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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome to wonderlandia

Hey people.  Remember when me and my Dad went to Minnehaha Falls?  Well, My pal Maery Rose decided to check it out Fri.  Dan has always wanted to go see this for himself, and after seeing her post and that it was still all frozen, we had to go.  Here we are on the bridge below the falls.

This time we were determined to try to get behind the falls.  This involved climbing up a pretty steep icy bank on the far right of this pic.  It was actually ice with a little slippery mud, but doable.

Our friends Kathleen and Charlie, who also like doing adventurey stuff, came along.  (Double date daring do.) 

Once we scaled the ice flow, and helped up a couple other straggling adventurers, we entered a frozen wonderland.

It was like exploring another world.  When I was young I used to go adventuring around in caves, enormous ones along the Mississippi bluffs, not really knowing how dangerous it was, but those explorations remain, to this day, some of my most exciting fun memories.  This came close though.

The feeling of absolute awe, and that we were seeing and experiencing something most people never will was inescapable.  There were others there, this is right in the heart of Minneapolis, but there was a real camaraderie among our fellow explorers-- these were our people-- they had gone to the same amount of trouble as us, ignoring the barricades and signs and gates, to experience this. 

We were all in the same state of joy and wonderment.   Everyone told eachother to "be careful" (the whole floor was ice), and watched out for the one little kid and dog that made it up there too.  Dan disappeared at one point, climbing outside the ice falls.  I yelled, "If you fall, I'm going to be super pissed!"  He reemerged from the ice curtain a few minutes later.

This is a view from behind the falls, of the bridge we had our picture taken on the beginning.

This is the most worthwhile trespassing I've done in a long time, and I'd say if there is ANY WAY you can get to Minnehaha Falls and check it out-- you should.  There are risks-- the climb up isn't hard enough that you'd get killed if you fell or anything, but getting wet and dirty is a def possibility, and-- it IS a frozen falls/river, so breaking through could be truly disastrous, but if you're careful-- SO worth it.

Try to give yourself a couple hours so you can also take the hiking trail that follows the creek down to the Mississippi.  Very beautiful.  I am constantly amazed at our beautiful cities, and all the parks and trails we have in this state.  Minnesota is awesome, and so is winter.  Bundle-up and get out there and enjoy it.

On our way back we spotted a stone staircase that was all tarped, and decided to check that out too.  It was cool, like a secret passage to the top of the bluff.

We got a close look at some restoration they're doing to the stonework.  Very cool.

This was such a fun day.  If you're having the winter blahs-- get out there, be curious, break a rule or two or three.  Have an adventure.  This kind of thing is like a jolt to your psyche, like cardio shock paddles; it brings you back to life.


irishk said...

Your pictures are amazing Sue! You really captured that eerie blue that permeated the whole backdrop. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I will strive to make it a yearly expedition each winter. On top of all that...the company was supreme:-)

Maery Rose said...

Very cool. I wish I could have gone down into the pit but there was the pulling Java factor to consider. I feel cheated somehow now and could definitely use some cardio shock awe right now.

Java also barked and growled at the plastic blowing in the breeze. She's not exactly braveheart.

linda thiltgen said...

Pictures are beautiful What a fabulous adventure!

Jill said...

That is absolutely one of the most interesting and beautiful things! Your photos are fantastic and I can only imagine how much MORE beautiful it must be in person. WOW!