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Monday, February 14, 2011

Fornicating dinosaurs & princess Eric Roberts, oh, and *love*.

Hey people.  Happy Valentine's day.  My sister ~claims~ she found these randy dino's like this.  Apparently love IS in the air.

This is the valentine my niece made for her little brother-- priceless.  I know a few grown women who would use this template if they could get away with it-- "I love you, even though you are super annoying."

Yep, Valentine's Day, the day that, if you're with someone, you're supposed to bust out the *big guns*.  (Dead Sexy by Tokyo Milk is one of my weapons of choice.  Dan likey.)  But we don't really make a big deal out of this ~holiday~.

These were our cards.  Dan has really upped his game in this department over the years and now writes personal messages in every card he gives me that totally melt my heart.  We both thought it was funny this year we picked cards that showed people hanging out on sofa's together (one of our main activities.)  His has the guy giving the girl a foot rub, which is ironic because feet oog him out.  He said, "I thought I'd at least give you a picture of a foot rub.  heh heh."

We don't do anything big for V-day.  Just get cards and have a "date night" which usually winds-up being just renting a movie and possibly more risque clothing than normal.  We're pretty low-key, but both like it that way.  It's nice to just take a beat and go, "Yeah, we have it pretty sweet don't we?  I'd do it all over again how about you?  Good-- me too."

Maczilla endeavors continue.  I had a bit of a breakthrough and finally *got* how those little tools work that manipulate the pen lines.  I've even had a couple of dreams about them.  Remember princess Eric Roberts? 

I worked a bit more on her this weekend, and also discovered the paint brush tool and hey-- there are a whole ton of selections for that that allow you to do a million and one cool things, but most significantly-- the tools just tracks your movements-- no manipulating the line playing dot to dot like the pen tool.  She began looking a bit more female.  This was using the pen tool on all but some of her hair.  I'd just kind of discovered the brush here.

I'd changed her head/face angle, fooled with some of the line weights, redrawn one of her lash-lines, and was trying to figure out how to add color with very limited success when -- *blink*-- The program (illustrator) crashed and erased almost all my progress.

I guess constantly saving changes is something all graphic artists learn to do because this isn't unusual.  I suppose it must be a huge program to be able to do all it does and glitches come with the territory.  She's not all the way back to Eric Roberts status, but I lost a lot of the changes.  Oh well-- learning curve.  That's why I'm fooling with this and not some *masterpiece* I care a lot about.  ;)


Linda G. said...

Love, love, love your niece's card! I think she should sell it to Hallmark. It's way better than the stuff there.

irishk said...

Oh those crazy dinosaurs! Love is in the air:-) You are really improving your Maczilla skills! It's kind of neat that you are documenting your progress so you can actually see yourself advancing along that learning curve. I am still so sick today, I think my Valentine card will say, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm in bed, Without you." Kathleen

Jill said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Your Illustrator progress is impressive. Do you have your scratch disk set to a drive other than the startup? Yes...save save save. At least it was just a practice piece! I also have to make myself remember to "quit" Illustrator or PShop to make sure that the temp files in the scratch disk are dumped. Love your niece's card.

pseudosu said...

I know. Isn't it the best? The one to her dad said, "Roses are red, violets are blue, You're a diabetic, but you're sweet too."

Oh poor you! Feel better sicky. : /

Scratch disk? Hmm. Did not know anything about this. So far I haven't quit illustrator at all, besides when it quit itself-- could that be why?

Jill said...

Sue- When you have Illustrator open, click on the word "Illustrator" up on your menu bar. Then go to preferences and then plug-ins and scratch disk. You can set where you want your scratch disk. Kind of a place for all of the misc. stuff that happens while you are working. If you have a second hard drive on your machine, set it there. If not then you can use a partition on the same drive. I don't think it is recommended to use an external hard drive. Feel free to e-mail me anytime you have a question and I will try my best to help.

Maery Rose said...

Drawing is starting to look pretty good! Once you lose something, you usually don't forget to save a lot after that. Happy Valentine's Day!