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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter is awesome, and here's one reason why--

Hey people.  Me and one of my adventurey young pals took our bikes out on some snomobile trails in the state forest near her house today.  Man was it nice out!  Some of her guy friends thought we were nuts.  They missed all the fun!

The first place we tried to ride in was a fail though.  Only one sled had cut a trail, and it was like trying to ride a chainsaw through mashed potatoes, assuming the chainsaw is powered exclusively by your legs.  Ugh!

So we loaded the bikes into my suby and headed farther north to a *real* trailhead.   Now we're talking!  These trails see so much sled traffic on weekends that they get packed ~almost~ as hard as a road.  It was still a bit tough, there was about 3 inches of mashed potatoes on top of the harder stuff in lots of places. 

To ride like this you have to stay in super low gears and just try for steady momentum. 

So why go to the trouble?  If you don't get why this would be fun, you probably aren't much for outside, explorey, adventurey hijinx in the first place, but even so, most people can appreciate this---  It was absolutely gorgeous out there!

We didn't know exactly where we were, but I sort of like that, just exploring and figuring stuff out.  I have a great sense of direction.  T was comforted by the GPS in her iPhone.  

It was a blast!  We didn't get bit by one mosquito!

Penny's fancy white-walled studded tires (courtesy of trailwork buddy Lumberjack Ben) worked GREAT.

And after we found our way back to the car we of course got to feel all badass.

This didn't take half the skill of riding on the actual mountain bike trail, but was tons of fun.   Check it out-- rather Cirque Du Soleil of me non?  ~Balancey~

Thereasa sporting post ride *Flock Of Seagulls* hair.  

If you don't enjoy winter, you need to get yourself some warm layers, and get out there, because seriously, you're missing out!  Just being outside, and noticing your surroundings, and feeling your body work is so awesome.  Nothing makes your day better than getting to take a few minutes to go, "Wow, isn't this gorgeous?  Don't you feel lucky???"

Especially when you can share it all with a friend.  ~Tribe expansion!~  ~WOO!~


trusty pam said...

Oh man-I missed out on this one! We absolutely must do this! Darn job gets in the way of my fun!

pseudosu said...

Yeah, You'd have dug it big. We'll get out there. (Hookey!!)

Maery Rose said...

So this is where you were all day. I am so jealous! Does Theresa have spikes too? I mean on her tires. She obviously has them in her hair. I'm with Pam - darn job fun interference!

irishk said...

Fun day! It looks like Penny performed well for you:-)

Jill said...

Looks like fun! Love the FOS hair.

pseudosu said...

This was all morning. In the afternoon I began an adobe illustrator tutorial, then i skied with Pam about 4:30. Was pooped!

Penny is awesome on snow/ice now! (Although I have to admit I miss being able to skip to a sideways stop like a total badass now.)

It was so fun! The trail we were on is a horse trail in summer. Really pretty, but the flies are vicious at that time.