  "I luv it more dude."

Have I mentioned that cats are awesome lately?  Well they totally ARE.  I've had moments over the last couple weeks where my sanity was seriously strained.  I get super stressed around the holidays.  Super.  There's an Elvis Costello album called "Super Profane & Sugar Cane," and that wouldn't be a bad way to describe my mixed feelings this time of year, and it causes lots of ~stress~.  

One day this fb pal posted this thing about this monk talking about being present, and how if you just stop for a second and look around at what's going on that exact moment, and appreciate something about it, you'll be happier.

It was exactly what I needed at that moment, because I was in a loop of stress.  Once I did that, checked out the trees, the snow, the silence, and breathed in and out, I felt WAY better.  (Thanks Pete!)  Then I noticed that is what the cats, especially this little guy-- Ray-- do for me.    

He's just so freaking cute, and wants to snuggle all the time.  When he curls up on me my brain just shuts off and I go all goo-goo over him and love just pours out of me and it feels very healing.  I really think he's some kind of little furry gizmo the universe sent my way to help keep me from shorting-out.

Speaking of cool things the universe has tossed my way-- tah-dahhhhh.

Is this gorgeous or what?  I've been making a hiking trail through the woods the bike trail is in, to try to help keep walkers off the bike trail when conditions are not good for foot traffic, and also to give them somewhere to go over there so they (and me too) can still enjoy being in the woods.

Dan has even gone with me a few times.

And I can visit Tina on my travels too.  She doesn't seem to mind the snow at all.  A true MN girl!  (There are cookies in the toolbox-- *trail treats* for the riders, trail groomers, and, well, me too.  Heh.

Dan took the new pic at the top of the blog of me on our hike today.  I was laying in the snow and he was sort of crouching over me, and suddenly we realized if someone happened by it would look hilarious-- either like he was murdering me, or doing something else slightly less naughty and lots more fun.  We're now calling this *the scene of the giant pretend make-out session.*  

And a final note, about gratitude and being aware and present and all that good zen-like stuff.  I looked up on our way out and it was clouding-up again, but there was still a hole of blue showing.  The blue sky still visible looked super intensely blue compared to the pretty monochromatic landscape & clouds.

It really made me appreciate that little patch of blue, probably more than I would have had the entire sky been clear.  Kind of made me think of how much I don't enjoy ~the holidays~.   They do serve to make me appreciate my ordinary life quite a bit though. 

I think there's really something to having a whole broad range of experiences etc, highs and lows, to give you a palette kind of.


Maery Rose said...

I noticed the sky yesterday too. It was the most amazing blue, contrasted with the white clouds. I feel sad for people who don't notice and marvel over these things. Now that the holidays are sort of done, except New Years, I'm really hoping to also get out into the woods to hike, ski, and snowshoe.

irishk said...

Do you think they call it 'boxing day' because you are boxing things up to put away or because you are fed up with the relatives and you start boxing? Maybe a bit of both:-) So so true though Sue, that the holiday frenzy helps you to appreciate your 'normal' day to day life. I suppose it is much like not being able to recognize joy if you have never felt pain. Love the picture of the site of your encounter with Dan ~ very strange looking image. My fertile imagination had a little party with that one:-) I have to get back out into those woods! Just seeing it gives me joy:-)

Lynn Fisher said...

I'm glad to have the holidays over too...on to real life without shopping. You are so lucky to have "squeazable beings" in the house...birds just aren't into that. : )