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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you HAD to pick...

Hey people.  As you can see Ray is still *on duty*.  This morning he supervised some cat sketches, determined to wedge himself onto whatever part of my lap he could.   

This is Mike, AKA "Meathooks Mikey".  He's 17 and has only 3 fangs and about one or two of his 9 lives left.  He's been run over and shot, and once had liver failure but somehow came out of it.  Every day he walks around the house meowing at the top of his little kitty lungs (he's deaf now and can't hear himself) until I am pestered into flinging his toy mouse around for a while so he can play savage beast.

 My cats have it pretty good around here.  They get fed a few times a day, and seem to be under the impression we are their personal spa attendants, here to give them regular rub downs, let them in and out (and in and out), and otherwise entertain and pamper them.

I have several friends right now who are going through transitions in their lives, and I've had a few conversations about life and happiness etc lately.  Then the other day someone posted this quiz on facebook.

Me and Dan have been having some convo's lately too about this kind of thing.  We've found it's good to keep close tabs on each other's happiness because if one of us becomes dissatisfied, it isn't long before the other person "catches it" too.  We both took it and then compared answers.

Not surprisingly, we had a few matches, and a couple differences.  I had "excitement" as one of my final 5, and "freedom".  Dan had a couple different things, "Honesty" was one I remember.  The ones we had in common were "relationships", "happiness", & "Health".

He was bummed to have had to eliminate "money", but hey, if you HAD to choose, wouldn't you rather have health and happiness?  If you have time to do this weigh in here or on FB and share your results.


Zoma said...

Hi Sue, thanks for the interesting quiz. I got adventure, family, health, happiness and religion (which I interpret as faith). I wasn't too surprised by my results, except for the adventure one. I might just have to try your mountain biking! :-) --Zoma

pseudosu said...

Woo Zoma! Well, you know there IS that *ladies night* event coming up in May. It was interesting have to keep eliminating things. I guess neither of us wants to wind-up bored huh? :)

irishk said...

I suppose everyone will end up with health and happiness, as did I. My other three were loyalty, helping others, and relationships. I had 'play' in the top 10 and then I decided that 'happiness' would have to involve play/adventure/excitement for me, so I streamlined those into my happiness category:-) I kind of did the same for friendship and family, thinking that 'relationships' included both those groups. I kept feeling like a loser when I always included 'helping others' because it seems so passively lame or something, but I am what I am I guess ~ the great conduit of life:-) It's a fun little exercise, thanks for sharing. I like what you said about each others happiness (or lack of) being 'catchy'...so true wise one. Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

I may be the only person who has "privacy" in their top 5. It's that whole introvert, needing time on my own, thing. The other four were Creativity, Health, Friendship, and Pleasure (which seemed more enduring and doable than Happiness).

irishk said...

Good point Maery! "Happiness" is kind of like that big bright light that is sort of undefinable and written about way too much, with people searching endlessly to find the secret It's like chasing your shadow or something ~ you almost get there and then it slips away. Pleasure is a more 'in the moment' kind of thing that seems much easier to wrap our heads around.

pseudosu said...

Kathleen and Maery-
Yes, happiness was a bit of a cheat I used to get around eliminating some things too. Also, some thing weren't necessarily values, like creativity, but more traits or something.

I had helping others too for a while, and pleasure, and play-- let's face it, coming up with the initial 20 was a breeze. the final 5 though, kind of did boil down what really matters to you.