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Thursday, February 10, 2011

~FRANCE~ baby...

Hey people.  Some of you may recall a little incident a couple weeks ago where I apparently got a little too close to a bonfire, because it singed the fake fur around my hood reducing it to sad, old, worn stuffed animal pelt.  ~Dislike~ to say the least.  I changed the pic on my banner to remind you of it's former awesomeness.

Not one to simply accept defeat, I came up with a plan to replace the the now pathetic singed *fur*, with new even more fabulous stuff.  The internet hunt began.  That was when I discovered there is apparently a lot of different kinds of faux fur out there, and the fanciest stuff, comes from, no surprise-- Europe.  (The singed is on the left, the new fancy stuff is on the right.)

 Somehow, this all led to me buying a purple fake fur french coat on ebay.  (?)  I know, I get out of control at times, but it was seriously really cheap.   "Don't hate me because my coat is from FRANCE baby."
Oh go ahead.  What the hell do I care--- FRANCE.  Read it and weep less-fancy-than-me people.   (Dan thinks I look like a pimp.)  Me-- "But kind of a hot, artistic one right?  Right???" 

Awe go on... It's still just regular old me.  Even if my coat is totally slammin' and ~french~.  Prepare yourself Elk River & greater twin cities area.  (This is one of my favorite things about being an artist, being able to get away with wearing stuff like this at times.)

Speaking of being an artist, yeah...  Maczilla elementary school continues.  My buddy Beth came over, and as usual had a super hilarious story to tell me, but since it involved getting pee on her hand I won't go into it.  but it was funny.

Anyway...   Thanks to her tips I can now draw the shit out of hearts.  (I freaking OWN you hearts, and don't you forget it!)  (Not really, but-- progress right?)  (So what if I wanted those things that look like Doritos around that one to be flames.  Baby steps.)

That shape conquered, I did the sensible thing and moved on to something slightly more complex like maybe a simple flower right?  Oh hell no.  I'm going to draw a person.  (!) 

Well, I've never been super practical about stuff like this, and my psychotic over-achiever thing sometimes serves me well.  Why shoot for mediocre right?  As you can see, I bit off more than I can currently chew.

The photo is my guide (I'm not trying to copy it exactly, it's a starting point).  The rough sketch on the right is from me tracing over it with the pencil tool, which is still tricky for me not watching my hand at all.  The other one, on the lower left is my wip (work in progress).

Her face/head angle is way off, and she, sadly, looks like Eric Roberts.  I'm getting closer though, and have to learn this like anything else-- by doing a whole bunch of crappy beginner attempts.  It's my starting point.  For some stupid reason I'm just doing it in front of whoever looks at my blog.  Oh well.  Stay tuned.  (Meanwhile, almost done with my commissions - except a pretty complex one (Kathleen) that will take a while longer.)

In other Suenews-- I've been complaining about my assfat lately as you know, and am switching some stuff up in an attempt to break through my plateau.  I got this book I told you about last time, about how to override some metabolic stuff etc.  It's pretty interesting.  I won't do everything he suggests, for example 20 minute ice baths?-- no thanks.  But I am trying some if it.

Last night, after eating unbelievably healthy all day long (seriously-- egg whites, spinach, beans beans beans, and chicken breast was IT) I drank a tiny amount of grapefruit juice (which is supposed to do something to fool your body) and did 40 squats (another trick) before I ate this---

Feast your eyes on the best ice cream sandwich ever-- pb cookies, filled with a combination of coffee & chocolate ice cream (low fat of course).  I know.  I'll never be a *no treats* girl.  I told myself it didn't do any damage to my goal because of all the other stuff, but time will tell.  I'm trying all this for a month or two and hoping for a change.  We'll see...

Tomorrow I'll do another post, because my pal Jen is stopping by the blog on a "blog tour".  She's been a great crit partner for me with the writing stuff and now her book is actually getting published-- like, you can actually order it online NOW.  A real live book!  We're sort of interviewing each other and she's super interesting and cool so I hope you'll check that out too.


irishk said...

LOVE the coat ~ so you, so artsy! I am not a heart type person, but you have created a couple very unique designs. Really, I especially like the one in the upper left, it looks like a face...and the bottom right is really nice as well. You have come a long way baby!...in just a short week:-) Kudos. Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

Perfected the heart just in time for Valentine's day! I like the one if the lower right corner the best, although the somewhat exploding heart opposite is probably more representative of me. Coat is very french cool. I think this about the third time Dan has said you look like a pimp. Keep pushing the envelope!

pseudosu said...

I'm not super heartsy either, but wanted to get the hang of different curved lines, and make something i had to control a bit. :)

I like the lower left one best too. No worries. I'll keep pushing! ;)

Jill said...

Love the coat! Your hearts are looking great! You just had to put that ice cream sandwich down there. Killing me. Is it bad to have ice cream for breakfast?

Linda G. said...

OMG! I don't know which looks more delicious -- the coat or the ice cream sandwich. YUM! I think it's a tie.