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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New digs

Hey people.  Wow- 2 posts in 2 days!  And all at absolutely *no cost* to you!  This is just to quick show you the workspace I created for *new idea-ing* once Maczilla arrives.  I figured I better show it to you now while it is still clean.  :)

This is taken from the doorway.  (Still have to hang up the artwork behind the desk.)  As you can see I have a comfy place for arty pals who drop by to hang out.  This will also come in handy for naps-I-mean-rigorous-creative-stuff-requiring-intense-concentration-in-a-prone-position.

 Everything isn't up on the walls and I'll probably be always adding stuff.  I want it to be visual overload.  Cirque du soleil for my eyes.

I like my rug.  I like the colors.  Bolder than I've gone in the past.  It looks like it's *splodin'!* 

This is from the doorway too.

My desk is nice and empty.  All ready for Maczilla.  


irishk said...

Looks great Sue! Isn't it amazing how much our physical surroundings can affect our emotional/creative state? All ready for Maczilla ~ kind of like preparing a nursery or something:-) We could have a shower for you in anticipation of your new arrival!! HAHA OK, that sounds so 'not you' but Maczilla seems like a new addition to your home:-) I'm anxious to see your new space in person. Kathleen

pseudosu said...

Thanks Kathleen--
And yes, it's a goal of mine to never in my life attend another shower of any kind. ShowerING, however, is still permitted.

courtney said...

Lookin' GOOD! I am totally jealous. :)

Lynn Fisher said...

Where is this in your house? I can't place it. What is different from the new Mac from the old one?