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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey people.  Sat I found out chopping wood is just one of those many things that guys make LOOK sort of easy, but is, in reality-- super hard!

I sort of got the concept-- Duh- swing at the log; try to get it to split along the grain etc.  I thought if I let the weight of the axe do it's job, that would be good enough.  That's how it was in blacksmithing class and I was real good at hammering in that.

But the chopping was different.  It took me a million swings with Barbie axe assigned to me, and when I tried the big *man axe* I could barely lift it.  Once I got it over my head it fell behind me and the only way I could swing it forward was to whip my whole body and sort of trebuchet it over my head and try to hang onto it.  After working at the trail for only a few hours, my arms were ready to fall off!!

Oh well.  I made myself useful stacking and hauling etc.  But it's always humbling to see guys making relatively short work of stuff that is nearly impossible for us *chicks*.

Speaking of chicks-- How cool is she???

This year I'm looking more at older women and trying to figure out how the cool ones stay cool.  There is this weird territory you enter in your forties where you want to try to stay ~cool~, but it can go way wrong if you stray into *trying to look like you're in your 20's* territory.  To me this gal looks awesome-- she's not showing tons of skin, but has an edgy look, that's not trashy. 

Of course it helps to be naturally beautiful-- she hardly has ever worn make-up, and is naturally skinny and doesn't work-out, which would drive me nuts just on a mental/emotional/need to have FUN level, but... I like her style.  I guess it helps that she looks happy and confident-- always a good look.  :)


Linda G. said...

I like her style, too. :)

Not sure I've ever been cool, but I've definitely never tried to compete with younger women, fashion-wise, ever since I heard the saying "Mutton dressed as lamb" back when I was still a lamb. ;)

It really struck me. Why try to hold onto the past? Better to be the best "now" that you can be, whatever style that is. As long as it works for you, it's cool.

irishk said...

Well I am shocked that professional lumberjacking is not in your future. I was thinking 'new idea' must surely involve lumberjacking:-) I know what you mean about guys making things look easy and the frustration with simple strength limitations of being a woman...period! I get so angry when I try to start a lawn mower and the dumb thing won't start and then Charlie comes over any yanks it once...voile, purrs like a kitten! This seriously ticks me off. So, yes the chopping wood thing would never work for me. The 62 year old woman has a great look. I admire people who can do the gray thing with class and sexiness ~ very cool. The great thing about the place we are in right now, is that we are not restricted by such rigid barriers. It is all about your own personal style. I agree with Linda, if it works for you, it's cool. I hope I die refusing to wear appliqued sweatshirts and grandma pants. By what I see now Sue, you will follow your own unique path in the aging process and your spirit will always far out-shine any physical evidence to the contrary. Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

I'm with Kathleen on the frustration level. It's simply not fair. Worse yet is when they are a true caveman and make fun of you rather than applauding what you are able to do. Venting from personal experience at trying to open frozen barn door and being told I have absolutely no upper body strength. Hello! How about just the physics that I weighed half as much as he man and simply kept sliding backwards. Sorry, the wounds go deep and so do the wrinkles but oh, well.

pseudosu said...

Linda- You are right, and also super cool whether you claim it or not-- about it being an individual thing. I'm just trying to get a handle on it for me; something to aim at.

Thanks hon! And the strength thing?-- I guess in a way it's less frustrating now that I have accepted that men are just freakishly strong, to the point that they truly don't even realize how far they outmatch us in this area. I used to just get mad at myself for being a weakling or a big wussy baby. Now I just try super hard, but accept I'll never be *dude strong*.

Thankfully the guy I hang with doing trailwork aren't caveman-like at all. In fact, they usually assume I can do about anything they can, or at least hang back and let me decide for myself what i can handle. They know my experience in some of the stuff is more limited, so are nice about showing me how to do things, and willing to let me try, and modify jobs to my ability level etc. I usually wind-up feeling really like part of the crew, and that's nice. I just know realistically some things are too heavy etc. (now.)

pseudosu said...

Meant to say *guys* plural. the whole crew have been nothing but nice and accepting to me. :)