Who is Sue and what is Suelandia?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter's back

Hey people. Last week my girl scout cookies came. As usual I tore into the package like a grizzly bear and devoured them within a day. All I can say is, thank God they come in such small boxes!
I've been really getting used to eating all the healthy food from my new eating plan though. The jury is still out in if this is some big key to weight loss, but healthy is always good right? (As long as you get occasional treats)

Last week we got a little surreal burst of spring. The temps got up around 50, and people were out in shorts & flip flops (believe it or not there was a girl at the frozen waterfall in flip flops), and riding motorcycles and in convertibles. Camper was thrilled to discover his catnip plant sprouting new green leaves beneath the snow.

Me and a couple friends (Trusty Pam and Kathleen-- who I need a nic name for... maybe...) went on a fun spin around town on our bikes. It felt so good to be on the bike again Pam & I went again the next day, and wound-up fighting 20 mile per hour winds as the cold front moved in and winter returned. Those rides were great though, like a mini vacation.

Not much else to report. I'm working on art stuff, both digital-- which I'm really learning more about every time I work on it. (This is really cool. I can almost feel my neurons forming new connections and am having dreams about vector pathways and "command S" etc.) I'm working on metal sculptures too, but don't have anything cool to show you yet-- hopefully later this week.

In the meantime, I've been having some fun over on Pinterest while I watch t.v. etc. It's an image collecting site that is a visual playground if you're someone like me who loves looking at things for inspiration or to just let your brain whir.

Here is one board I'm always adding to-- building a visual representation of Suelandia, and what life would be like if we all ran away to go live there together. Come for a visit.


strugglingwriter said...

Old Man Winter just made an unceremonious return to our neck of the woods today too.

Also, today was the first time I noticed the text on the Mac in the background of the pic. "The End". Nice, lol

pseudosu said...

LoL- yeah, that pic was actually from a couple years ago when I'd just finished a novel. Obsessions come and go, but Samoa-love is apparently eternal.

irishk said...

Well I am back to my 5000 calorie a day food fests, so I am in a constant state of food coma. I think my nickname should involve food on some level:-) Considering this weather, I sure am glad we got that bike ride in. It might be a while before we are able to do it again.

Maery Rose said...

Going out for round two of clearing driveway. But thinking I'll see how far Java and I can walk without falling down first. So sad that I missed the bike outing.

pseudosu said...

Maybe your nic name should be Kath-lean. ;)

In summer your should figure out a way to have your bike on or in the car so you can go on a moments notice.