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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow fun

Hey people.  For all of you tired of winter-- I really don't get why you live here, but anyway-- here you go-- KAPOW!

Take this-- BOOM!

Okay, pics of my orchid have nothing to do with winter, but this is what is happening in my kitchen window at the moment and it is just too flamboyant and spectacular not to share.

Anyhow...  Dan, Trusty Pam and I decided to go have a little winter adventure today-- snowmobile trail biking.  Man, all you really need to have fun are a few friends who are *up for it*.  Me = lucky. 

It started out tougher than we expected.  There was a solid base somewhere under the six inches or so of mashed potatoes though.  We were sure of it!  It was okay in places, and if you could keep going not bad, it was keeping going that proved to be an issue though.

It didn't take long for us to abandon the sno-mo trail for the access road, which really wasn't much better, not plowed or anything, but cars/trucks are heavier and a few had broken a trail, so there were wheel ruts to follow, if you could.

We did mostly okay.  Dan had a great snow angel-making wipe-out, but hastily climbed out of the snow bank before I could get the camera out.  Being the dedicated husband he is, he offered to reenact it, but I let him off the hook. 

All in all, it was a fun ride.  Not as fun as if the trails had been packed solid and we had complete access to miles of trail winding through the snowy woods, but we got out, we rode, we had some laughs and sweated, and were all glad we gave it a try.

Awe-- That's the smile, right there.

In other Suenews-- My next show (50 on 50th) opens in 5 weeks, so yep-- Time to quit farting around and get busy.  Here's a shot of a ring I made last night.  I'm thinking of what I'm going to wear this summer in place of my wedding ring.  It's rattles down my finger when I ride, and if I take it on and off all the time I lose it.  It the past I've just not worn it in summer, but that's kind of a double standard because I'd not like it if Dan didn't wear his, so--- thinking maybe the silk cord ring could work as a stand in.  (?)  You can also see a preview of a bike gear bracelet in the shot.  I'll have these at the show for sale.

A really cool online art zine is doing a feature on me soon.  It should be up next week, so I'll link it here when that happens.  And-- I'm currently thinking I may blow off my studio show this year, so I can concentrate on getting some other ~new idea~ stuff underway.  Jury is still out.  If it happens it will be a sort of last minute, "Hey kids, want to put on a show?" affair.  So, that's me right now.


Maery Rose said...

Yeah, I saw your ziggy zagging slipping tire tracks. The snow was pretty sticky for skiing. But it was gorgeous out.

irishk said...

It sounds like it was a tough ride today...I might not have had the legs to do it! Good news about the feature in the art zine, that will be fun to read:-) I hope they will be able to capture your new 'fanciness' in all it's glory!

pseudosu said...

It was gorgeous! Dan said our tracks made it look like a bunch of people got super wasted and went for a ride. lol

You wouldn't have like it AT ALL. I was actually glad none of my newby friends decided to try it because you would have just been frustrated. You really needed a bit of mtb balance to ride in that stuff. But it was fun! If it gets packed hard we'll try again. It's super fun when it's packed.

Linda G. said...

You say snow fun, I say 's no fun! To each her own. ;)

Can't wait to read your zine feature. :)

Nezzy said...

Ya'll seem to like the snow waaaay more than I do!!! I just left a comment over at your art blog but seen ya haven't been active over there.

God bless and have a beautiful day sweetie.

Giveaway...my place! :o)