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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No mosquitos!

Hey people.  I used to hate winter.  I'd grumble along with everyone else about how hard it was to get around and how cold it was, and vowed to move somewhere warmer one day.  Now-- I've completely flip-flopped.  Winter is awesome.  Here's why--

(This was the sight that greeted me at the ski trail this morning.  I immediately thought of my friend Kathleen, who heart-shaped rocks seem to follow everywhere.)

If you begin playing outside in winter you'll notice an almost immediate lift in your mood.  Sure, you need to bundle up.  Get some good winter gear and you'll find you're rarely super cold.  The secret is to MOVE!  You'll be getting that good old vitamin D sunshine everyone else is missing.

(Here is my ski buddy T-Rose and her Australian Cattle Dog Cody.  Those dogs are super smart and live really long compared to other breeds I guess, but they need lots of activity.) 

Winter is a gorgeous season once you venture out into it.  You just don't get anything out of it if you're only seeing it from your car window or as you scurry from car to building.   Look what you're missing!

(T looks like an ad for winter fun here.  Love this pic.  The conditions were cold, but perfect today.)

 I know it's very hard to believe if you've never liked winter, that it can become one of your favorites, but I have converted at least two people.  You just have to find some fun activities.  Cross country skiing if super fun, and great exercise.  You'll be healthier, and your brain will thank you for releasing all those endorphins and happy-making chemicals.
Find a buddy, get some warm clothes (these have improved so much over what used to be available, go to REI or another outdoor store and check it out), and head outside.  Bring your camera.  Everything looks like a Christmas card right  now. 

Winter is a long season here.  If you can turn it into a fun time of year, your life will be happier.  :)


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous I missed out on the morning ski with you guys! As one of your "converts" I certainly agree with you! Winter is much shorter and more fun than it used to be.

trusty pam said...

Oops, didn't mean to be anonymous-it's me, Trusty Pam!

pseudosu said...

That was so fun last night though-- my first ski of the season and in the dark! Believe it or not, I think it was colder this morning. Pretty though!

irishk said...
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Jill said...

Great post Sue! Winter is one of the best times of year. I love getting out in the snow. Not to mention the fact that places are less crowded.

irishk said...

Cool clouds Sue! Thanks for thinking of me:-) Kathleen

pseudosu said...

So true! No crowds to fight at the local parks around here. :)

It was a cosmic reminder. :) Can't miss those.

Maery Rose said...

You've been skiing?! I'm with Pam, way jealous! I'm hoping we get a little more fluff by next weekend. And is T Rose skijoring with her dog? Java is raring to go but I need to take a solo run first to get my ski legs back.

pseudosu said...

Let's go! Woodland Trails is awesome! I'll give you a tour. Also, you should get together w/ T-Rose at an actual skijouring trail. She just lets the dog pull her by the leash she ties to her waist and has never learned anything about how to do it *really*-- but her dog is SUPER smart. You guys would have fun I bet. :)