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Friday, March 11, 2011

Some weird, some cool.

Hey people.  Bam.  My orchid is getting progressively more awesome.  So far it looks like it will have about 7 blooms!  It's funny because normally I wouldn't like something so gaudy, but since it's natural and so out of place I'm enjoying seeing it.

Last week I had a fun outing.  Me and some pals went to Buffalo to scope out the junk shops.  Here are me and buddies Kathleen and Linda.  Later another friend Dayna joined the fun, but by then we were full on shopping so I'd forgotten about the camera.

I was pleased to find a few weird items this trip.  Baby wearing frilly dress and combat boots for example.

And this was rather promising.

And this.

And last but not least, bald little kid.

This was just cool.  I love old bikes, and especially chain-guard designs that look all aerodynamic and speedy.

Not much else to report.  I've been pretty busy working and getting ready for my next show April 2nd.  Next time I'll try to have some stuff for that to show you.  :)


Linda Thiltgen said...

Fun day in Buffalo. I like the little alien that's looking at us in the bottom of the pictures. Hadn't seen it while we were there. eeeekkkk! we were being watched!
hey, that's a pretty good picture of us...send it to me, please

irishk said...

That was a great day...my tour guides showed me a very interesting Buffalo! I still am amazed at all the cool clothing we found:-) And don't forget Catie's Cafe ~ death by chocolate or whatever that was called. I've never been called Kathy in my life, was that a slip of the keyboard Suzy? LOL My Irish mother might get upset with that:-)

pseudosu said...

Sending Linda- it was fun as always. :)

KathLEEN-- wow- brain fart or what?! I fixed it. This is embarrassing, i have no idea why, but to Dan i sometimes call you Colleen too. I don't even know a Colleen!

irishk said...

HaHaHa! Well my sister is Colleen:-) It means "Irish lass" so maybe that is just how you think of me:-) If I get a vote, I'll choose Colleen over Kathy though. Funny!

Maery Rose said...

You mean I not only missed a fun time with the tribe in Buffalo, I also missed chocolate?! Now I'm truly feeling sorry for myself. Whimper, sniffle.

Jill said...

You would love my friend Peter Tansill's baby art. He takes creepy dolls and combines them with other antiques. You should google him.

Lynn Fisher said...

Can't help but notice the cool new camera...what is it?

pseudosu said...

Maery-- I know! Dang old dayjob. I didn't want to rub in the weekday fun you'd be missing. maybe a skip day is in order soon???

Jill-- Def googling!!

Lynn-- It's a Sanyo Xacti- the waterproof version. Shoots stills and video, underwater too, and will shoot stills while videoing. Kewl.

Maery Rose said...

I already followed Jill's suggestion and found Peter Tansill's art. Love it, in a bizarro way. But really. It would be a perfect addition to Sue's home. To my home for that matter.