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Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fools

Hey people.  For those of you who came to my show yesterday at Burroughs-- Thanks!  It was great seeing so many friendly faces.  For those of you who didn't-- you missed the ridiculous ruffle boots-- BAM.  That is some serious boot action there, even if the pic is pretty bad.  (It's surprisingly hard to photograph your own feet.)

 Friday was me and Dan's anniversary, which sailed by pretty much un-celebrated because I was rushing in and out of the house (which looked, after weeks of neglect, like a family of bears had been foraging in it) in a distracted manner, occasionally stuffing handfuls of Triscuits or whatever was laying around on the counter into my mouth.  This state is known around here as *show prep*.

Lucky for us, we make a point of checking in with each other every evening, and say "I love you" and "Have a good day" etc to each other every morning, and do little considerate things on a daily basis so we don't feel the need to really bust out the big guns on such occasions like anniversaries.  We just noted it, and gave each other an extra hug and kiss, and I went back to scurrying distractedly around. 

But I just want to share a couple little things here, that will probably make Dan get all eye-rolly and embarrassed when he sees this, but they really moved me and I want people to know how awesome he is.

First thing is a small conversation we had a couple weeks ago.  It started with me making a joke about "dress-up day" referring to something we'd seen on t.v.-- little boys being turds and tugging girls skirts up.  The kids at a school I went to where we all had uniforms was especially infested with these troublesome boys.  We girls would automatically pull on our gym shorts under our jumpers upon arrival to thwart any "undie sightings".

Dan just looked at me quizzically as I related this bit of info like it was one of the weirdest things he'd ever heard.  I said, "You probably never did anything like that did you?"  He looked almost insulted and said, "No," like-- "who the hell would?"

He at times gets this look where it's like earnestness is beaming out of his eyes.

I sat back and kind of took a good look at him.  I said, "You've probably never been mean to a girl in your whole life have you?  Never tugged a pigtail, or lied to one to get your way with her or any of that have you?"  He goes, "Nope."  And I totally believe him.

I said, "I wonder if I'd have met you, way back when we were little kids, and we'd grown-up together and gone to the little jr. high dances together and all that, been high school sweethearts, if you'd have kept me out of trouble, or if we'd have gotten into a bunch more together."  He said, "I'd have kept you OUT of trouble-- or tried to at least."

He's probably right.  It was one of those, "Man, I love this guy" moments.

Yesterday I felt kind of like crap, and had a long day ahead of me, being on duty at the show.  He packed a "go bag" for me, and included a pack of tissues.  He started the car for me, and left a couple oranges on the front seat for me.  That's the kind of stuff that counts for WAY more than roses etc in my book.  Little gestures that say-- "I get it.  I care about you.  I'm willing to take care of you a bit.  I'll keep you out of trouble from here on out."


Maery Rose said...

You are absolutely right. Those kind of gestures that make you feel looked out for and understood and valued are the most romantic thing any guy can do. I love that after all these years you guys don't take it for granted that "Of course he/she knows I love him/her." Happy anniversary! I hope today was relaxing.

Lynn Fisher said...

Happy Anniversary you two love birds!
Had an awesome time once again at the Burroughs show...very fun and good to see you. Hope you got out to bike too.

irishk said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! There is a sweetness to an 'old love' that settles in and it is difficult to put words to it. It's a little like what we were talking about with aging...it is so good to know that someone 'sees' you...really sees you. It is that safety net that allows us to be so much more than we allow ourselves to be without it. It's the best, sexiest, most romantic thing in the whole world ~ that unspoken nod or eye contact or smile across a crowded room, that says, "I'm here if you need me, right here." I'm happy for you guys:-)

pseudosu said...

Thanks. Yes, the other stuff is just window dressing, and we should all appreciate our relationships, of every kind shouldn't we?

Thanks Lynn!

Ooo, I love that"across the room" contacty thing. Yes, it's a real luxury to have that kind of intimacy with someone. I for sure know how lucky I am.