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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Christmas hit of the season is by a band called "Vampire Weekend." Just saying.

Hey people.   In case you can't tell from the title of this post, I'm not done with the whole Christmas topic, but first things first.

Our area had a HUGE snowstorm yesterday, forcing almost everyone to stay home, and life to slow down, which was a very good thing in my opinion.  Dan couldn't resist venturing out though, and found about 3 different excuses to drive up into town.

A foot of fresh powder wasn't going to stop our little Suby, even with our infamously steep, winding driveway.  I'm pretty sure if our house was on fire in winter, the fire department would just try to squirt water from the bluff above (main street) and refuse to come down.   The driveway wasn't shoveled or plowed at all, but he just blasted up.  Suby power!

 Here he is coming back from one of his critical missions to the hardware store or wherever.  "What?  It's nice out!"  At one point he yelled at the radio announcer who was urging everyone to stay inside, "Be quiet!  We can go outside if we want to!  You are not the boss of us!!!"  See?  You guys thought it was just me didn't you.

It quit snowing about dusk, and temps began dropping below zero.  Sounded like an ideal time to tromp through the woods and down to the river for a beer to us.  People who don't go outside and people who do are like differing species, each wondering however the others manage to survive.  Yes-- it was cold.  But we were bundled-up and it was also beautiful, and fun plowing our way through a foot of fresh snow in the woods, and icy cold beer outside on a freezing night is a sense-memory I hope never to lose.  (Even if it is now a fake beer.)

Most of my afternoon was taken up with ~the great bathroom re-do~ of oh-ten.  Finally-- complete!  (I have drawers now!  And medicine cabinets!!)

I love how the water flows around the little fake rock drain cover and swirls mysteriously into an underground cavern.  Okay-- the city's sewer system, but I still like it.  Although I will have my eyes open for real rocks the exact right size and shape now, to replace the fake ones.

Oh, and if anyone wants to come over and try on any of my bajillion eye shadows and lipsticks, let me know.  Also if I ever, in my lifetime, try to purchase eye shadow or lipstick in your presence- discourage me.  I am clearly out of control.

Also if anyone wants an opinion on practically any hair goo known to man, I can weigh-in.  Plus, if you need a ponytail holder, or perhaps a rhinestone hair clip of some kind-- I've got approximately eleventy million. With all this stuff you'd think I'd be rocking it 24-7 wouldn't you?  Yeah, well... best laid plans.  Eh.

The insides of my medicine cabinets are mirrored too-- kind of movie star right?  (PS-- I don't need any more Bath & Body shop lotion either, possibly in my whole life.)  (There also, goes any excuse for me to smell anything but *awesome* at all times.)  Look at all the room!  The top two shelves are basically empty still!  (love this whole set-up!)

Not surprisingly, since it is inescapable, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Christmas lately.  Yesterday I got out some of my decorations.  Yes-- I have them, and even enjoy putting them out sometimes.  I'm not *anti* Christmas, or anti enjoying whatever parts of the season that appeal to you.  That is in fact one thing I'm always squarely behind--- people making their own choices-- and doing things to bring more joy into their lives.

Okay-- to some of you this may not look like Christmas-palooza, but I like it, and think it's kind of beautiful.  Plus- on Christmas day when the *yule log* is on channel 45 all day, it will look extra holidayish.  (This isn't *it*, but it is as far as I've gotten so far.)

I have very mixed feelings about the holidays.  The things I dislike about it, that depress me, sort of kick it off, and unfortunately set the tone for me, like this---

and this--

I ended my last post about the holidays with a list of conflicting statements, all of which I find truth in.  I'm not really able to resolve that, uncomfortable as that makes me and some people around me.  I've been known to joke about being "pro-hedonsim", and sometimes my enthusiasm for personal empowerment and campaign to help people grab the reigns and enjoy their lives to the fullest can be interpreted as being in favor of excess.  Heck, I've even joked before about "too much" being just the right amount.

But I'm really not that comfortable with it as it relates to materialism and this holiday season, because it's taken to extremes, and puts pressure on people who I know are in absolutely no position to indulge that.  It's a kind of socially-mandated excess, and if you think that's extreme, just try opting out and see what kind of flak you get.

That said, I'm conflictingly not opposed to gift-giving, or specialness, or celebration, or even indulging in materialistic excess-- if you are in a position to do that.  I don't begrudge people any of the wonderful trappings of financial success they are lucky enough to have if that's where they are in life.  I don't even impose the usual rider of, "as long as they also contribute to charities and buy green, and are otherwise do-gooders."

Heck-- if I was rich I'd enjoy the crap out of it.  But here's the thing-- I enjoy the crap out of where I am right now, and wish everyone else did too, instead of unhealthily pining for all the stuff that's shoved in front of us at bargain prices right now.  (See???  Conflictingness--- I hate judginess more than almost anything else, and it too, is one of the things that puts a damper on this season for me, yet here I am-- judging this aspect of it.)

I just don't like that there is such an emphasis on consumerism that has attached itself to this season.  Maybe I over-think stuff, but it's one of the things that gets me in a bad mood about Christmas.  Since black friday though, I've worked to find the things I like about this time of year, and there are things.

Last night Dan and I sat and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" on t.v.-- one of our few holiday traditions.  (Another conflict-- Traditions fly in the face of my non-comformity, but here is one I really enjoy.)  We only watch it on regular t.v., partly because we don't have cable, and partly because it's left to serendipity then.  We don't force it by going and renting it, and we watch it with all the commercial breaks that accompany OTA broadcasts.  It's an event, in real time.
There is so much I love about this movie.  If I was born at the right time, I'd have wanted to marry Jimmy Stewart for one, but so much more.  I love the opening, where people's prayers from all over are being broadcast up into space, and the angels are played by stars that flicker when they speak.  The premise that everyone is heard, and everyone is observed, and matters is something I still very much believe in, even if my concept of God & our own existence has shifted over time, to something so big no religion is able to contain it.

I love how George Bailey's life is continually getting bumped off course, no matter how hard he works, or what a good guy he is.  Everyone remembers the end, when the people of the town all rally to provide the $ that solves his problem and keeps him from going to jail as the big moment of redemption, but really, it takes place before that, when he changes his mind and begs for his old life back.  He chooses the life he had, with his family and world as he remembered it-- even if if meant he was screwed, and broke, and would never attain his dream of exploring the world, and would probably go to jail-- and he was elated to get it back-- before he even knew the $ had been collected.

Remember?  "Merry Christmas you beautiful old building and loan!" as he ran down the street whooping with delight?

Today as I continue preparing for family and friends to come over for Christmas, and the cats eye the *tree* they are probably convinced was erected especially for them, I'm feeling better about the whole thing, and will try not to let *the other stuff* get to me. 


Linda G. said...

Thank you for keeping the snow and only sending rain my way. I'm not ready to shovel yet.

Love your bathroom! But all that eyeshadow? Meh. These days I'd rather just hide behind my glasses.

So, are you a Gemini? Because you seem like two people where Christmas is concerned. :) (Not that I believe in astrology. We Aquarians are much to level-headed for that.)

pseudosu said...

I am! I know nothing about astrology either, but do know most of the time I could be on either side of a debate, sometimes simultaneously.

Maery Rose said...

The bathroom looks great! I would never have taken you for a cosmetic, hair products over load kind of girl. Maybe just drawn to the color and the promise of luscious hair. I've learned that brown eyeshadow is about all I can handle. The rest hit the garbage. And lipstick, every time I find one I like, they discontinue it!

You are right about the outside winter people being so different from inside winter people and how we just can't figure each other out. I was outside today in the sun and no wind and thought it was gorgeous even though it was like 5 degrees out.

irishk said...

Really cool tree Sue! Very you:-) The bathroom is awesome. Who knew you were a glam girl at heart? A true study in contradiction.