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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Lumberjacky Look

Hey people.  My parents came over last night and gave Dan his Christmas present.  It's called a "Beardo."    He loves it.  Isn't it awesome?

I like it too.  What do you think?  Can I pull it off?

In other news-- Project Fatass continues.  A smart pal observed we should all feel lucky we have choices to make about what we eat and how much.  In lots of parts of the world grabbing an apple just isn't an option.  So true!

I ran into another friend complaining about HER fat the other day too.  I'm pretty sure, if anything, this gal is just bummed to maybe be a 1 now instead of a 0, but also a good reminder everyone has their own comfort zones about this and it is all an individual thing.  Personally I'd like to lose some, and know for me it takes making better eating choices, and lots of working out.  (Mostly shutting the pie hole though).

Yesterday was a winter mountain bike race at the trail.  I was glad I decided not to ride.  It was FREEZING!  Still, we had what I think may have been a record turn-out.  It was super fun.  Tons of people showed-up.  Some rode, some just hung out at the huge bonfire. 

 I was happy with my choice to stick by the fire, but as usual at these things, was totally blown away by the hard core athleticism of the racers.

 There were tons more girls to hang out with at this race for some reason.  Only 3 raced, but it was cool to see gals taking any kind of interest in this.  From what I'm picking up so far in terms of feedback, I think *Ladies Night* is going to be a huge hit.

It was also fun, being at the race, to know so many people now.  I remember feeling really dumb even showing up a couple years ago, like I didn't fit in etc.  Now I know so many people I didn't even get a chance to say "Hi" to them all. 
So much has changed over the last few years.  Big changes ahead too.  ~Exciting!~


b_elliott said...

Ha! LOVE the Beardo. And weirdly it brings out your eye. LOL hahahahahahahaha!!!

Maery Rose said...

You should definitely grow a beard, or at least get a hat of your own to keep your face warm. I'm interested in how it feels to be on the sidelines. There's an upcoming skijoring race that no way am I entering since we haven't even been out this year and I'm thinking skate skis are a must even for a "just for fun" race. I've thought about being a "watcher" just to hang with the peoples, but man, it's hard to just hang, especially when it's too cold to just stand around.

pseudosu said...

Beth-- I'll keep that in mind as possibly the best back-handed compliment ever if i ever meet an actual bearded lady. LOL!

That is why the bikers always build a raging bonfire. Liquor also helps I'm told- and there's always plenty of that on hand too. :)

strugglingwriter said...

I like the beard :)

I was growing a beard this past week but #1 it got too itchy and #2 my wife recoiled in pain every time I tried to kiss her. maybe I should get one of those beardo things. :)


Linda G. said...

Ha! I love the Beardo! It looks especially fetching on YOU. Bet it really keeps your face toasty warm, too.

irishk said...

I'm not even going to tell my sons that you are sporting a 'beardo'! I'm plugged in for Ladies Night even though sometimes I 'ain't no lady!' :-) Kathleen

pseudosu said...

You'd look hot! (and be hot, and um, toasty)

It does! ~genius~

Kathleen- I know. Just for the record, I do not own any Doc Martens. Not that there's anything wrong with that.