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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fat and happy

Hey people.  *Project Assfat* is not exactly setting records for speed and efficiency so far, but is ongoing and long term.  Saturday I spent the whole day in the snowy woods.   The first half with these cool chicks-- Dayna & Trusty Pam.  (I know.  The tribe ='s hot.) 

If I had to issue Dayna a nic name right now it would probably be Deadeye Dayna, because she is reportedly a crack shot, but I haven't run it by her yet.  ; )  We snow-shoed for almost 2 hours.  Gorgeous but tiring.  I do believe I had assfat on the ropes at that point.

I spent the second half of the day hauling and stacking firewood, and shoveling, and a tiny amount of wild rally-style ATV riding, after which my legs felt like they were going to snap off like Barbie legs.  Also at one point I *had to* lift a mongo log that probably weighed at least half my body weight so as to not be outdone by the boys.  Whew-ouch.  Assfat was def begging for mercy at the end of the day.

But this morning the scale had not budged since last week, and I spent the day pantsless on the sofa, and ate Raisinettes & Baked Cheetos for breakfast lunch and dinner in retaliation.  Oh well.  Another week begins tomorrow, and I have apples, grapes, celery and other healthy stuff in my arsenal, and a bunch of active plans with the tribe.  Take that assfat!  ~shakes fist~

I guess bottom line is-- I am waging a war with my assfat right now, but am also having a hell of a lot of fun.  Not bad right?

Meanwhile... *New Idea* is still brewing away.  I've been working more on Kittyhat Avenger in my head-- who she is etc, developing the character, and have a pretty good handle on her.  I've also been working with a more cartoony style.  Here are some expressions I've played around with-- not all successful but it gives you an idea of the process. 

Here is a panel for my first complete idea involving her.  This is the first panel.  The ~punch line~ would appear in the next, and I'm not ready to give it away just yet-- sorry.  :)

The drawing is rough, but it's getting there.  I like how her elbows are aligned now, and I like using the ears on the hat to enhance her expressions/emotions.  Someone I showed an earlier version to asked, "Are you going to give her boobs?  Because she doesn't have any and it makes her look like a child."  So she now has boobs.  I'm not sure about them.  I don't want her to be a child, but not exactly a full fledged adult either-- she's an alter ego, a female Peter Pan, woman-child.  Teen???

What's you guy's opinion?  Boobs or no?


strugglingwriter said...

Snow-shoe-ing for 2 hours? That sounds like an insanely grueling workout.

Boobs or no? The answer to that question is always boobs, in my opinion. Just kidding. :)

To make her look a bit younger, I would dial down the boobage just one notch. Just my opinion. She is good as it too.

pseudosu said...

"Dial down the boobage"-- love it! Thanks! Good advice. :)

irishk said...

My vote is for boobs. I sure wish someone would have let me vote on my own personal design, as I would like a bit more boobs myself:-) At any rate, Kittyhat Avenger is so 'Sue-like' she really should deal with boobs ~ not vavavavoom boobs, just skinny girl boobs. Just don't do 'Hershey Kiss' boobs ~ those little pointy miniatures ~ they look too disturbing. What you drew is nice, just a small hint of a natural curve. That's my vote! Love the askew mouth on the very first depiction of her on the left hand side of the screen ~ such personality! Good luck with project assfat...you crack me up!

Maery Rose said...

Small boobage so they don't get in the way of fearless feats. I'm on a thigh fat downsizing quest myself. Buttage is okay as long as it maintains adequate height.