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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time Marches On

Hey people.  Here's a little *being an artist* inside look for you to begin with.  In the interview I gave recently to Artizen Zine (coming out soon) I was asked if my recent interest in digital art had anything to do with my sculpture work and I said they were completely unrelated.  Well... Now they are blending a little.

I've been looking at tons of images, just to fill my brain for *new idea*, and some of it's bleeding over into my sculpture/metal work.  I saw this online-- love the colors.

Last night I noticed this is the box for my Puffs Plus.

Two days ago someone contacted me about a possible commission for one of my boat themed pieces which got me thinking of the painting prep work I'm starting for spring work.  It takes a long time to get the painted/rusted finishes just how I want them.  The pics above have given me some ideas of new techniques to experiment with.  Stay tuned.

I've been kind of up and down and all around lately.  I used to see this as a problem because it is slightly unsettling, but now know-- this is *just me*.  There are a lot of changes going on-- physical changes, new idea, getting into my art schedule for the year-- it has me feeling really energized and excited one day (or hour) and feeling (for no rational reason) like a worthless piece of crap the next.

When this happens I've learned it's really good medicine for me to get out in the woods and move.  So I've been trying to go for lunchtime hikes.  Lucky for me-- the woods is only about 5 minutes from home.

I can visit Tina too.  She was looking especially awesome in the sunshine the other day.  I suppose it says something not very flattering about me that it kind of helps to go look at her some days and remind myself I can make some pretty cool stuff.  But it does. 

I've been-- speaking of unflattering things-- having some issues lately with being bummed about aging.  People always talked about what a drag it is to get wrinkles etc, and I always thought, "Oh so what?"  I never thought I'd be one of ~those women~ who gives a rip about such superficial things.  Well, no one warned me your face begins to sort of sag like it's melting right off your skull, or that your skin takes on this weird papery texture.  I've been pretty unhappy about how all that's developing, but even more disappointed in myself for caring.  Leave it to me to carve a dual defeat out of this situation.

I'm working on it though.  Yes, I'm doing things like putting raw organic honey on my face at night because it is supposed to perform some miracle, but I'm also taking conscious moments to tap into how I FEEL.  And I feel-- still like me.  And in my life, I'm lucky enough to have a lot of awesome moments to just breath and notice that fact.  So-- 46 years and counting-- and still a work in progress.  Hmm, life perhaps?

Back to a little art stuff to finish off.  Here is a shot of one of the new bracelets I'll have at 50 on 50th, and a sketch I'm going to attempt to turn into a sculpture today.  If all goes well, I'll have some of these little guys for the show too.  This is another illustration-generated idea.
I'm trying to change things up a little with the jewelry this time, to have some new looks.  Had a great idea last night involving a leaf.  Still in the noggin, not in the real world yet so we'll have to see.  

Stay cool people.  Take a moment to notice something awesome, and maybe to just be nice to someone for no good reason.  It'll help recharge you.  :)


strugglingwriter said...

I always try to tell myself that aging blows, but not aging would be much, much worse. This doesn't always work, mind you, but I try.

Also, Tina is awesome and always will be.

Maery Rose said...
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irishk said...

You have every right to be inspired and renewed when visiting Tina. She is a physical reminder of your talent and ability to create beauty. In an obtuse kind of way, that is how I feel about my sons. I didn't really construct them or design them like you did, but they are my works of art. They were the pallets that I 'colored' and 'stained' and 'exposed' to all the elements; and just as your painted metals, I watched as time enhanced all my work and their beauty sparkled and amazed. When they are all around in the same room, I really do feel like that ~ renewed and so proud. Strange analogy I suppose, but I've always thought of them as my contributions to the world:-) I like the bird sketch idea, that would be a great addition to your shows. The bracelet is very cool, as I told you before. You better watch your display style though, your hand is looking a bit "Renaissancy"!! You crack me up!

Linda G. said...

I hear ya on the aging thing. Gray hair never bothered me -- we gray very early in my family, so, in a strange way, it never felt like a sign of aging -- but the skin thing does. I think, more than anything else, it's because it makes me feel like I'm getting more physically fragile. And that just out and out sucks.

So mostly I ignore it. Whatever else you can say about aging, it still beats the alternative. *philosophical grin*

Maery Rose said...

Trying not to be the bummer in the room and limit my mouth. I'll just say, yes, walks in woods are nice and Tina is awesome and so is the photo of you, face to the sun.

pseudosu said...

Yes, sag-face beats a dirt-nap every time. :) And Tina says-- thanks!

That's so funny-- I was wondering if anyone would think this kind of relates to people and their kids, but as a non- parent, didn't feel i could reasonably "go there". That's cool though. I saw a really funny sign the other day with this Rosie the Riveter character, except she was preggo, and it said, "I'm so crafty, I make people!" I guess either of us could hang that one up huh? ;)

I'm so glad you refrained from making any comparisons between my face and the tree bark right beside it-- so thanks for not being a bummer. ;P (just kidding-- don't want to be accused of being a drag either)

pseudosu said...

You're right, it does sort of *point out* that we're diminishing a little. Oh, well, like you said-- beats the alternative. :)