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Thursday, February 24, 2011

In a good spot

Hey people.  Last weekend was the last mountain bike race of the winter.  At the beginning of the season I had visions of actually riding in one or two of these.  Penny had been given new fancy studded tires after all, but I've only ridden twice all winter.  The few times the trail has been packed enough for "skinny tires" I've been busy.

Here are the hard core racers lining up to start.  A couple years ago when I first stumbled upon this little world of daredevils who ride around in the woods at high speeds I had no idea I'd actually get to know a number of these guys.  I am still in awe of what they can do, but have accepted my "place" in this world-- as a purely for-fun, recreational rider.  No more racy aspirations here.
Remember a few weeks ago when I was all mad my faux fur hood trim got singed off?  And then this last weekend I was really really bummed my actual hair got singed?  Some of you wondered how the heck I could let that happen.  Really I wasn't leaping over the flames or anything wild.  It was just a huge huge fire, on a windy day.  Here is one way it got so huge.  We think big at Hillside.

Anyway, I was determined to fix my jacket.  I scoured the internet for even cooler more awesome fake fur, and I found it.  Now my jacket is at least 4 or 5 times more awesome, agreed?

Oh-- This happened yesterday-- A burst of unlikely color in my kitchen.

The funny/interesting thing about this is, this plant spends most of the year looking half alive, getting knocked into the sink by the cats, living in a tiny plastic pot with barely any dirt in it.  It is sort of a metaphor for some recent convo's with different friends about nature v.s. nurture.  I still think both influence, but I think each of us has our own little flame of amazinginess inside, that will flare-up, that we can hold out like a torch, as we break our own trail if we choose to.

Lastly, a week ago we were having this little spat of fake-out spring weather.  That is my least favorite season because it's too wet to do most of the things I enjoy doing outside.  It's hard to run or bike in mud, forget skiing.  But I did get in a couple rides on streets with friends, just goofing around ringing my bell rides, and it was so awesome.

I found this pic on Pinterest and just love it.  It makes me so look forward to the summer ahead and all the great times I want to have with my friends.  For now, I'll get back to enjoying winter, when there are absolutely no bugs, and lots of other fun things to do.  :)


Zoma said...

Your unlikely burst of color is lovely! I love your advise that "each of us has our own little flame of amazingness inside." Thanks for the inspiration today!

Maery Rose said...

I was hoping for a hair photo post torching. I too like your nature versus nurture thoughts. I wish my flamage was more like your bonfire photo rather than a candle flame struggling against being drowned out by melted wax.

irishk said...

My little flame of amazingness certainly varies from day to day! That is some mighty nice faux fur on your jacket! You kind of are the girl that plays with fire...in a good way. You get just close enough to keep you on your game and keep things interesting, but you never really get burned. I could go on and on about my nature vs. nurture theories, but I will spare all of you:-) Love that photo of the bikers at the end ~ that will be us riding our bikes in just a few short months ~ bikini tops and all! Oh...and a helmet:-)

pseudosu said...

Thanks Zoma. I'm not the photog you are, but I loved that shot of color. :)

Maery- I'm saving hair photos for my next big change, which will be probably in about a month. I'm getting kind of bored. We'll have to see what transpires. BTW- I'd say your torch is doing okay, it's still lit, after all.

Kathleen-- I will totally wear my bikini top and cut offs around town with you. It will frighten small children, but hey, you never know, may give some 80 or 90 year old due a thrill. (me not you!) ;)

pseudosu said...


Linda G. said...

Your jacket IS more awesome now! At least five times, maybe even more.

Which proves my theory that when something happens that you think is totally sucky, just wait. You never know -- it might lead to something better than you ever thought. (This is known at the Sh!t Makes Good Things Grow Theory.)