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Friday, March 25, 2011

One week!

Hey people.  So my first show of the year is next Sat, April 2nd, at Burroughs School in S. Mpls., from 10 to 5:00.  Come say hi if you don't have anything else to do.  :)

I've been making a ton of wrap bracelets that I think look pretty cool, and I thought you'd like to see the process.  First there is the whole steel coloration process that involves lots of layers of color and rust.  Once I have a piece looking how I want, I cut it up into small pieces.

They are rough and have burnt steel encrusted to the edges.  This has to be dislodged by pounding around the perimeter of each piece with my slag hammer.  The piece in the lower right is "after."    

Once that's done, and little extra stubborn blobs have been removed with a side cutters, I sand all the edges, and round the corners a bit.

Then they are ready to be drilled.  I have a drill press, which is a drilling machine you pull a lever on to lower the drill bit into your work.  I had to make a special jig to hold the small pieces in place while they are drilled.

Once they have holes in them, the back sides of the holes have jagged steel poking out.  This needs to be trimmed off with a side cutters, then the rough edges get pounded over. 

 When I do this I feel all over the entire piece with my fingers, checking one last time for anything sharp or pointy.

Once I'm satisfied the pieces look good and are finished properly, it's time for them to weather a bit more in my state of the art winter rusting facility (currently my bathroom), where I repeatedly mist them with water.

When I'm satisfied with how they look, they're ready to be made into bracelets. Here's the design I'll have at the show.  What do you think?  There is another design, very similar, but using thinner cord, and colored beads.  The two will compliment each other very well.  I'm waiting for the cord to arrive.

Here are some of the feather hair pieces I've been working on.  These aren't done, and I have some extremely cool earrings underway too, but am waiting to my feathers to arrive.  I ordered some really beautiful ones from a milliners supply house.  The combinations will be gorgeous I think.  I'm really excited about them.   

It's hard with things coming in at the last minute.  I'll be working days and nights next week to get everything ready and done.  I'm making really cool cut-out branches, all different, that mount to the wall, but they aren't ready to be shown yet.  I'm still about two steps away from having them finished.

Meanwhile--- we got 8" of snow the other day.  So much for setting things outside to get rusty.

 Or finding my stock for that matter.  Somewhere under this is some pretty cool stuff that might give me other ideas, but not for this show.

Spring is only weeks away though.  I'm really psyched about everything coming up.  After this show is over I have a commission to start that will be really fun-- A big twisty tree.  I'm going to use a new technique on this one, layering cut-out pieces and bending by hand.  Should be way cool!

Also there is *new idea*, the big horse i want to get going, a big fall show to prepare for with a really cool painter, ~ladies night~ at the mountain bike trail (an event I'm organizing), a trip to visit sis and the kids, and BIKING with mah tribe.  Very excited today and in a great mood!  Hope you guys all have a great weekend, and that I see a few of you next Sat.  :)


michaeldefrank83 said...

Wowsie wow! Love those bracelets! I get a blue one sistah and I want you to tie it on my wrist. (I will not ask you to do this during a busy show, because "Me 'mart!") I can feel their coolness through this blog:-) Am I the commission with the cool twisty tree? Oh do tell! FEATHERS glorious FEATHERS! I think I told you I have an ear cuff with a feather attached that I made several years ago out of a loon feather that wafted down right by my side. I think there are so many really unique things you could do with this line and I am sure you will orchestrate it beautifully. Can't wait to see your creativity personified:-)

pseudosu said...

You sound an awful lot like my friend Kathleen, who also had a loon feather ear-cuff, and is in fact waiting for a twisty tree commission. My my, what a small world! Thanks for your complimentary words and support. :)

michaeldefrank83 said...

What the heck!? How did that name get on my post? Seriously Sue. I used my regular name. I have no idea who Michael whatever is! Very odd! Oh well, I still meant all the stuff I (Michael) said:-0 KATHLEEN

Maery Rose said...

Yes, that mysterious Michael commented on my blog too. Very strange... I'm hoping to come to the show if animals permit. It will be nice when the weather cooperates more for your projects and other activities.

irishk said...

I'm just experimenting Sue, to see if I still come up as Michael somebody when I am on my home computer. So just ignore this message.

irishk said...

That is really weird! I am back to me:-) I guess that is a good thing to be aware of, but still odd.

Core Drill Bits said...

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