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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brain yoga

Hey people.  Lest you think it's been all fun and games and playing in the snow around here-- (well, okay, there has been rather a lot of that lately), but there's also been a lot of art stuff.  Not the usual kind-- welding, but lots of exploring this new kind required for *new idea*.  (None of this is my art btw)  ~disclaimer~

Part of why I won't really discuss *new idea* in depth is because a lot of it is still this murky soup in my mind.  A vast ocean of murky soup, with a giant fog bank hovering over it.  Occasionally images drift form the mist, or snippets, that make parts of my brain light up and go, "Ooo, Ahh--- like that, but with a transparent windblown veil over it, and shadow of birds.  Or something."

And then I go upstairs to the new art lair and either spontaneously tear images from magazines trying to get closer to what I can't quite make out just yet inside the murky soup and mysterious fog bank, or fire up maczilla and look at tutorials that use phrases like "directionally align the vector pathways" and "radial gradient scale" and the part of my brain that flees in terror from all things mathy like any feral creature from fire-- tries to switch off.  

I have to continually try to peer through the mist and grope around in the murk hunting for the ideas and images hiding in there.  Looking at the amazing work of others helps too.  ~*Wonder*~ helps.

I have to keep trying to reassure and calm my brain, "It's okay-- you aren't hopelessly stupid.  Just take a beat.  You know what all these words mean.  This will just take time to learn.  Stop pulling at your leash trying to escape.  I'm going to make you do this so you might as well stop freaking yourself out."

The adventurous part of my brain is excited about possibilities, and the undiscovered.  It's brave and naive, and thinks technology will change art and what we even think art is.  It believes the important thing IS the murky soup, and harnessing tools to help retrieve images from it is just a tricky trick to learn that might be hard, but no big deal.  Nothing will get in its way or stop it.

I had a dream a while back, about visiting an old friend's place.  I wrote him about it because it was so bizarre.  It was in the future, and he was wealthy.  I described some of his art (his home was like a museum).  One of the most interesting things was a giant wall where shifting projected images were layered that kept changing.

A few days ago another friend sent me an article about a very established & famous painter getting into digital art now too, and one thing he's working with is layered projected images.

In about a week I need to seriously get back to work.  My first spring deadline approaches.  I have tons to learn about maczilla too, and tons of sculpture ideas.  Meanwhile the murky soups bubbles.


irishk said...

That is a wonderful way of describing the process of learning/creating...that murky soup is spot on! I often feel like I am looking for something, but I don't know what it is until I find it. It is that thing right off the boundaries of your imagination, yet close enough that it is somehow 'felt' by part of your subconsciousness. I admire your willingness to walk into the deep end of the ocean. You'll navigate the waters, of that I am sure:-) Barbie says, "Math is hard," but one step at a time and it builds into huge fonts of knowledge. I never played with Barbie anyway:-)

Maery Rose said...

I can related to the "Looks like math!!! Dive! Dive! Dive" brain reaction to all things mathlike. I hear that the longer the soup cooks, the more the flavor comes out or is it that the vegetables turn to mush? Sorry, I am just in a weird mood today.

Linda G. said...

Wow. Your brain is super creative even when you're sleeping. Bet it's interesting living in your head. :)