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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Tribe

Hey people.  This post is all about me counting my lucky stars for having such awesome friends.  You guys all keep me sane and are what makes Suelandia 30 to 70% more awesome than other lands.

I'd be remiss if I didn't begin with Dan because he's my best friend after all. 

Even when he gets annoyed with me, he usually doesn't make a big deal out of stuff, and is good at joking around and being supportive of me even when I leave the t.v. on.

Basically, the part of me that is not so good at being grounded-- Dan compensates for that.  He makes things feel normal and like home, safe, and that is super important for my well-being.  ~love~

I'm lucky to also have a sister I'm friends with.  Lots of people don't.  When we were young she was kind of a pest sometimes, but now that we're adults she's one of my favorite people to hang out with.  She doesn't care that I'm giant dork, in fact we both are and it makes things more fun.

Who else could I robot dance in a bikini with?  (Don't ask me why my robot is pointing.)  (?)

I have a few friends who've known me for a long time.  I lose track of when certain things occurred, I don't keep good track of events.  But they knew me before I sold my first piece of art, possibly before I quit drinking but I'm not sure.  Having long term friends was kind of foreign to me until my mid thirties, because of being kind of nomadically raised I think.  Now I really value our connection.

You guys have heard me talk about good old Trusty Pam for a few years now.  She's a true pal.  One of our favorite sayings is "No one else will play with us!"  Our friendship is kind of funny because we're pretty different, but have been friends for so long now, and have spent so much time together, we've gotten a lot closer than either of us expected in the beginning.

One of my favorite things about her is that she's up for trying about anything I come up with.  She takes hits, and gets right back up and tries again.  She tells me stuff like, "Don't be such a big baby," although now most of the time it's as a joke.  We're always competing.  She's the champ of ~biggest bruise~ so far.

We've had some crazy adventures.  She's a lot of fun.

 And good to just hang out with too.

You know, when we're not crime fighting.

I'm lucky to have lots of friends who are artists.

They usually have no idea how cool they are, and it just adds to their coolness.  Their minds are always curious, and open.

They are explorers.  They all see things differently than ~normal people~, and often different from each other too, but they're always *paying attention* and it makes knowing them really interesting.

 I have friends who are young and spunky and up for anything-- bursting with energy.
A lot of my friends are actually up for anything.  It's probably a quality that attracts us to each other.

Most of my friends have a zany side, and like to goof around and laugh at themselves.  Some tell the ~funniest~ weirdest stories I've ever heard.

Most have a daredevil side too, that comes out in various ways.  Not everyone is up for risking life and limb doing things like mountain biking, but the sense of adventure is still definitely there.

My friends wind-up being outsidey if they aren't when I meet them.  It's pretty impossible to hang out with me if you aren't willing to be on the move a bit.  Surprisingly, most people I meet, given the chance or excuse, really love to run around in the woods in all kinds of weather.  Sometimes they haven't done much of it since they were kids, but others are like me and just never gave it up.  

I have friends that are mild-mannered, and friends who are bad-ass, but all the women I'm close to share certain qualities-- being smart, and genuine-- for ~reals~, and question things, and never feel like they're *done*, but are okay with riding out the journey.  They're scary strong and amazing.

Sometimes my friends become friends, and that's always cool.  It makes me feel like my tribe is expanding.

That's kind of a thing for me-- the tribe thing.  I like to think of my friends as my tribe-- like there is a group of people around me who care what happens to me, and I can learn from, and will tell me to get a clue when I need one, and reassure me I'm not a terrible person when i feel like maybe I am one.

Hopefully these smart women around me will help me make it through the last half of my forties and avoid the dreaded ~truck stop ho-bag~ look many women who need to be dragged kicking and screaming into their 50's take on.  Lots of them are older than me and still smokin' hot, so I'm paying close attention.

There are men in my tribe too-- besides Dan.  Some are friend's hubs.  It's nice to be able to do the ~couples thing~ sometimes so fun spouses come in handy.  :)

There are also mountain bikers who sort of let me hang around.  I never had brothers or cousins that I hung out with growing up, so it's fun to pal around with these guys a bit and feel accepted in their little club.

One has even become the goof-ball little brother I never had.  Despite this picture, which I couldn't resist using again, he's actually way cooler than me and super smart.  I think of him as the world's most bad-ass boyscout.

There are friends I'm still getting to know.  I want more girl riders in my tribe and will meet and develop more of them this year even if I have to create them myself.

I have friends who've died.

And friends who've moved on.

And a few I just don't see much anymore, but they're still in my tribe, because I think about them and the things I learned from them, and am glad to have known them.

All my friends help me feel okay, even when I'm having a tough time figuring out who I am, or feel kind of lost.  I feel like they still see me, and accept what's there, weirdness and all.

I obviously couldn't squeeze every single friend into this post, and don't even have pics of some friends, but I just wanted to say thanks.  Each of you makes up my world, you populate Suelandia

And remind me I'm living a very charmed and lucky life. 


irishk said...

Life is so strange and magical. At this time last year, I knew nothing about you other than your art. Although your art speaks volumes about who you are, it doesn't let me in on any of the quirkiness that I have come to rely on to lighten up a dull day or make a great day even greater. You hide a softness and vulnerability in all your work. Beneath the hard surface of the metals and welded joints, lies the soul of the piece ~ a nest hanging in a gorgeous sturdy tree, a single boat in a vast expanse of water, a 'family' of rocks in a table top ~ that is you ~ the unexpected. You are the champion of the underdog, an ever-present force behind a just cause, a wise dispenser of intuitive advice, a tireless sports companion, an empathetic listener, a nonjudgmental presence, a quick-witted humorist, a smart savvy business woman, the list goes on. You are my beautifully flawed real friend that helps me see my reflection a little more clearly and I think that is what true friendship does, it holds the mirror for self-love and improvement, so as to be a better person/friend in return. It's been quite a year for me as you know, but even considering all that, you are my unexpected nugget on the beach ~ that shiny piece among all others that catches your eye and you want to hold it dear and near because life just seems a little better when you look at it. You are a touchstone in my life. Thanks Sue for just being you.

pseudosu said...

Wow Kathleen-
What can I even say to that? I'm so happy we became friends this year. It really is true, about the mirror thing. I think knowing you is-- already has been-- big for me. :)

Maery Rose said...

I knew Kathleen would write something totally incredible (heart of a poet, that one) and I know this is so terribly awful of me (better loan that Naughty Girls book) but I knew I would naturally want to take her down, because I'm kind of competitive. Really, there's nothing more to be said except I'm looking forward to an awesome year as part of the tribe.

pseudosu said...

~Snort~ Apparently, competitiveness is also a quality I'm drawn to. Oh you guys, no fighting-- you're both pretty. ;)

irishk said...

LOL I wish people could see what Maery and I really look like and feel how funny that seems when she says she wants to 'take me down.' Oh that crazy woman...uh what a kidder... silly silly...uh you ARE kidding, right? Yikes! Where DID that Naughty Girls book come from? That is great ~ and "The woman's guide to healthy beauty and happiness," oh do let me borrow it!

katie said...

kind-of irritating??! I was shooting for very irritating.

btw, very hot hit girl! xxxoooya always -kt

QiCathy said...

I'm happy to live in the world with you Sue. I'm glad to know you are here exploring the realms of what we all are capable of and not afraid to shine the beautiful light that you are! I do the same but on a less physical plane and so we are a bit yin and yang. Yin can't be without yang and yang can't be without yin so thank you for being in my life!

linda thiltgen said...

Wow...this is a fabulous post. I am honored and excited to be part of your tribe. Cheers to the new year and all of the possibilities!

linda thiltgen said...

Kathleen...beautifully written. xxoo

Lynn Fisher said...

Sometimes you make your own family, you and the girls, are my most enduring, most long lasting, through thick and thin relationship. Feeling really blessed to be in your tribe...you're always in mine.

b_elliott said...

Oh, I didn't see this post 'til now. I'm so happy to be a part of your tribe. In the winter when distances and weather seem to dominate everything I feel so distant from my good friends. Thanks for posting this and reminding me that this great Suelandia tribe is big and getting bigger. A new years toast to you my amazing friend!

pseudosu said...

I wish I would have picked those up but they were at antique stores-- weirdness expeditions with Linda.

Katie- Oh mission accomplished my dear. ;)

QiCathy- Yes, I know, Yin & Yang. (I first wrote Yin & Yank!) Glad you are out there doing your thing too, but still wouldn't mind getting together for lunch or something sometime. :)

Linda, Lynn, & Beth-- You guys are all a lock. Glad you're on board, because you're in like it or not!

QiCathy said...

Do you still eat lunch? :)What I meant to say is "hey, I miss you too!" While I'm not wanting to be all darey like you are in the "screaming down the hills on bikes or skis" department, I get the same kind of "thrill" with what I do ;) I'm glad you still count me among your tribe.