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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm not quitting btw...

Hey people.  Just would like to clear up a misconception about *new idea*-- that being that I'm quitting what I currently do.  I'm still going to do metal sculptures, until I physically can't, like when I'm super old or whatever.

*New idea* is just a way to alleviate some of the financial pressure from that end of my art biz, so that when my hands start to get fried I can just take a break instead of having to keep going knowing I'm doing damage etc.  It's also fun to try out new stuff and go down new trails.  I think it's good for our brains to always be learning new things.  :)

As I'm working on commissions right now too, I'm reminded what a pain it is working in my tiny shop, that has no running water, in winter.  It would be awesome to just do this seasonally, when I can open the doors to the fresh air, spread stuff out on saw horses outside, and have the garden hose handy for all the painting I do.  Oh well, in the meantime I'm making due with my limited space, poor air quality, and spray bottles. 

I'm still having fun though.  Today one thing i made was this little kayak.  It's really hard to do tiny welds on super thin material.  I like the welding.  It reminds me I'm actually pretty good at something.

I also love painting the steel and working with the color and the rust and getting them to cooperate.  I'm looking forward to someday feeling this playful & excited about fooling with stuff on the computer art-wise.

There's a lot of really old-school aspects to what I do in the shop.  It's all physical, and takes time.  I can't rush it even when I want to.   There's something kind of grounding about that.

I remember when I started working with metal I was mostly scared.  Scared of people judging me for quitting good-paying corpo job, scared of failing, scared of the machinery.  Mostly of failing though.

I think the fire that burned my first shop down helped because it pumped my brakes.  "You don't have to be awesome right out of the gate--- go to welding school.  Take some time.  Learn and get comfortable with the new technical skill.  Then your creativity will bubble to the surface."

Now I'm just taking the same lesson and applying it to *new idea*.  I'm scared-- of judgement/criticsm, the unfamiliar technology/skill, and failing.  But this time around I'm giving myself the time to learn about it.  *New idea* will be something I am learning and working on alongside my regular job of sculpting for now.  Maybe someday it will be successful and take some of the load off the shop work.

 But I'd never quit doing that entirely.  Too many cool ideas I haven't had a chance to make yet.

And I'd miss the real world, real time, tactile & physical nature of that work.  Every time I weld I'm reminded why I like it.  I feel really comfortable doing that stuff.


Maery Rose said...

Yeah, that whole "out with the old, in with the new" (especially when it's applied to wives) should be rewritten to "keep what I like about the old and refresh it with some new" or something like that. Wait, that might not work so well with the whole wife thing...

pseudosu said...

Yeah, that IS problematic when they keep the old, but add a little *new* on the side. Not cool!