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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look out *Oh-Eleven*-- Here I come!

Hey people.  Wow, don't I sound all ambitious?  ~hands on hips~  Yep, at times I even fool myself and feel *invincible* & *awesome*.  Today, infused with the cocktail of  confidence & insecurity that has become my standard mode lately, I decided to hit the trail and try winter riding for the first time this year.

Goggles-- check.  Helmet-- check.  Layers-- check.  Protective & insulating assfat-- check.

Penny's new studded tires.  (This was post ride.  They are quite the leaf collectors.)

It's funny, I already told several people I'd ride in an actual race this Sunday.  What the hell was I thinking?!  I haven't ridden in months now, and man was it a challenge!

It was really strange because the trail is covered in hard packed snow now, so in some ways it is easier than how it is in summer- when there are rocks, roots, logs etc to navigate.  But somehow it felt much harder in terms of just pedaling the bike down the trail.  I had to be in WAY lower gears.  Also, because I was going slower, my steering was more erratic, and I went off track a couple times which now means an automatic dump because of the deeper snow at the sides of the trail.

After 40 minutes I'd only made it through about 1/3 of the trail.  I read that ~the average person~ (racer probably-- not a Joe Shmoe like me) makes it around the entire trail in an hour.  Yay me!- above average again

After riding what would be the prolog of the race and the first semi-tough section, my toes were painfully cold so I aborted mission--- and decided I need to work a bit more at this before I'll feel like it would be fun to try a race.  I thought my tights + 2 pairs of wool socks + gaiters would be warm enough, but next time I think I'll try the pac boots. 

I did manage to bust-out a little bike-related awesomeness this week though-- I organized an event that will be taking place this spring at the trail-- ~*Ladies Night*~.  I'm always trying to get more women to try this sport, and have had this idea rolling around for a while.  This week I mentioned it to the Parks & Rec gal I know and she was like "Do it!-- Oh, but the deadline is Mon to get it in our programs brochure."  Amazingly everything aligned and I was able to pull it all together in one day.  (!)  So, if you ever want to try this out--- (and you are female) this will be your chance!  There will even be a beginner skills clinic put on by a former professional national mountain biker racer (who happens to also be this really cool chick I know) and bikes to try out!  All for free!  And, um, maybe some wine after we ride... (BYOB)  Who knows???  


*New Idea* marches doggedly on.  I've been onto the idea (this week) of creating this new little character-- "Kittyhat Avenger."  It's not me-- but since I'm just figuring out how to draw faces, hands etc etc, it's easier for me to work off photos.  Still obviously learning.  (not very good)  (yet)

Anyway, Kittyhat Avenger is mischievous, and irreverent, and anti-establishment, and has kind of messy hair.  Obviously nothing like me.  ;)  For my purposes, I need to morph to a simpler style of illustration that uses less lines.  More like this.  

*New Idea* allows me to play around with my sense of humor too.  This drawing is pretty horrible, because I need some pics of how the mountain bikers really look in their winter gear.  Yes, this is supposed to be a mountain biker, not a Cossack or whatever, riding a Pug.  "Pug" is a really popular brand of snow bike. 

I think this is kind of funny.  But I'm a bit of a dork.  Once I get the design more refined and actually get ready to bust out *New Idea*, I may test it on some of the riders just to get their reaction.

A friend who's been a good sounding-board for my thoughts about all this asked me the other day if I was anxious to get Maczilla back with all its super-dooper graphics software installed.  I was like, "Not really.  I actually will find turning it on the first time completely terrifying."

I have SO MUCH to learn about all this *New Idea* stuff.  For now I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and try not to freak-out.  What can I do ~right now~?  Research my butt off, and work on ideas, and practice drawing, and keep reminding myself there was once a time when I had no idea how to weld either, or make a sculpture, or ride a mountain bike, or take a horse over a jump, or speak in public, or write a novel, or teach aqua aerobics (AKA: jumping around in a swimsuit in front of a room full of strangers) or a bunch of other scary stuff.


Samantha Leigh said...

The first time I rode Hillside in winter, I finished a lap in just over 2 hours. I was so proud, I cried, and my tears froze to my face. Have no fear, my beautiful race-a-zon! You are a powerhouse of ambition! Race on Sunday, and enjoy everyone cheering you on! You are amazing, and loved by many!

strugglingwriter said...

You ARE awesome. Way to go for it with all this stuff.

I like your drawings. Cool idea.


Anonymous said...

2011 is going to be awesome, I can feel it!

pseudosu said...

Awe Sam-- Thanks! I'm still not sure about Sun, but am not giving up no matter what. :)

Paul- Thanks buddy. :)

At least one day a month anyway right? ;)

Maery Rose said...

I really like the drawing of the girl in the cat hat. And like you said, you've taken on lots of new stuff and learned it. The learning is what makes it exciting and fun. And I'm excited about the Ladies Night mountain bike thing. Thanks for organizing it. Keep us in the know on that as it draws nearer.

Linda G. said...

I think I'm going to like reading about where your new idea is taking you!

Oh, and wicked bike tires. Don't run over your foot!

irishk said...

I love your tenacity Sue. It is a rare quality to possess these days. Most people will stop when something becomes a bit difficult or when it doesn't go as first planned. You do not. You are relentless. I mean this in a good way:-) I admire that. You had achieved great success with your sculpting, and yet you are forging ahead with another endeavor with equal verve and unmitigated joy. That is simply great to observe. You do inspire those around you and I think you are an awesome prototype for younger women ~ even for some 'older' women:-) You are one of those people that make me glad I get to be a woman too. Sometimes it is frustrating, like watching Michele Bachman and thinking, "Oh you do womanhood so wrong!" But you do it proud Sue Seeger!! Kathleen