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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting whacked with the clue stick

Hey people.  First things first-- Merry Christmas early kitties.  My gift to you guys is NOT getting you these little reindeer hats, no matter how hilarious the photo opps of you sitting there with frowny little faces wearing antlers obviously would be.

In the same aisle I spotted this.   Cat treats are sort of redundant because mine get pretty excited about their normal old *food*.  While the sound of the food container opening often seems cause for eager anticipation, it rarely breaks out into any kind of cat-rave as suggested by this packaging.  Also I've never know a cat that would be at all excited about going to the beach.

The bathroom remodel drags on, making daily incremental progress.  I really think in the next few days we'll wrap it up.  Meanwhile, my cleaning frenzy seems to have blown itself out.  Whew.  Glad that's over for another 4 years or so!

This is a dishtowel my mom got me once.  Pretty much says it all.

This is the little pile of stuff from my kitchen I never did find a logical home for, so stuck it all up in the time capsule we call *the apartment*-- which is the giant guestroom/art supply storage area/seasonal clothes stash/miscellaneous *stuff* receptacle upstairs.  Cleaning that out will be a whole other project some day.

This little complication almost made me hulk-out last week.  One of the many things I hate about cleaning is having to touch oogy stuff.   This duster tool was supposed to alleviate that anxiety, not only dispatching of the cobwebs that had become so massive they looked like set props from a halloween movie, but also keep me from having to dig out a ladder.  ~Fail~ stupid duster tool.

I had to climb up there and touch the gross cobweb covered duster itself to untangle it from these candle deals I felt like smashing to bits by the time I got it unstuck.  I think from now on I'll just have people over at night when the lighting is low, who are over 40 and don't see so good anyway.

Okay, on to the clue stick stuff.  I like to say "it's your life, don't chicken out," but also go by, "pay attention, or you're bound to miss stuff."  Paying attention for me usually means when the universe starts shoving me out of my box, to turn around and start looking in a new direction, & be open to changes.

Most people don't make changes unless or until they're almost forced to.  Some examples from my past are leaving my corpo job even though it was super scary-- a change forced by me becoming intolerably miserable where I was.

Going to welding school, which was almost like a flood victim grabbing the next log to float by-- Where I was in my life at the time was pretty bleak.

Getting into teaching some fitness classes at the local gym-- something totally uncharacteristic I forced myself to do to snap myself out of an unhealthy pattern, that led to numerous huge changes in my life, like meeting Trusty Pam for one.

Even the place I live now, which finally really feels like home, came about from me pursuing an interest I'd become sort of obsessed with in a round-about way-- sprung from an intense dissatisfaction with the status quo of my life at the time.  This one was a combination of intuition & intention, an indirect result of my pursuit of this new interest.  ~Long story~

Finding the trail and getting into riding were a remedy for a huge restlessness that was almost taking over me for a while, and finding that has led to all kinds of new aspects in my life that have been great.

Right now I'm paying attention because it feels like another shift is coming.  The way I've been doing my art-- sculpture has really taken a physical toll on me this year.  The air quality issue is something I stick my head in the sand over, but it's a real threat, and for the first time I feel like I'm doing some permanent damage to my hands.  This means I need to be more decisive about what I burn my coal on.

I want to be able to keep doing projects I'm really excited about (like Tina), but need to find a way to cut some of the other production stuff from my work load.  I'm playing with some ideas that I'm really excited about.  I can't say too much right now, because if you expose creative ideas before they're ready, you risk killing them off.

What I can tell you, is that my last novel and a half, and at least three major sculptures I've done, have all been based on, or sprung from, some images I first made about 10 years ago.  Those images, the concept behind them, still really resonate with me, and I'm contemplating some ways to work with them that may be easier on my body and free me up time-wise, allowing me to concentrate my sculpture work on the stuff I like doing the most.  I could also see this opening up a whole new way of working for me.

I can tell this may be a shove in another direction because of how persistent my latest hand injury seems, and how obsessed I've become with this new idea and all there is involved to reeducate myself again, in a whole new area.  It's kind of exciting for me.  Feeling pretty sparked-up right now.


Linda G. said...

Any idea that has resonated with you for ten years definitely deserves all the attention you can give it.

Also, St. Bitch the Fierce? I LOVE that.

Maery Rose said...

I also was quite take with St. Bitch the Fierce. I want that on a t-shirt but I suppose there's some sort of copyright issues. Dang!

I'm glad I got my tree when I did as I'm sure that's one of the things killing your hands. I can't wait to hear what's coming next but understand the need to protect those tender shoots. It's a painful lesson to have your babies shot down by joy killers.

pseudosu said...

Linda G-
That's what I'm thinking. That idea is forming a lot of links with other ideas that have developed over the last couple of years too. Kind of a cool process.

Yeah, St. Bitch is great isn't she? That was a birthday card i got a few years ago and just loved. it's covered up but she's giving everyone the finger too. ~bonus~

irishk said...

I love your thought process about life changes and your willingness to explore. It is what will ultimately keep you timeless, therefore ageless. You continue to wade into waters that are unknown and could hold danger ~ yet equally could hold great joy. Someone said, "If you jump, the net will appear." There is risk in almost anything worthwhile, love for example. Yet look at the result...even if it doesn't work, you have generally gotten to be a better 'you' in the process. You have great instincts about people and other 'stuff,' so I for one, await eagerly your next life direction. Count on finding me there cheering you on:-) BTW maybe we found our gang jackets Maery, "St. Bitches the Fierce" I'm just sayin' ! Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Yep-- I'll probably not miss too many opportunities because I was afraid to try. I fear missing out more than I feel the possible failure-- which you can still learn from, and sometimes is part of you getting shoved to where you're supposed to go anyway.